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  1. That's great Wally thanks for the information mike h
  2. Thanks MG don't know if anyone is interested in it's number but here it is 08536648 mike h
  3. Mike agree with what not mentioning been registered , engine and gearbox never got removed hence my interest in saving the matador, so vehicle is still complete apart from the cab which has fallen apart having been crushed by the jib so hopefully chassis with all the running gear would be good enough for ID if required mike h
  4. Ok spoke with DVLA they have no record of vehicle now need a dating letter fill in a v65 I think it was and the nova number then she said 4. To 6 weeks and should get it registered in my name, also asked if it could be registered as historic vehicle. any tips or advice greatly appreciated
  5. Ok understood not to bothered about the original number as long as it can be registered would be 100%
  6. Thanks for the reply's guys bit more light at the end of the tunnel than I thought there would be, I will call in the morning and post what the outcome is good or bad mind you if it's good.......... I'll be on the scrounge for cab parts and engine cover thanks again mike h
  7. Hi all Got a chance of a very sick Matador it's almost flat packed and grown into the ground a fair bit and has worked in a sawmill as a wood tractor before being abandoned to the corner about 30 years ago, Jib has been folded forward on to the cab and all has now collapsed hence the flat pack comment, My problem is the owner was offered a price for the engine and gearbox in 2013 so he went ahead and sent the log book back and told them it was scrapped, roll ahead 5 years and the Matador is still in one piece hence my interest but my concern is ? Will I be able to re register with the same number ( paperwork and receipt from DVLA saying they acknowledge vehicle being scrapped ) or will they not re register old or new number due to vehicle being scrapped on paper back in 2013 . Sorry it's long winded but I don't want to purchase the Matador if it cannot go back on the road. mike h
  8. Only got the one photo as back at work at mo, will post more when I return, this is how she looks army reg 83 BA 71 Cheers Mike H
  9. Well..... Bought the Saracen and now looking for a distributor, rotor arm and leads. Thanks again for all the replies
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