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  1. Scammell crusader eka for sale,10000 miles on the clock,some kit only used for going to shows and road runs. £10000, located NE Scotland
  2. Steve we will not be able to attend,have to go to Aberdeen to repair a water leak at my daughters flat,hope you have a good weekend Kevin
  3. New sappers first drive out
  4. Can anybody give me the civvy part numbers for oil and fuel filters for my crusader thanks Kevin
  5. Christine is so attached to it ,she does not want to part with it'
  6. Thanks for all the help,Cosrec you were right,hooked the winch rope on the leg applied a little presure on the winch as we lowered the boom down it came, then worked no problem by its self after that. thanks Kevin
  7. Thanks for all the help,will have a look at it this weekend
  8. Thanks for that the hydraulic filters look as if they have been on there since day one,would you have a civvy part number for them?I have got no electrics to my eka gear is there any way that if there is no power it could stop a valve from opening?somebody told me there should be a button for dropping the boom,but none of my buttons or switches work. thanks Kevin
  9. Richard, Thanks for that,i will have to study it tomorrow .You could be right but i cannot understand how when the boom comes to just above the resting pads the tone of the engine changes just like a vallve is blowing off ,putting the engine under load.
  10. For some reason when lowering the main boom it blows off a valve before it rests on the stops.This means the boom is sitting high and wont go right down.Any ideas?
  11. Not sure i could take both vehicles to both events,but which one to choose BA working weekend is good,but if you get the numbers this one would be just as good,but you have a massive ares to fill with just military vehicles
  12. Nigel Forgot to ask,do you have any problems with your locker doors springing open when you are driving?Mine leak water in like a sieve and are constantly opening when driving,any suggestions. thanks Kevin
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