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  1. I've been with NCI now known as Rescuemycar.com for years with cars, bikes and Landrovers, never had a problem, had a cam belt go in Shetland on a May bank holiday and still got sorted. I've got cover with F.J. included in my insurance with this Landrover, but wife still has it on her car, got fed up with paying out every year and no break-downs, we know have a registration fee cover for £18 and only pay £40 in the event of a call-out including National recovery.
  2. Whilst I agree the test needs to be more stringent I dont agree that garages that do repairs should be doing MOT's at all! MOT centres should do MOT's and nothing else, not even 'reccomend' their mates garage, if it fails on nothing serious thats easily fixed like bulbs, bad tyre (within reason) minor corrosion then carry on with the present fix and re test system, if its worse then it needs to go to a garage or be SORNed THAT DAY. That might encourage people to take the car to be serviced before the MOT earlier. The present system is too open to abuse by the trade.
  3. 83KB62

    Snow 2012

    Nothing really in Bath, got some yesterday afternoon, settled and washed away by rain mid-evening, hardly anything left this morning.:-( Worst thing was the clouds blocked out the Sky tv satalite last evening for a few hours, missed my dog racing!
  4. Yes, thats the one! I know a few of those names, it says something when that was one of the best 'tourists attractions canvey could offer!! I grew up on Canvey from the age of 5, spent 21 years there when it was all fields, not anything like it is now:(!
  5. There was 1 at 'The Point' on Canvey Island up until a few years ago, beached high and dry, it had a hole conveniently knocked in the side so it was easy to get into, and was made much use of for young men and their girl friends (who me?), not sure how many preganencies it was responcible for though! ( I got away with that too!) It was also used by the 'Shadows' pop group for filming for Top of The Pops, I and my brother happened to be there going fishing 1 day, but ended up helping them as we knew the flats well, and got a ride home with them in their Limo! Sadly it got demolished a few years back as it got into a dangerous state of di-repair, sad to see it go in that way. There are a couple that broke away and go stuck on a sand bank in the Thames Estuary just off Southend, they are still there and easily seen at low water and good for fishing round at high. I'm told these are from the same flotilla as the one that ended up on Canvey Point.
  6. Some nice pictures there, last time I went many years ago the lights in there made all my film pictures have a green tint! Good excuse to go back with a digital.
  7. Its not only military dress-ups mate, in Bath we have people dressed up as Jane Austin characters who look like real plonkers, it keeps the tourists happy, so hay ho, there ya go! Oh, yeh, they get paid for it too! Not really relevant to this thread, but though it might lighten it up a bit! My philosiphy is if they dont bother or interfere with me, live and let live, but I reserve the right to smirk! (As many others do!!)
  8. Oil pump failier is quit common if yours has a dry sump system like my 'modern' Indian R.E. had, it has a sump built into the engine but seperatated from the crank case, a weak supply from the pump or a blockage on the return that feeds the big end would starve the oil feed to the big end journals. I never felt happy with mine, never felt I could trust it, the R.E. forums have many threads on oil pumps failing.
  9. No, its not his, I'm not sure if I should put the owners name up, but it lives Worcestershire. The present owner did sell another for restoration recently to a chap in Sheffield, it was in a really bad way though, and its now changed owners again. The LUQA badge gives a clue to where it served. By contrast the Range Rover (TAC C?), not very well up on the handles of mili Fire Engines) is fully operational and was part of the emergency team this week-end.
  10. I saw this at Kemble BoB this week-end, it's as good as it looks!! The only road-worthy 1 left of only 15 built, they were made to give fire cover to Harrier Sqdn's on off airfield ops, they came apart to 3 modules, tank, pump and chassis and were then air lifted by Wessex to where-ever needed. Switchable 6 wheel drive helped them on off road excursions, this one is immaculate and complete in every detail. Certainly Best In Show in Military section for me! Terry.
  11. I've just spent this week re-painting my 109 with Marathon Coating Nato green satin. I gave it a quick lick to wake up the tired paint work earlier in the year, but decided to do it properly ready for winter. I have never rollere'd paint before, and I'm really impressed how well and easy it went on. I preped it pretty well, that helped, and gave it 2 coats, dont do too much at a time, this paint dries very quickly, and 'picks up' if you over roll it giving a pitted rough surface, but I soon got the hang of it. No idea how this stuff would spray, but it would need a lot of thinning I think. Because it dries so quickly its difficult to paint by brush over large area's, atleast thats what I found anyway. The interior was done with another batch months ago, the new batch matched perfectly, I'm pretty sure this paint will last a good few years too. I got mine off eBay, but the company is: Safegaurd coatings 26 Buckland rd Penmill Trading estate Yeovil Somerset BA215HA 01935 472817 I hope this is of some help Terry
  12. Very sorry to hear of the theft of your arms, but not surprised in the least! I've been involved one way or another for a very long time now with steam, landrover bike and country rallies up & down the country, this is my first, last and only season with military! At events the mili's seem to me to be very cliquey, little groups, the 'Brits' are seperate to the White stars, the Landrovers seem often to be a seperate entity entirely, and I get the distinct impression no one would really look out for another section until something happens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then its too late!! This doe'snt seem to be the case with, say stationary engines, tractors, civi vehicles etc, they all mix together easier, o.k. you always get the odd awkward sod, but a prime example was earlier this year when my batteries died, it was the CIVI landrovers who could'nt do enough to help, bugger all help from any-one in our section! Next year I will still have an ex-mil 24v 109, but it will go in the civi Landrover section, and I'l be displaying the vintage machinery instead. As for the public's attitude to letting their brats climb all over our vehicles, adults are just as bad by the way, do you perhaps think because they still look military they think they still have a stake in them as tax payer's? One 'Father' even thought it o.k. to let his 8y/o walk off WITH HIM well away from my display wearing a mk8 helmet, I would not have got it back if I had'nt noticed in time and given chase! That kid is going to grow up very confused with parents like that! My boy once parked his Can Am 500 still in NATO green, out-side a supermarket, only to come out to find a women letting her kids play on it, she was less than appologetic saying she thought it belonged to the Army!! I do hope you get your items back, and get the culprits! I'm glad the forums are not the same!
  13. It was at Cambridge, Glos. Military week-end yesterday/today, but strangely I did not see any one with it, if its at Kemble next week I will do my best to find some details.
  14. Here's 1 that was at The Little Vintage Show (Cambridge, Glos.) 14/15 May.
  15. Ah well, I stand corrected, if some one wants to move the pic's thats fine by me. There were 2 at Abbey Hill, shame not 1 of each, I'd probably seen the difference myself.
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