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  1. Just thought I would update my previous post The laptop purchased at Hack Green and thankfully not at £300.00 they are on sale for on Ebay I found that in addition to the hard drive removed as expected whoever decommissioned the laptop removed the bios chip off the mother board So that was a blow. However stripped everything out except the power supply and I am looking at fitting a raspberry pi computer inside. The monitor then proved to be an obsticle as the wiring did not match anything I could find on the internet so the next plan is to try and fit a secondhand 14 inch monitor in its place The output from the raspberry is via hdmi so I have an hdmi converter to vga I will let you know how the next step progresses Nick
  2. Hello Tyler The http://www.northernmilitaryexpo.co.uk is on Sunday the 3rd of November. There are some pictures of Pauls Snatch on our web site http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk'>http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk now its been returned to green ! I will be with Paul and I have just spent a week rewiring the lights - I used about 150 lucas bullets and connectors the desert had really corroded the connections underneath really bad At least the lights are nice and bright now Next job is to sort the antennas to soemthing like and have a look at the air con all the best Nick http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk
  3. What size is the flak jacket please and what prices A chap in our group is after kit like this regards Nick
  4. Just got back from Hack Green sale and purchased there a DRS LXI rugged laptop. Just put it on charge but just wondered if anyone has any user guides or pearls of wisdom into getting this running We hope to use it on our display regards Nick
  5. Welcome in Very nice looking vehicle there regards Nick
  6. ref Thoresby Simon would like all vehicles on site no later than 12 noon Event starts 1pm all the best Nick http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk Looking for additional members for our group !
  7. Staples Corner brings back memories as we had a Pye Telecommunications workshop and stores there. The Accident was prior to me being at that depot. regards Nick
  8. We have never been before so my mate and myself are travelling down from 'ooooop north ' Nottinghamshire so hopefully he can get some jeep parts he is after in his jeep restoration regards Nick http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk
  9. :-) Hello David Welcome in ! regards Nick http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk
  10. Hello David Did you ever make any progress on this as Paul has a Bedford MJ and wishes to locate a GPMG on the cab roof Any advice or information contact@callsignalpha.co.uk regards Nick
  11. Hello Martin Welcome to the forum kind regards Nick
  12. Hello All I am looking to get my prc 320 modified to cover LSB regards Nick http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk
  13. Hello there Shame you are in Wales as our group is in Nottinghamshire Have a look at http://www.callsignalpha.co.uk look forward to any comments kind regards Nick
  14. Hi folks Our group 1980 - 1995 Living History Group www.callsignalpha.co.uk are booked into this hopefully baring any breakdowns we should have around six landrovers under our camo netting See you there come and say hello regards Nick MVT member
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