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  1. Cn anyone tell me if I can still get spares for a Rubery Owen axle? Did they share parts with other manufacturers? Thanks.
  2. Been suggested that the axles are possibly made by Rubery Owen. Does anyone know if I can still get spares?
  3. ...and here's a short clip of the underneath showing the motor and all the greasy bits. Got to make sure you mind your fingers and head when your crawling around under there. lol index=28
  4. Here's a short clip of the ride running... index=36 The ride is due to be at Heskin Hall Vintage Rally near Chorley, Lancs on 1 and 2 June. All welcome. See http://www.heskinsteamrally.co.uk for details.
  5. This trailer was bought in the 80's from a military sale somewhere in Cheshire. Can anyone identify what it is or what it was? It's painted in grey so maybe RAF? Could it have been a box trailer for radio equipment or similar? Any suggestions or thoughts wold be helpful. Thankyou.
  6. The ride is tested every year as part of the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) which includes a full electrical 100v and 240v test. The ride was built in 1932 in Burton on Trent. I've traced all the previous owners. I've attached a couple of photos for reference.
  7. 110v DC is classed as low voltage. It'll give you a bit of a belt and a burn but if you watch what you're doing then it's usually ok. Just like a big train set speed controller.
  8. Just north of Warrington. The intro was something I just never got round to doing. Better late than never I suppose.
  9. Can't remember what I put in. That was about 10 years ago. :-D What would you recommend?
  10. I have a 110v DC electric motor that runs my old fairground ride and I though members might like to see some pics. It's stamped WD on the plate and I always wondered what it would've powered.The ride also has a 110v dynamo and several knife switches that are great at making big green sparks. :-)
  11. Here's some photos of the Morris Quad winch that turns my old fairground ride. I stripped it down, cleaned it and built it back up. The phosphor bronze gear is well worn but I put some heavy gear oil in. The gear mechanism that it turns is from I don't know what.
  12. Hi, I'm not a new member but can't remember introducing myself before. I don't have a HMV but I own and have restored a vintage 1932 fairground ride which uses many parts from ex-military vehicles and WD equipment. Parts include a gun carriage trailer or similar I'm guessing surplus from WW1, a 110v 220amp motor from what I don't know, a 110v 220amp dynamo coupled to a 1950's Gardner 5 cyl engine, a search light turning mechanism (I think) and a winch from a Morris Quad which runs the ride round. I've just purchased 2 axles to go on the ride centre truck which I believe are ex-military but as yet are unidentified. See my post in the trailers section for details. It's surprising but I suppose makes sense when you see some of these old rides that use old WD parts. I've seen tank turret mechanisms turning rides and searchlight generators powering fairground lights. It's been interesting looking through the other threads to see what other people are doing. Thanks, Paul
  13. Thanks for the reply. I tried Safetek and they couldn't identify the shoe so said they couldn't help.
  14. Been into 3 places that do brake relines and all of them have said 'hmph, what's that off'? Or 'what a dinosaur', etc. Not very encouraging or customer friendly. Off to try another place that does relines on the premises tomorrow. Where do people with HMV and vintage vehicles go for brake relines?
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