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  1. Dont visit too often its my carawagon Simon and Robin have been playing with! Nice to see it almost in the flesh so to speak amazing how it shows up marks and fittings in such detail! I think Simon said it was around 600 pictures to produce it. Must have the acorn done then he can print me off a nice model of it!!!!
  2. I think the bug bear is that fact that people are now openly charged for the toilets even though they are a legal requirement as you need x amount per people on site/footfall(be it a building site with 2 labourers or Glastonbury!) Its always been a bone of contention for as long as I can remember so we always ordered our own! When it needed emptying we called and they came. Should I have to get our own in? I think not but do I want to look at someone's **** not really:mad: We as a group never went this year after a fall out with the owner last year(I wont go into it on here but a few of us weren't happy at a couple incidents), did I miss it yes and no funnily enough I like it when the weather is a tadge grim as I think the vehicles look better for a smattering of mud on them still undecided if we will go next year! We'll probably do a week at Capel instead as it seemed much more like the old war and peace.
  3. Often thought that rushmoor arena, longcross or slab common would have made a great show place! Saying that I went to capel this year for the first time and found it a revelation like W&P a few years back! I think the biggest issue would be costs of land toilets/showers etc but a few donations would make it possible I guess. Doesn't your MVT subs now give you PLI?
  4. Try Andy Baker i'm sure he will know of something!
  5. I still have a few of these if needed marked as GEC 24v some are fogs or say fog on them!
  6. All my vehicles are hybrid!! well they all start on batteries:-D
  7. I'm sure they have done a wolf TUL piggy back saw one at withams awhile back someone will have a picture i'm sure!!
  8. Agree with Terry(starfire) but landline or mobile its bad form to not get back to people with news good or bad just letting you know you cant do it would have been so much easier!
  9. Try connecting jump pack from battery positive and negative to the chassis or gearbox! You need a meter to check voltage and or amp draws. You could always just call out your local AA/RAC patrol or whoever your breakdown cover is with! Seen many a time someone who changes everything only to find a loose wire bad earth etc
  10. Isn't it true that local school children adopt graves for 2 years whilst at school been a fair few times still amazes me that the Dutch appreciate them more than us in the UK:mad:
  11. Dont forget your not lifting 5 tons! I would think a telehandler would lift the back high enough to get a sheet under the wheel. Best of luck a few of us have been there and got the tshirt:-D
  12. Ben Gott is moving to the US and starting up Retro Rovers he may well be worth a call!!
  13. Same I always thought they were too new to be there!! Great footage Thanks again and again!!
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