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  1. 19 set shock mounts

    For sale £80 for 4 shock mounts for 19 set radio try new made exactly as original
  2. Hi have just been reading a article that says the department of transport has announced that classic cars more than 40 years old will be mot exempt from may 2018. they say it brings it in line with the exemption of road tax so it implies it is rolling. the article did not say what weight that is up to,does any one know any more about this? Does it cover up to 3.5 ton?
  3. Wanted - M274 Mechanical Mule

    That mule I delivered to w/p show,sold to a German.
  4. Link not worked for me? corection click on stories then scroll down.
  5. For sale, 7 Super Sherman Cummins engines complete with clutch housings and fan drives. £7,500 each, output driveshaft from the clutch housing cut off. £9,500 each non cut.
  6. Brand new made, obviously to the original sizes, by a rubber manufacturing company. Out of interest I have included a picture of the mould that they used to make them. I have had 20 made in this batch; if there is the demand I will commission another batch. £23 each + postage (will ship worldwide). Or I can arrange for them to be taken to the W&P show for collection.
  7. M24 Chaffee

    I have a picture of a m24 on a beach in greece,I would post but it has 3 naked women on it!
  8. Very Nice WLA

    The seat looks wrong and the sprung seat post you should not be able to see a spring. a spin on filter and housing has been grafted in near the air intake rubber tube
  9. York Model railway show

    You saying a different take on the norm reminds me of a diorama model some one made that was on display in the modelling tent at duxford military vechiles show a few years back of some socripons that fell of a low loader on the m1 I think crouch recovery bid the recovery wish I had picture of diorama may be some one on hear has?
  10. 432 parts for sale

    Pm sent
  11. 432 parts for sale

    Hi do you have the engine pack some road wheels,periscopes and track pads for sale?
  12. Empty Low loader Carlisle to London

    Short notice but have a low loader coming back empty from Carlisle to London wensday 8th march 2017 if anyone needs something moved?
  13. Men In Black 3

    The one on the left from its wing lights would appear to be m151 or m151a1 but no split screen did they make the a1s a single pice screen at some time in its production?
  14. Braided cable and control box - Chaffee tank?

    Hi looks like part number 7038112 described as harness wiring,disengaging switch gunners periscope and turret lights w/conduit assy. used on tank serial no 4111 thru 5451,6251 and up. looks as through turret spot light went and this loom was used as 1951 m24 parts book and user manual do not show spot light. the 1952 parts manual does show a line drawing of loom with the rheostat. 1945 manual has it as part but no picture. Simple answer yes looks like m24 part👍