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  1. hummermark

    19 set pocket watch

    Did the 19 set come out of the factory with a watch or is this a accessory added after?
  2. hummermark

    Power steering

    Hi it was last year I looked at it. I was interested in it more cos it was auto and especially as it had a Detroit 6-71 but could not agree on a part trade value against my m1070. shame as I would have liked to see how well it went?
  3. hummermark

    Power steering

    Hi if ever you are passing crouch recovery he did have a 981 with power steering and a detroit 6.71 with Allison auto if he still has it you could call him ask to see it you could copy the same set up for the power steering.
  4. hummermark

    17 pdr gun sight

    Hi if anyone has a no 43 sight for sale let me know. I have a good no 51 LC whatever that fits?
  5. hummermark

    Factory Making Bikes And Mini Bikes (1943)

    @ 1.50 woman working around unguarded flat belt !
  6. hummermark

    19 set pocket watch

    Hi is there a correct make and model of pocket watch that fits the round watch holder on the front of a 19 set in British use in ww2? i have seen Elgin and Harris and some other make made in London so the face says which had the arrow on the back,is it that many can fit but they are not the correct?
  7. hummermark

    wanted-CVRT Dash

    One on eBay uk new £1500 or offers
  8. hummermark

    Still Wanted CVRT

    Hi have a Sabre, regersted good condition good tracks £28k
  9. hummermark

    CVRT Scimitar indicator switch question

    Hi if the switch is the same as in the jag petrol cvrt sabre then there is a sprung loaded piston in the cylinder behind the operating lever. when you move lever to indicate left or right it moves the piston against the spring which then returns slowly this is the timer part. there is a small screw in the raised centre of the cylinder that adjusts air flow in to the cylinder,which is how you adjust how long the piston returns to its start position (indicators off). on mine the piston was returning quickly as piston felt was dry used light oil on the felt and all was good again,did buy new switch in case but not needed as still working ok.
  10. Hi it looks like there is a bit missing when it goes in to engine?
  11. hummermark

    jeep queries

    Is there a a bit of the lower dash missing near the glove box? is the spare also a combat rim there also appears to be a plate bolted on the floor below the pedals no release buttons on the rear locker lids no gators on the gear leavers is there a hole above the gear leavers? under hood pictures would be good and under body pictures all depends on how much also.
  12. hummermark

    19 set shock mounts

    For sale £80 for 4 shock mounts for 19 set radio try new made exactly as original
  13. Hi have just been reading a article that says the department of transport has announced that classic cars more than 40 years old will be mot exempt from may 2018. they say it brings it in line with the exemption of road tax so it implies it is rolling. the article did not say what weight that is up to,does any one know any more about this? Does it cover up to 3.5 ton?
  14. hummermark

    Wanted - M274 Mechanical Mule

    That mule I delivered to w/p show,sold to a German.