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  1. Apparently motor vechiles over 2500 kgs gross vehicle weight have to be lit between sunset and sunrise and no parking 10 meters or less to a road junction. so in theory a l322 Range Rover which has a kerb weight of 2.7 ton needs lights on at night when parked!
  2. hummermark

    H license

    The test is done on the public road and the company uses 432 so it's not a one off the examiner knows the type of vechile used by this company just wondering if you had a choice company with 432 or company with cvrt would you be better off with cvrt as no possible kick backs?
  3. hummermark

    H license

    If you pass you h test in a vechile that is not legal on the road as people say on this form due to width ie 432 can you License ever be revoked ?
  4. hummermark

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    I have a Harvey frost recovery crane you can have for free if you want it.
  5. hummermark

    Motorcycle transport trailer wanted

    If your Harley is a wlc/wla and is a standard one with under frame bash plate then a long ramp is needed or a tilt frame bike trailer otherwise the under frame bash plate will ground out . a single bike trailer or a three bike trailer will give you the width needed as a twin bike trailer unless out of the ordinary does not give enough room foot board to trailer wheel guard and angle of tie down straps not good on one side.
  6. hummermark

    Wanted m274 mule snow chains

    Wanted a pair of snow chains to fit 10.50x10 m274 mule tyres. thanks mark
  7. hummermark

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    I have clutches fly wheels and transfer cases complete or just the gears if you have the casings. this would be the cheaper way to build a twin set but have no spare fan drives. if you are offered a twin set make sure it is a tank set up as industrial 6-71 twin sets look similar but transfer case is different ie geared down also if it has come from a quad pack may turn the wrong way, fine if you do not care adout top speed but you would still need to figure out cooling fans unless you have the fan drives and gears for cam shaft to drive them. if you get offered or see for sale twin sets if you want send me or post pictures will be able to tell if it is industrial or tank set up,as have seen industrial twin set advertised as ww2 tank unit. i do have a couple of twin sets tank units complete and know of 3 others that are the owners may sell if offered the right money to part with them. alao have a industrial twin set if you want to go slower and cheaper!
  8. hummermark

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Are you looking for the complete twin pack or just engines to build up a twin pack? ie you have the transfer case and clutches but no engines.
  9. hummermark

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Hi does it matter which way they rotate? turbo or non turbo.
  10. hummermark

    19 set pocket watch

    Did the 19 set come out of the factory with a watch or is this a accessory added after?
  11. hummermark

    Power steering

    Hi it was last year I looked at it. I was interested in it more cos it was auto and especially as it had a Detroit 6-71 but could not agree on a part trade value against my m1070. shame as I would have liked to see how well it went?
  12. hummermark

    Power steering

    Hi if ever you are passing crouch recovery he did have a 981 with power steering and a detroit 6.71 with Allison auto if he still has it you could call him ask to see it you could copy the same set up for the power steering.
  13. hummermark

    17 pdr gun sight

    Hi if anyone has a no 43 sight for sale let me know. I have a good no 51 LC whatever that fits?
  14. hummermark

    Factory Making Bikes And Mini Bikes (1943)

    @ 1.50 woman working around unguarded flat belt !
  15. hummermark

    19 set pocket watch

    Hi is there a correct make and model of pocket watch that fits the round watch holder on the front of a 19 set in British use in ww2? i have seen Elgin and Harris and some other make made in London so the face says which had the arrow on the back,is it that many can fit but they are not the correct?