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  1. it was mine coming back from a film shoot. We painted it desert sand as it was portaying an Israeli Sherman. Jim.
  2. These photos taken roughly the same place, the wall has been shortened and only a small strip of chocolate block is still there. Sadly just this small plaque in memory of all those who past this way during WW2 Jim.
  3. Hi Rosie, Dont worry you are on my list, just sent you a pm. Jim.
  4. Can any owners of either of the following, M8, M20, Halftrack, White scout car, M4HST, who would like to attend please contact either Jack or myself so we can get you and your crew booked in. We have the tanks sorted we now need to get the other armour done before we go onto the heavy soft skins. Thanks Jim.
  5. I have just had new looms made for the DT 980/981 , they include the main chassis loom, dash loom, dip switch loom plus a few other odd wires. Price is £725-00 plus postage. Jim.
  6. Ok, I have been trying to upload en exploded view of the wheel , pin and bearing arrangement but cant so I will have to try and explain. The bearings are fitted in back to front on a M4 HST, on a normal vehicle ie Jeep Dodge etc the outer bearing ring is fitted into the hub and the tapered inner bearing race is pushed into it.The free play is adjusted by the hub nut pushing the inner bearing race into the outer cone. On an M4 HST the inner tapered bearings are fitted to the shaft back to back facing outward the shaft is then placed into the wheel. Then the outer bearing cone is pushed into the wheel and held in place with a locknut The freeplay is adjusted by shims being fitted between the outer cone and the wheel. Hope that makes sence. Jim
  7. No, they are different, the M4 HST wheel has a built in axle shaft which is clamped into the suspension. The Sherman wheel has a long pin which is fitted through the suspension arms and wheel with a castelated nut to retain it. Only the tyre is the same. Jim.
  8. My pleasure, good to see you both. Yes you are right, that motor does sound lovely. 13.25 litres of pure grunt. Jim.
  9. One of the floor sections above the transmission area in the middle of the M4 needed to be made as the original one was rotted in a few places. Its made from 3mm sheet steel with ribs welded to it for stength, so easy to copy, One of the floor panels is on hinges to allow access to the transmission/clutch/torque converter area, also the battery which is mounted on the fuel tank. The two vents in the front panel were well rotted so needed to be made , again fairly easy to copy. Jim.
  10. Well you know the week before A and E there's another show near you Yes I know DFV is the week before A + E but June /July is always busy with shows and also working to get canvas orders and stock ready for W and P show. Jim.
  11. Hi, RR, Tim, Bernard and Corbs thanks for the comments, hope to get it to A + E 2016, well thats the deadline anyway as long as all goes well. Tim I think restoring WW2 stuff is far easier than the vehicles you work with as most of your parts are made from unobtainium , I stand in awe at some of the things you do, I dont think I would have the same patience. Jim.
  12. The winch was then fitted along with the drive shaft and control mechanism, its nice to see more parts going back together after so long.
  13. After fitting all the side panels and wings etc they were then removed for final preparing and painting. The next thing to fit was the winch assembly, this was stripped, refurbished and painted.I then decided to fit some spare tracks to make the M4 easier to move about, as pushing it around with the a frame and forklift was a pain. Also I could drive the M4 around to make sure all the drive train, steering etc was ok . So one Saturday morning I fitted the tracks and by the afternoon I had the pleasure of driving an M4 HST for the first time. It was a real pleasure, so responsive and everything worked as it should.. With a few runs around the farm drive it was time to check the gauges for pressures, temps etc, again everything was spot on. Jim.
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