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  1. You can order a repro from Rob van Meel here in the Netherlands if that helps?
  2. Gents, No use asking for parts or CES. Not going to sell anything seperate unless gun sells without the extras. As stated in add: Comes with loads of very rare accessories and many spare parts not sold seperately unless gun sells without these. Please don't ask for any of the CES or parts. Thanks.
  3. British 6 pounder 7 cwt anti-tank gun for sale in complete and good condition. Dutch old spec deactivation easily reversible into a blank firer! These guns very rarely come up for sale and hardly ever in such a complete condition plus also including loads of extremely rare CES and spares. A very desirable gun to hitch to your Loyd or Universal Carrier! Comes with loads of very rare accessories and many spare parts not sold seperately unless gun sells without these. Please don't ask for any of the CES or parts. Have a look at the photos and get an idea of what is included. Mind you these are not all the parts I have but give a very good idea of what's there. No-tyre kickers or photo collectors please. Let's not waste each others time unless you are very serious and able to pay cash. No trades or part exchanges considered. In the likely case of a sale abroad a Dutch export license is required and will be handled by seller. Import license into buyers country, if needed, is up to buyer to obtain. Offers over € 35.000 considered. This would be for the whole package! Carrier not included!
  4. Hi Rob, Do you still have the body fittings please?
  5. Hello, Richard is correct. Here are some photos of a NOS Daimler Armoured Car carburettor. Yours is a front one, mine is a rear one. Hence the clamps are on opposite sides. Apart from the clamp that can be swapped over all other parts of the carburettors are 100% identical. Hope this helps. Good luck on your sale.
  6. Great progress! Can we please see and hear her engine run? Regards, Marc
  7. Hi Jon, It's a really nice restoration and all coming together nicely! I would only be a bit apprehensive with the position of your rear lights. Being that far forward they will be difficult to see from straight behind as possibly obscured by the tailgate steps and even more so from an angle. On my C8 the lights are positioned as you can see in the photo and I think in a much better, read safer, visible position. All the best with your beautiful C8! Regards, Marc
  8. Richard, Thank you for the details. I think the census number may still be on the drivers door under the last paint layer. Will sand it off to see. Regards, Marc
  9. Here are photos of the data plates. If anyone can give information on contract number that would be great! Regards, Marc
  10. Richard, Could the C8 / G.B not be C8 / C.B? For Compressor Body? Any information on my contract number in your Chilwell list? Regards, Marc
  11. Hi Stigve, Is that article to be found on-line somewhere? So far I have been rather unsuccesfull trying to find information on my C8 GS. Regards, Marc
  12. Hello fellow collectors, A couple of months ago I collected my latest purchase. A very straight and unmolested 1944 Morris C8, GS version. This is the early production model with a wood lined cab and a wooden cargo box. Her chassis number is 110 so a very early vehicle. She is in very good and almost complete condition but will require a lot of work nonetheless to get her perfect again. Out of curiosity I installed a battery and checked out her electrics. To my amazement everything works! Wiper, horn, lights, instruments and even the starter kicked in. Funny thing is the starter button should be next to the gear lever but is no longer there. Starter switch is now the former horn button on the steering column next to the hand throttle lever. An extra horn push button was installed forward of the steering column on the fire wall. Very odd but I seem to recall reading a members post on here where this was also the case on another 1944 C8. Could be a postwar modification? Unfortunately the engine is seized so I have poored some ATF on the pistons to let it all soak. Hopefully this will free the engine. I have already found some spare parts for missing items or incorrect parts. Also bought the Maintenance manual and Instruction book No. 101/ML5A and the Driver's Handbook No.100/ML5A from Rob van Meel. There seems to be no source however for the Spare Parts List. Does anyone out there maybe have a copy of this rather elusive Spare Part List? Would be very gratefull... Regards, Marc
  13. Hi Jon, It's looking good indeed. But needs more work then visible in the photos. Engine is seized, lot of play on rear axle, woodrot in box and a bit in the cab. All electrics and instruments work as well as lights! Some panel rot but minimal. Rob doesn't list the correct Parts List on his website and I also asked him a month ago. He unfortunately never had the correct C8 list for production from early 1944. Regards, Marc
  14. Hi Jon, Here's a pic of bringing it to the workshop and one in her new home. Gathering information and parts now before the restoration will begin. Do you happen to have a Parts List? Can't find it anywhere.. Regards, Marc
  15. Very nice restoration Jon! I have recently also bought myself a C8. It's the earlier version of yours with the wooden box and wood lined cab. Good luck on your resto! Marc
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