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  1. If you give him too much praise he’ll never get his head in the cab to drive it 😉
  2. Been asked to post for an old friend who bought this 981 from the Digby Lovell auction this summer , one of the photos was taken at GDSF 30 years ago !
  3. I have to sell as part of a parcel of tyres 2no Dunlop 1350 x 20 tyres as used on the early Pioneers being replaced with 1400's New condition , one has a tube , been kept undercover , bought from Ruddington sales 40 years ago ! looking for £150 each. . John 07899892833 i can deliver to W&P if required .
  4. Yes , been asked to swell the vehicle numbers.
  5. There might not be the activity we would like Bernard , but the old threads on here are great for research and reference which is hugely forgotten.. W&P is on for us this year , I now have the pressure of the next keen generation wanting to take their clutter as well as mine! See you there Mate.
  6. Sam , there are some wise words from radiomike7 which I have learnt from as well , the old Rolls C6 rumbles a T along just fine , most forget the diffs are 11-1 ratio , which don't really want to spin any faster at 33 mph ! . If more power is for towing a load then remember the weakness is the interactive prop shaft and the half shaft end casing, steady on those hill gearchanges chap. Need to see some progress photos on your restoration thread please TTFN John.
  7. That's an ingenious way to clean a radiator , and save water , top marks from me..
  8. Some expert help required here please , my son and I stumbled across this trolly in the undergrowth whilst recovering a minibus for a friend last week . It now sits as more 'yard art ' at home as a little project for the junior dept. question please , what is it , who made it , what did it carry and what towed it ?? thanks for reading....
  9. late 1950's Rubery Owen Field Office , suitable for show living conversion as stripped out inside. On Ackerman steering , windows on all sides. Been stood sheeted for 10 years , recent clean up and zinc phosphate primer the exterior . road lights all work , small amount of tin work needed to a few locations but all superficial. a good sound base for a conversion . £1800. Advertised elsewhere.
  10. And the trailer is a Sentinal made Ackerman steered version , the Champ would not of pulled that legally on the road !
  11. Paul , in reading all the recent comments on your revised planned museum name , bear in mind your museum is here in Britain , where I believe the conception over the term Nuclear Holocaust may well differ from how viewed in America. My opinion , you need a moment of reflection as of course the choice is yours.
  12. There's a first , never seen a wartime GMC with a tachograph in it before !!
  13. Dunlop 24 x 7 trailer tyre , New old stock but side wall slightly perished , donation to HMVF takes it away.
  14. For Sale , one new old stock Firestone Ground Grip N/D 10.00 -22 tyre £100
  15. For Sale , one used Goodyear Hard Rock 8.25- 18 tyre on rim £20
  16. For Sale one used Goodyear All Weather or sand type 1400-20 tyre .£150
  17. For Sale used Goodyear Road Lug 9.00-20 tyre , hard to find this pattern now , would do for an interesting spare wheel / tyre combo as it's worn £15
  18. Sorry unsure why that has posed my advert twice ! There is only one available. bought in a job lot of tyres I have just had out of an old yard , believe bought from Ruddingdon sales 30 years ago , and stored since. From the tread pattern I would assume for trailer use.
  19. For Sale a pair of Dunlop remould 900 x 18 10 ply tyres ( 2no ) NOS stored inside for a long time until shed space needed before Christmas ! Photos taken today are a true representation , no cracking evident . Offers please as to be honest unsure of value as size unusual.
  20. For Sale 1no Firestone 10.50 x 13 balloon tyre , as used on many wartime trailers. Used condition kept inside up to 4 months ago , good tyre wall , has a slight flat spot where it must of been dragged with a wheel locked up , but would suit an exhibit trailer or living van. £40
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