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  1. I've been a couple of times and both times wanted prices for items which I was prepared to grab my lorry and come back for. He had to go and do something and would be straight back, I'm still waiting!
  2. Looks like you have a cracking set up! Many thanks for those pics, gives me a good idea what I'll need to put together.
  3. Makes perfect sense for the British Army! Also thanks for the pic, looks like I'll need to paint every bit of it 😄
  4. Sounds like quite a purchase! If you can post pics it would be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Gents. Assuming they would probably have been done in canadian camo shades of green/brown.
  6. Just resurrecting an old thread. Anyone know what colour the Chorehorse would have been?
  7. My QL has a Bedford 330 fitted. Done well before I bought it.
  8. Where has this one disappeared off to?
  9. Looking a bit sorry for herself but we'll get her sorted.
  10. Many many thanks for all this info. I have an old roll of black vinyl/leathercloth which I'm hoping may be suitable. The seats are covered by green canvas at the moment but this is a replacement as it has not put on properly. I have looked for period pictures of the rear of a QLT but the pic above is the only one i could see the seating properly. And going back to the mention of the side panel pressings, what's the differences between the two types?
  11. abebooks.co.uk Search for military vehicle markings and both are still available for about £25 including postage.
  12. You know your bits are something to behold! Grubby but ever so handy!!! And I have indeed moved bases, I am now only resident in two counties instead of four!
  13. Oh right ok Mike. So something along the lines of a black vinyl may do the trick or not?
  14. Any further news on the restoration?
  15. Well this and filling out tribunal paperwork ready for the case against the museum :-) Yes i'm sure you will see her and I haven't forgotten about your bits ;-)
  16. Good afternoon all, Would anyone know or hazard a guess as to what the seats would have been covered with and the colour of the material would have been in this picture of a Bedford QLT? I have one recovered in canvas and have seen others with the same, but it doesn't look like canvas in the pic.
  17. whereabouts are you based? I have a QLT which is undergoing (slowly) major maintenance to get her back on the road then a resto in the future.
  18. So do I make the assumption that the footage in 'millions like us' would be stock footage? It was released end of '43.
  19. Much appreciated! Just ordered both books including postage for under £20 so will have a little reading to do.
  20. Afternoon Steve. Bryan is the chap at the RAF museum London. You probably won't but don't donate them, by all means let them have copies if you want but I wouldn't donate ANYTHING to a museum nowadays.
  21. Would anyone have details on the plate / holder (the one fitted with 'PASS' on this vehicle) and when it was in use? I've seen various cmp's fitted with them but i also noticed it on the Bedford QLT's in the film 'millions like us'. Was it short lived? Was it used on British vehicles or just a few cases? Any info would be appreciated.
  22. Good evening all. I have a very sickly C42 dynamo which needs some TLC and I have a request and a couple of questions. Firstly the request....Would anyone have a booklet/copies/scans of the C42 they wouldn't mind parting with as I'm new to the stripping down and refurbing dynamos game. And the Questions.........What are peoples thoughts on replacing with one of these ammeter dynamo items? and what kind of changes would it entail? The C42 is attached to a 330 Bedford Diesel lump in my QL. Many thanks
  23. You're right Sean and on one occasion it was brought to his attention, I thought he was going to go pop!
  24. I remember on at least two occasions whilst working at the RAFM we had a chap come in looking for his old squadron badge which just so happened to be 633 sqn.
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