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  1. I know all about PTI's.....grrrrrrrrrr. The last one I met wore short sleeve order to show of his big arms, dispite it being October, and he was just a little too keen to go running on Browndown beach front for my liking...... the phrase, "Jog on.....Sir", was used quite frequently......
  2. Wolfy - Yes mate, Come along to Bunker Bash and see what its all about. We shall chat there, and I can show off my new WMIK. Roger - mmmmmm Bloody Monkey, Remember lads, show em your swaztika impression, and let em see the soles of your boots....... :rotfl::whistle::thumbsup:
  3. First wolves were being built in 96, and rolled out to units early 97. WMIKS were built 98 by ricardos, and were being rolled out to units in 99. The first unit to receive the new WMIK was the paras. WMIKs were first used in theatre in 2000 in sierra leone. WMIK bits are available, I should know, I am building one. They are however extremely expensive and fairly hard to get hold of. Yep initially Ricardos wouldnt build any more chassis for them, so anything with a bent chassis was cast, now oktar, a Turkish builder that builds land rovers under liscence won the rights to build wolf chassis, and so are selling them back to the MOD, who are rebuilding anything. If it really cant be rebuilt, then it is broken for spares, which go through private refurbishment companies like mentioned above. the 90 Wolf fleet is due to be retired in due course as it has been considered no use to the army any longer due to the increase in kit since bowman has come along. Dont get your hopes up of a sudden rush of 90 wolves on the market, they are all going to be rebuilt as 110 wolves, on the turkish chassis.......Hope that helps.
  4. Already done mate. He is fine, as long as he hears nothing that brings it all in to a bad light....... So, who wants to help me.........Or are you all just going to fill this thread up with legal wranglings? lol
  5. I have a current MOD 90 anyway, so that isnt going to be a problem. If you have a good reason that is legitimate, then it isnt going to be a problem. Travelling too or from a military show is going to be a good enough reason. Its much like being stopped with de act or replica weapons in your vehicle. if you are just going shopping, then expect greif, if you are going to the military show, and have your entrants documentation to prove, then that is a reason why you have these in the car and end of problem (as long as they were correctly covered and out of sight......) So... now we have I think covered that up, who whishes to help me.......lol
  6. Chevpol..... sounds good, come and find me and we shall chat Chris.... now there is an offer too good to refuse. I am not too worried if you cant make all the shows, some are better than none...... and remember, living history groups get into the best shows free, and often get the best spots reserved for them, no need to get to these places quite as early....
  7. I would love aromour, but dont own any, so it would be a case of someone joining up that already owns it....... I was only one of 12 people that did the gulf war sas display..... they will continue as normal. Cheers. NOW... Anyone actually want to help me? he he he.....
  8. The modern army when attending shows run it as a recruiting and information exercise. They have weapons set on tables, vehicles parked in car park fashion, large display boards advertising BE THE BEST Ect....... I plan t oshow the british army from 9 years ago, as it would have been in the field. They were then involved with both the balklands and Sierra Leon at the time so still of historical interest. I plan to show how the british army actually appear when in the field. So for example a 24x12, with tables in the middle with maps and order strewn across them, perhaps a white board or two on easles with call signs of current patrols recorded, and with records of cotact reports recorded. A 9x9 with an FFR attached with all the radio gear present. another 12x12 with cook trailer in, with a second 12x12 with table and chairs set up as a scoff house. ect ect. The current displays of modern (by modern I mean say from the 90's onwards) british kit tends t ofocus on the vehicles, the tents tend to be all shut up and people cant get close. Any of you remember around five years ago what the 5th Airborne display was like, thats the sort of thing I plan to do. Hope that helps. Dont worry, you wont offend me and all thoughts are welcome.
  9. Hi guys, I am starting up a new living history group called Soldier 2000. The aim is to put on a display that rivals that of the vietnam and second world war groups (aim high I say), but with a modern British Army theme. I intend to display a number of wolfs including a WMIK and other land rovers (plus anything else that anyones got and wants to add) and to setup a display depicting an exercise HQ duing the year 2000, that includes the inside of the tents also being steup correctly for display, as this is an area that the early periods do well, but seem to be missed by the current modern groups. That means soldier 95's SA80's, clansman radio gear ect ect. I have the tents, I have some of the kit, I have vehicles, what I need are people that wish to join in. I am not planning on running this to strict, no starting starting at 6am for first perrade rubbish. All that i ask is that you are prepared to help put up, and pack away the display, and that whilst the public are in, that you dress correctly. othet than that, you are free to do as you wish. I plan to keep it relaxed and fun and light hearted, after all, if it isnt fun, then there is no point ot it. No muppets need apply.......lol I will be displaying at the bunker bash as my first show, if you fancy giving it a go, come along there and try it out, or pm me for my details and we can have a chat.
  10. yep, I too love a nice pine forest, just to be different, I still have and use myv green liner, I love it and I dont find I get tangled in it at all, tho it is a given art getting out of it to stand to..
  11. Yours is a 90 too, lol, looks like someone has bolted an extra few inches on when you werent looking then bud... It is a wonderful Landy tho, you have done a good job there.
  12. Ok, well here is my 90 Wolf FFR too....
  13. Hi Max, The Proof House wont do either the deactivation or welding work. They are purely and inspector. Think of them like the MOT tester. They wont rectify any issues or do any work, they just test your car and let you know what it fails on. The proof house is the same, they will just look at a weapon, and either pass or fail it. That is why you need the RFD. He is like your local garage mechanic, he does all the work required to get the proof house to pass the weapon. the RDF is the guy that will do the welding work on your weapon. HE is the one that will look at it initially and tell you if it will pass in its current state or not, and then HE will do the work required and submit it to the proof house for its "MOT". Hope that helps awnsers your question, and clear the confusion.
  14. KernalMart, Any chance you can email me a copy of the original size photos of my 90 Wolf please, I was so busy xhatting WMIK I didnt get any photos of it. Cheers. Karl_joynes@yahoo.co.uk
  15. Nope, Barrie has never owned 10FG57, he had 10FG69, 10FG97 which were both pink, and he has a green and black one, though I cant remember that ones reg..... Alan bought 10FG57 in the late 90's direct off of Steve.
  16. Nope, that is Steve's old Pinkie that is now owned by Alan Bucknell. He is one of the nicest chaps I have had the pleasure to meet. Real salt of the earth....
  17. no, your pic is of the prototype of the ones shown by clive. It is a Jordainian border patrol Vehicle. It was built by land rover and Glover Webb conversion (glover Webb built the 110 Pinkies....) So grit in eye, The milan mount was on it before Barrie bought it. I have Pictures of it in Pete Greens shed with the mount on it, and at that time it was still owned by the guy you rebuilt it for. So what happened to the original bumper that came off of it then. mine has now also got the correct winch on it, It had one originally but the scrappy kept it for his own off road vehicle. I eventually tracked the right type down, including the right bumper, but it came off an ex 5th Airborne Pathfinder. I also know where that cuthbertson Bomb Disposal Lt Wt picture was taken. It was operated on Orfordness, just off the suffolk coast. The building in the background is now the NT Wardens office. There is an almost identical picture to that in the museum, only it shows another one in the distance, Apparently they had three on the island, and one was left burried out there. Dont know how true that is.......
  18. O,Catweazle, the tyres are Continental Mils......
  19. When I got mine, it had already been broken into component parts ready for the crusher. it was all in a pile. Here are some of the parts as received, you can see just how bad it was..... Here is me driving 24KD33 Here is 24KD49 And here is a green and black one back in 1994 when they were still in service with the boys..
  20. Yep, I know that one very well. Driven it once or twice, it is know one of the ones owned by Barrie. If I rememberit was also re chassied onto a civvie chassis. It was the first out, sold by accident through the auctions (its VRN is 24KD50), the second (24KD33) came out in about 2000, via a contact on the inside, and mine (24KD58) was amoungst the last, coming out of the scrap yard in 2005 when they were scrapped. Some have remained inside the system (24KD39 is one of these, but if I told you where it was I would have to kill you....lol). 24KD38 went on long term loan to Land Rover, and can now be seen at the Land Rover experience. 24KD49 went to the Dunsfold collection on long term loan. All the rest were scrapped in Aug 2005. Any more pics and a copy of that pic would be great. If you could send em to karl_joynes@yahoo.co.uk that would be super.....
  21. And heres some Pics of mine from its LRO feature earlier this year. And here are some shots of the resto that should show the front mounted Anti roll bar and the rear with missing fuel tank (pinkies had tanks under the front seats, like the series land rovers)
  22. Not quite right mate..... there are three genuine SAS 110's in private ownership, I have one and my mate Barrie Pocock has the other two. The front Salisbury axle was also fitted to the 110 armoured landie, that was also built by Glover Webb of Hamble. The rear axle wasnt strengthend in any way, tho the gear box, springs and shocks were, anlong with the chassis. There are many ways to spot genuine from fake, the axle is one, but these can be bought and fitted to a standard rover. The easiest is the fron anti roll bar, mounts the the front of the chassis, not the rear like all other defenders. the first big give away tho, is all of the replicas I have seen have five speed boxes, all the genuine ones have only 4 speeds...... Hope that helps.....
  23. he he he..... not quite, I use to work at Bush House so I know where the cheaper end of the eateries can be found, (like a weatherspoons behind the law courts......)ect
  24. I shall be going as usual... If it is dry, I shall take the Pinkie, if wet, then the wolf. See you all there. (we always go into central London for a bite to eat adn a few Jars).
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