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  1. Paul, The ^ was up until about 1998. It was painted on the vehicles in black during the 1st Gulf War, and then in white during the balklands ect. They then turned it on its side for Afghan and Iraq invasion, as above, and since about 2005 it is now a V. Look at pics of my WMIK for ideas. Size seems to vary between Units, but it was suppose to be pianted in Infrared reflective paint. The idea being that the rest of the vehicle absorbs IR, so through an IR scope, the only thing you should see is the coalition marking (as that is what it is). Hope that helps.
  2. Well I got a bit more done today..... I had some good news, and then some bad. I managed to get it running for the first time since I have owned it..... and it ran great. But the bad news is I had diesel pissing out the wading plug, so it seems the accident damaged the injector pump, so I have got to strip the front end back down again, to change the injector pump..... Grrrrrrrr
  3. Its now the end of the outside building season, yet I am still outside building...... mmmmm That didnt go to plan. Just after my last post I managed to have an accident at work and broke my arm, and my leg, so that kind of put pay to any further work on the wolf. I am still on light duties, but I still need to get my wolf on the road, so my brother kindly stepped into the fold and has been hard at work assisting me with all the heavy stuff to try and get this thing finished. We have spent the last week dodging the rain to fit the Bulkhead, doors, dash board, roof, wings, front panel, sills, steering box and change the fluids and cam belt. This doesnt sound too much but we have really struggled, everything just fought back. Well they forcast rain tomorrow, so I doubt I will get anything further done for a little while. Here are some photos..... not so many as we were just heads down in the work trying to get it all done. Enjoy.
  4. Gary..... You are the man. It is a Gemini, with ali keel. It came with its service Marina 30. (I know its military and the right engine for the boat due to the source it came from). Any thing you know about these would be great. Mail any PDF's you have to karl_joynes@yahoo.co.uk I am ideally doing up as a Royal Engineers boat. So I am after the green "sausage" style Life jacket fired by Co2. I am aware extras may be of varying quality. I dont mind if its unservicable as long as its cheep enough because I can then use it for display and get a civvie equivilant for when I use it. I would really like to get the correct fuel bladder for it though..... Karl.... RYA Power boat level 2.....lol
  5. Hi chaps, Not really sure where to put this so I have slung it in here for the time being. I was amazed to find an Ex military inflatable boat, complete with the engine after having been looking for one for a good few years now, so snapped it up for a bargain price. I am now finding the accessories just as hard to track down. I am after stuff like the correct oars, fuel bladder and some of the military life jackets for it. Any one know of a good place to track this stuff down? I need them to be in a usable state as I intend to go and use this at sea and around the local rivers around here as well as possibly taking it to a few shows....... Any ideas at all? Cheers.
  6. Differences: Top cover Feed Mech (FN Mag has a single finger, whilst the GPMG has two) Carry handle Front sling swivel Seer I think thats it. But yes in principle, the same weapon.
  7. No, I doubt it. The rear tilt is not any different to any other rear tilt. Its just the seperate interior liner thats different. It will eventually have a hard top on it, I have just gone for the soft top for the time being as the hard top needs repairing and I am missing most of the fitting kit. Anyway, we are in blighty here, I doubt ultraviolet light will be an issue, you can generally count how many days the sun comes out to play on one hand....lol
  8. Well this weekend I fitted the rear tub, the roof and the roll cage. I have also part fitted the interior liner. Those that know wolf will notice it isnt the standard run of the mill Radhaz kit. It is infact the proper winterised kit as fitted to the winterised and the winterised wading 110s. It covers all the roll cage to prevent anyone touching the metal, and it has a velcro in peice that rolls down to cover the rear door. It even goes behind the rear seats, covering the tub reinforcement. A rare liner indeed..... Enjoy.
  9. Yep.... as an owner of a WMIK (having put it together myself from an existing wolf and a whole pile of bit), I can confirm there are many differences. I am also now rebuilding a wolf, and can also confirm that once they are are deemed uneconimical to repair, they are in a VERY poor state. Just remember that a wolf, or a WMIK is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. At the moment demand is high, and supply is low. The last privately owned wolf sold that I know of sold within two weeks of advertising and fetched £18000. So there are people out there who are more than willing to pay the cash.
  10. Cheers...... I doubt it, even if it is all pretty much built, I still have to register it, and with the demise of Land Rover traceability, I am not sure how I am going to do that yet........
  11. I am deffinately heading in the right direction now. I spent this weekend on the mechanicals. I have fitted the engine and gearbox, on new mounts, after fitting a new clutch and new (and modified) clutch fork. I have refitted the props, rear a frame (with a new ball joint), and front steering arms. I have also now fitted the steering guard and front jate rings. Well hopefully I can russle up a few helpers and re - attach the rear tub and bulkhead next weekend (as long as the weather is good!). Well here are a couple of snaps, didnt take alot, as I was rather busy instead.....
  12. Yep, the chap has had it on the market since April, he has a bill to pay, so it has to go apparrently. I intend to be keeping this Wolf for a while, and I would hate to see any rust at all on the chassis, so whilst its at this stage I am applying ever anti rust measure I can. It should also help if as and when I sell it on. Cheers for all the positive comments.....
  13. right, well I have finally turned the corner and started to put it all back together again. Two weeks ago, I took off the front axle, inspected, painted and installed it to my freshly cold galvanised and painted chassis. I fitted new shocks and shock tower mounts, and new springs. I also have all new steering bars, as all the old ones were ever so slightly bent. This weekend, I have done the same with the rear axle, and aslo fitted the loom, the rear bumperettes, nato hitch and tow socket with all wiring and the fuel lines. I have also started to bolt some of the extra brackets that hold the body work and exhaust on. I also waxoyled the interior of the chassis (what a horrible juob that is). Once complete, I also intend to waxoyle the outside of the chassis and suspension for extra protection. Well here are some photos of the fun.
  14. Hi mate, There is no reason I can think of why this lot wont fit in a lightweight, but I havnt seen them fitted in anything older than a 90/110. All the series 3s I have seen have all been the old SLR mount, regardless of age. Also, buy it from the shows, or somewhere like Dropzone, you will pay more round the £30 rather than £100...... I unfortunately cant help with photos, as I only now have Defender 's, which have a different rack in. Hope that helps.
  15. Well I have been busy again, All steering and front steering guard is off. Steering box will be rebuilt due to its unknown nature following the accident. The rear cage, Rear tub and the wiring loom has also been removed. I am now running out of space to store it all so wont strip much more until the chassis is painted ready for swops.....
  16. I havnt yet. Been hearing horror stories about what can go wrong, and none of the places will give me a 100% assurance that it will go well without an incident. My worry is that it is the only chassis I am ever likley to find, and if it blows apart during galvanising I am well and truley screwed. I think I might just get it blasted and painted and then provesionally waxoyled in and out......
  17. It was complete bar the dash was missing its clocks, and the wiper motor was gone. The other missing bits (Rad, front panel and front lights, were becasue they were lying on the floor smashed). I paid £7000 for it, which included a brand new Wolf chassis and a hard top for it. The chassis alone would probably cost at least £2000..... I have also spent apporx £1500 on parts. So a complete for £8500 plus my time, not bad seeing as the last restored example went for £18500...... a saving of £10000. Hope that helps, and good luck finding one though, there is currently more people after them then there are wolfs, so they are snapped up, often long before openly advertised. I got mine as a chap made an off the cuff comment at a Land Rover show that he had a smashed one in his yard that he was thinking of selling..... Right place and right time.... and all that.
  18. Well, what a weekend. I have repaired the damage to my WMIK caused by the guy driving into it in the snow, and then set too on my Wolf project again. I removed the seat box which was a nightmare, due to the fact that the chassis had shortened for the accident, and pinned the seat box between the chassis and the rear tub. After all morning, cutting and beating with a sledge hammer, it eventually let go. Then the bulkhead, which by comparision was alot easier.
  19. Bulkhead is a write off, the chassis leg on the passenger side is approx 5 inches shorter than on the drivers side. The passenger footwell is bent, there are dents in the vent panel and the whole lot is twisted. It will be residing in the scrap pile, I do have another wolf bulkhead to go on.
  20. There is rather alot of heat that does come out the seat box on a 300tdi.... Heat in these later Landies is no issue at all, my girlfreind is actually always turning the heating down, and she hates the cold.....
  21. Well I did manage to get the engine out. the engine mounts were an absolute pig to get too, due to the cassis being bent over the top. I also managed to get the transmission tunnel and drivers floor out. The tunnel is plastic, so despite being distorted, once out returned back to its proper shape, with no signs of damage. I also managed to beat the plate that goes at the front of the tunnel, and bulkhead back into shape, which I was pleased with as I hadnt got a spare of one of these...... Well here are some more pics.... I now wont be able to do anymore for a couple of weeks, as I am on call next weekend.... :cry:
  22. got it in one, it is an emmision control to meet European Regulations as military are no longer exempt. It is however VERY EMP protected.... hence it is in the massive screened case that sits between the front seats.....
  23. Well finally after all that snow I have been able to make a start. Last Saturday I was able to strip off the wing outers (horrible job due to a mass of bent Ali, blocking and hideing all the screws but got there eventually). Today I have stripped of the inner wings, disconnect the engine loom, all the breathers, air intakes, seats, Starter motor, Doors and the ECU. Hopefully tomorrow I should get the engine out and on the deck. I have also managed to find about %50 of the stuff needed to rebuild it, including a pair of pretty good Wolf take off wings, which I was chuffed to bits with as they are a rare thing indeed (most are kept by the army by Hobsons, or come out absolutley bent and of no use at all). Here are a few shots of todays work......
  24. Any one been to see these, any photos, or a description of them?
  25. I have got Pics of a land rover engineer, and his RE escort, both with S6, but agree the S10 was far more widespread. I guess you would have received all your kit from your unit, meaning you would get the same as them. I know loads of people that felt the same about the boots, even the SAS fellows wore thier german mountain boots, instead of the issued (and I find, uncomfortable) desert boots. I know of a few reservists, that were called back, and never actually left Saudi, they were the rear party just sat twiddling thier thumbs, and I know of at least one that had to deal with a Yank that had managed to shoot himself......... Again, the resupply of the SAS in Wadi Turbul was carried out by R sqd, which was so called as it mainly consisted of reservists.....
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