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  1. I think that a well done all round is in order for the chaps and chapesses, we do follow stuff from here being halfway down the left side of France. It's very pleasing to see what you have built up to, long may it continue. HMVF has also reminded me that I seem to be a year older today, Hmmmmmmm. Congrats to all and best wishes, R.
  2. Brilliant job Ian, it's gone further and faster than I could have ever imagined, all credit to the team, helpers and the direction/cohesion from the chair I think. There are always problems, only when nothing happens there are no problems, c'est la vie. It going well here, albeit slightly enforced imprisonment while the wheels of officialdom grind slowly away, as they do since the country is rather besotted with bureaucracy and certainly loves paperwork. But we move into our new house on July 27th. . . . . Don't want to put detail here and/or clog the board up but I have a virgin address for you and a works one too, I'll try a direct mail to both. R.
  3. I have to admit to a wry smile at this oxymoron when thinking about a MV show! Quite right. Some do though and have the documents. Far more importantly however, a huge well done to the committee and crew at SOE for a brilliant series of Overlord Shows from a difficult beginning that some of us know only too well. As a ROF now in foreign parts, I am very proud and pleased with what the team has achieved. R. (Chuffed in France.)
  4. My large tomes of "Wireless for the Warrior" are packed and hundreds of miles away, however, Google is your friend, try "wireless set No.17" quite a lot of gen Richard. Richard.
  5. Wouldn't know about the rain Clive, mostly hot and sunny here! I'm a HF SSB person and one of the attractions where we have bought and move to on 27 July is a view to the horizon in all directions, nearest neighbour 650m plus away and just over 1Ha to put in big loops and the tower/HF beam without having every council jobsworth and an army of neighbours around your neck; quite apart from all the Chinese SMPS and plasma TV noise. Crikey, I might even get Mrs. N to use her G1 call for once in a lifetime. . . . . . . . You'll regret giving a lathe away. . . . . . . .I can find someone your end who would likely be very happy to relieve you of TWTs and WG stuff. All the best R.
  6. CRIKEY! Never knew that Clive. R. (G3ZOE, active, but rigs packed for move, shortly F5VL? probably)
  7. A few are coming from here with Stalwart, Striker and Haflinger; also rumour has it that our Clive may well attend too which will cheer up the proceedings even if it does rain. However, weather looks better but aways the chance of a momentary downpour.
  8. Dear Mr. Pearson,Please note that I will not be goaded into an impromptu response with fallacious and facetious comments that frankly sound much like the paper communications from some members of a certain CoM, but under different names. Please also note I have been obliged to respond to your denigrating post at a little after 05:30, such are the other pressures curently extant. I am much obliged for your consideration and patience concerning events of nearly four years ago.
  9. Certainly, however, I will still draft and refine the points and events from the documents here to make an accurate and concise précis. It is not quite so simple as you might imagine. Secondly, I am almost overloaded with work just at present, having two formal jobs, so some prioritising will have to be done I'm afraid, however, it is not on the back burner.
  10. Calm down!!!!!!Its been done before when I was a pre-motorbike teenager, like 1960, by John Dodd. Remember it well. http://www.spainvia.com/Merlincar.htm
  11. Hmmmm, maybe you perhaps need to scroll up a bit and re-read my comments of June 10, Reply 31. You shouldn't have to provide your own and perhaps, being cynical, it's just what you show-makers are being "encouraged" to do such that one substantial overhead can be contained or converted into some (more) profit. Back in 2002/3 I had a long exchange with the W&P spi. . . .PR department, it makes interesting reading but this is not the thread for it, I will publish it verbatim if Jack allows and suggests an appropriate section.
  12. Yes I will. It is going to take a little time because I cannot deluge you all with the amount of paperwork but I do need to make an unbiased, unemotive and balanced précis of it with the salient points/statements and ensure leaving stuff out doesn't skew the history.
  13. Yes I can, and at some length with an inch and a half of documentation to support the case since I am one of the three, and the then serving chairman, summarily expelled from the other organisation (I/we may not use the term as defined in writing by their secretary). However, two things; firstly the original group was dissolved by the national organisation some time before me or the members were informed; there was no intention of a breakaway by me or the members. Secondly, I defer to Jack, this may not be an appropriate vehicle to make an explanation and Jack may not want the issue publicised herein.
  14. Thank you. It makes it all worthwhile. We choose to take the more expensive option of daily on-site toilet attendant + vehicle rather than a single daily service, I see last year's invoice is right next to me here: £302 +VAT/day just for the attendant, well worth it. Its a fact, line up all manner of fascinating vehicles, tanks and hundreds of stalls but people will remember the toilets first and foremost! Its the MOPs and traders that allow it to happen so we have to consider them too. Big difference between Beltring and Overlord: Beltring is a for-profit, commercial business, I have that in writing from the producers. Overlord is staged and run by 6 un-paid MV enthusiasts from a small, local MV Club. Yup, one weekend either way and it would have been idyllic, but this is England of course. Met Office reported 50mph in actuallity which is a bit unexpected for May/June and puts it in the F9, gusting F10 bracket; we even had some official and huge army 12 x 12 sledge-hammered pins pull out such was the force. Much appreciated, I will take all these kind comments back to the committee and members, many thanks.
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