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  1. Its actually a Hoover washing machine on tracks (Hoover made washers in Merthyr Tydfil and they went bust), so its officially a HOOVER and not an AJAX
  2. You could be right! If the Russians see that they will fall about in fits of laughter as it looks like something from Monty Python and with a name AJAX its obviously meant to do just that, as it looks hilarious.
  3. They used to make washing machines in Merthyr so it's aptly named as Ajax is also the name of a power cleanser.
  4. There should be a rubber ring on the inside of the cap if there isn't you should be in a noah's ark of petrol? Sounds like the fuel outlet of the tank/rubber bag maybe blocked and or an air leak? Diana
  5. There are 4 filters, one filter fitted between the pump and petrol tank, one in the rear of the petrol pump both you've identified and 2 around the jets in the carb. The pump filter is a common item on eBay. Sounds like everything needs stripping and cleaning. There should be no need to prime anything, listen to the tick of the pump, once it slows the carburetor is full. It may take a while to slow if you drain the system as it has to refill and self prime. On the rear inside of the pump is a magnet, which will probably need cleaning too. You were dead lucky to get home. The rubbish in the system will have accumulated in years. If after cleaning the fuel system it still shows symptoms then pull the limiter fuse. Diana
  6. Try remove the fuse on the speed limiter, if a Belgian engine it will have a fuse holder adjacent to the coil, if British the fuse holder is incorporated into one of the spare cable outlets on the coil housing. Diana
  7. The relay box is on the left hand side of the Drivers Instrument Panel, it should have a reset button and 5 amp fuse on its front. The 2 wires terminate in a 5 way flying plug A and B of the plug, also connected to the plug is a buzzer or alarm, pins C and D, The power for the box comes direct off the vehicle batteries (personally I would use a fused lead), the positive and negative terminate in a 2 pin flying socket ON top of the relay box. The feed to the annunciation that flashes the light on the remote indicator unit comes from the bottom of the relay box via a 2 pin flying plug pin A. There are 4 air bleed screws, 2 on the radiator, one on the pipe across the top of the engine and one at the rear of the heat exchanger or oil cooler. Let as much air out as you can, and then run the engine, more air will bleed off as the coolant expands, be careful not to overheat the engine with the Air inlet covers raised, and do not run the engine at all with the radiator up, unless absolutely imperative. Diana
  8. After doing some reading my suggestions are, change oil filter and gearbox oil. Obtain a copy of the CVRT PRECIS from GreenMachine Surplus, adjust the controller as per page 31, if the fault persists check the oil pressures as in the precis. 2 and 5 are the same gear effectively as they both use the same brake band. So there should be no difference in fwd/rev as the gearbox is "going in reverse" for the vehicle to go backwards clearly there has to be something different going on that is not apparent. Diana
  9. ANPR already exists for HGV vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) on some motorways UK where trucks are monitored for speed and drivers hours. Diana
  10. Lumenition speed limiters and ignition modules are a phenomenal price. A possible alternative to the Jolley unit is advertised on ebay for Lucas distributors which retain the speed limiter of the original B series engine as does the Jolley Unit. The Jolley ignition module is easy to fit albeit priced well beyond what it should be. There seems to be no purpose to reinventing the wheel by attempting to modify a J60 Lumenition module. Diana
  11. I have used TA paints as I'm pleased with the way their paint sprays, for a primer 2 pack aluminium etch primer (NO its not the poisonous stuff) but it, in my opinion, has to be sprayed on. It sticks like nothing on earth owing to the fact it etches to the aluminium or steel, and is the primer most used by the military. Then there's a choice of acrylic, enamel or 2 pack epoxy (Again its not the poisonous stuff). 2 pack epoxy is hell to remove but its really hardwearing, on the other hand you cant get it in aerosol, since an aerosol is handy to patch repair or spray small parts. You have to be careful what different types of paints to mix, for instance cellulose on top of enamel wont go, but enamel on top of cellulose will! Having tried cellulose it chips too easily. Diana
  12. Quite amazed at all the problems changing 2 belts seems to cause, removed old belts (they were in fact new), replaced some fan bolts, replaced the belts with no real problems using the technique employed by Richard - job done. I will admit to using a large flat bladed screwdriver to do a bit of levering but that was it. Diana
  13. There are quite a few jokers pulling stunts like this on ebay. Just add "Ferret" to the ad no matter what then sit back and watch the unwary bite. One joker overseas has invented a new line in overcharging for Ferret parts. Diana
  14. A range of bronze bushes can be bought from http://www.bearingboys.co.uk/ Once pressed in it will of course need reaming. Diana
  15. Hi John, Do you mean this? http://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrtelectrical-pole-connector-3303-p.asp Diana
  16. There is a pole currently on ebay, that pole plugs into the spigot which can be mounted on the vehicle, any spigot l fitting will do, alternatively there is a spigot pole that mounts into a fitting and has cabling from the pole to the spotlight. I do believe I have the fitting that holds that type of pole onto the vehicle body somewhere, Green Machine Surplus used to have that type of pole complete with cables but it's not currently on their site. Diana
  17. If the braking system is 100% then it may not be worth the bother. 100% = shoes all good, cylinders working properly, brake fluid has been changed in last 3 years, all drums are unscored and flexible hoses are in good condition, the master cylinder seals are good and the brakes are properly adjusted. My own Ferret will stop dead and has no servo. Diana
  18. You can usually find out quite a lot about a person - more than most would think - if you enter the full address of their website in a whois. Name, address, e-mail and phone number. PayPal is also very handy too when it comes to getting money back for goods not delivered, or faulty/misrepresented goods.
  19. The diagrams on Andy's site do not show a master switch, I never had a master switch on mine and a lot of people have added one.. It may have been an official mod. Richard Farrant may have any idea if there was a modification. Diana
  20. Ferrets never were fitted with a master switch, if its a single pole switch it is likely to be the 24V feed from the battery via the switch. I do believe, from memory, that the terminal with a nut is in fact the earth terminal - but I cant look as my ferret is all sheeted up.
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