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  1. CVRT drivers seat cushion in very Good usable condition, very small cut at rear which cannot be seen under the seat back. £15 plus carriage via Hermes. Diana
  2. http://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/about-us/hints-tips/etch-primers.html
  3. You can roll/brush 2 pack etch, but I wouldn't roll or brush 2 pack epoxy. Etch is also liable to lift old paint, but 2 pack etch is the best to place directly over aluminium. It will adhere like nothing on earth. Avoid 1 pack. Diana
  4. 2 pack etch sprayed colour irrelevant and 2 pack epoxy primer(usually grey) sprayed, then whatever topcoat you need. both the 2 pack etch and epoxy will/may lift old paint. So all the old paint needs removing. One coat of 2 pack epoxy should do, its tough stuff. You will probably need epoxy thinners with the primer. NATO green goes well over grey. Diana
  5. The CVRT (J60) has electronic ignition (usually) which can be troublesome. Remove the speed limiter fuse cunningly fitted to an ignition coil blank cable outlet then see if it starts. There is a complete ignition system on ebay at the moment. Diana
  6. BCF is now illegal (except in aircraft and other permitted equipment). It was plumbed in to the engine compartment. The best alternative is Foam, however some will argue not, though dry powder makes an awful mess. People who rally use foam (lifeline 2000) Diana
  7. Simply by demonstrating you had taken every possible step, such as pulling in at every opportunity, checking to see if you had built up a queue of traffic behind you regularly, going at a maximum possible speed consistent with the speed restrictions on that particular piece of road and the vehicle you were driving, not traveling at a time when you may suspect or have reason to suspect that it was a busy time of day on that road. I would suggest on an A road building up queue of 50 cars is asking for trouble, but then that is subjective! Diana
  8. New |Old Stock Bedford Hazard Switch, £10 plus carriage.
  9. CVRT Steering Cylinder Bracket in good condition, no fractures or weld repairs. Tapped UNF not weird metric thread. £25 plus postage.
  10. Start at equal turns then tweak each screw until the engine runs smoothly. The screws will interact with each other. Diana
  11. Obtain a copy of the CVRT electrics from GreenMachine Surplus. Poking about without a wiring diagram makes no sense. Some versions of The J60 have obsolete and expensive electronic ignition, putting the wrong voltage in the wrong place just causes more problems than it's worth. Besides the starter, if for the J60 in its original form is 24V. Diana
  12. Yes you can buy the cord online at ebay, the trick is to make a clean cut at both ends, a Jig can be had to do this. Place something under the joint (grease proof paper) or it will stick to the bevel box when you super glue it. You also need to get the correct cord to resist oil. No probs Diana
  13. Yes you can superglue it! But fit a new one, it doesn't do much except stop dirt and muck going into the bevel box vtia he actual seal consists of originally two cork square section rings inside the bevel box which you cannot see Diana
  14. Most people, like me, do not get too worried about recovering a broken down Ferret, they simply either don' t bother or pay a bit extra with the insurance for recovery, this means they can go wherever and not worry about recovering it themselves since a Ferret can fit usually on the back of a recovery vehicle. You may for instance have a problem on a Motorway (which I use with my Ferret) recovering a Ferret with a tractor. Heavier vehicles are a very different matter. Diana
  15. I must remember to give the soldier who told me at Bovington a sharp word when I next meet him if ever..
  16. This is all very well and good but a lot of people don't want or don't like Facebook, which means they cannot see the photos. (and for very good reasons they may not wish to have a Facebook account. It would be much preferable if interesting photos were posted on here. Diana
  17. Trojan - 68 tons and 6 speed fully automatic gearbox - diesel of course! Steering by levers. Finally - a DINGO
  18. Jack it up on one side, there should be some backlash in each wheel - a very small amount not a complete wheel turn. This is also a good way to see how well the brakes are adjusted as it possible to maladjust the brakes so that there is no brake action on one wheel. I know as this was how mine was when I bought it - a death trap! Diana
  19. The words Highly dangerous come to mind - treat with respect. Diana
  20. if you intend to separate the wheel station from the bevel box, the wheel station is >>>VERY VERY heavy!!!<<<< I would recommend using an engine crane to support it whilst you do split the wheel station and bevel box using a sling around the outer hub. As one reader says the set screws holding the two together are problematic. The wheel station is also held in place by the fixing at the top of its suspension arm. Diana
  21. Its actually a Hoover washing machine on tracks (Hoover made washers in Merthyr Tydfil and they went bust), so its officially a HOOVER and not an AJAX
  22. You could be right! If the Russians see that they will fall about in fits of laughter as it looks like something from Monty Python and with a name AJAX its obviously meant to do just that, as it looks hilarious.
  23. They used to make washing machines in Merthyr so it's aptly named as Ajax is also the name of a power cleanser.
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