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  1. I have two pieces of Dunlop Trakmark, as new 4ft x 4ft nominal size (actually a bit larger) and 2ft x 3ft, again nominal size. £30 plus carriage.

    Whilst the two pieces are new there is a self adhesive backing that will need to be removed as it has become ineffective with time, the Trakmark being NOS.

    The TrakMark itself is perfect condition and will be sent in a cardboard tube. Weight about 4.5Kg




  2. An FV105 is a Sultan, an FV103 is a Spartan, the pictures appear to be that of a Sultan.

    It also appears to be a diesel Sultan, which has a slightly different Drivers Instrument Panel to that of a petrol Sultan, especially the tachometer..



  3. 4 hours ago, Aussie said:

    Backs up my experience with a 240V stud welder..



    I've experimented with stud welding armour plate (took the driver's hatch down to a welding place) and the "normal" stud welders failed miserably, with the studs easily knocked off.

    However their 3 phase stud welder did the job admirably. They did give me a sheet with the power needed but I don't know where that info is now. However it was just a matter of trial and error and in the end it was easy with the right device. They didn't have the correct size studs - had metric studs that were slightly thinner than the existing.

    Another idea suggested was TIG welding a bolt that had its head ground down thinner. Drilling and tapping isn't anything that I'd consider.

    JB Weld might be OK for hairline cracks that aren't overly structural, and it would be fun to try it for the studs but very much doubt it would be up to the task.




  4. The switch is pneumatic.

    In  the event that  the oil fix doesn't work a new  leather seal can be made from a disc of 1.2 mm thick  leather, after drilling out the rivet in the centre of the piston and replacing with a small screw and nut.

    Nominally its a 10 second delay but that may not be on both right and left. - it's a bit of a hit/miss affair regarding timing.


  5. Beat me by minutes !



    2 minutes ago, andym said:

    Odyssey batteries are made by Enersys, the same people who make the Hawker UK6TNMF, so I think we can safely say they know what they are doing.  One word of warning, they are very sensitive to charging voltage, which must not exceed 15V for a single battery or 30V for a pair of batteries in series.  If your batteries are dying, check the charging voltage before doing anything else.



  6. Why don't you have the service manual?

    It's the first thing anyone buying a MV should get after buying the vehicle.

    If you don't have the manual (provided you can get one), and there are plenty available for the Fox, then you will have a problem looking after it and resolving problems.

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