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    Wanted ferret part

    Try Champ spares - that's where I got one for my Ferret. Diana
  2. Diana and Jackie

    Public Liability Insurance

    If I have gotten this wrong then I am sure someone will jump in and correct me. This is not an argument for or against the MVT obtaining PLI for its members, one of which I am, it is more an argument that event organisers are the ones who need to get PLI for their shows. Many of us own, maintain and repair vehicles, quite a few of which have historic origins or origins of great interest. Many of these vehicles are beyond common sense in terms of running them, e.g often below 20 MPG, some even gallons per mile. So we not only spend considerable amounts of money insuring, and maintaining them but the costs of getting them to shows is often considerable. When we get our vehicles to a show whether it be a shown specifically for military vehicles, classic vehicles or historic vehicles we are generally allowed free entry. The public who attend these shows often show considerable interest in our vehicles, often these people will know the vehicles intimately having driven and or serviced them. Even if they are not military vehicles the public are still enthusiastic to see older types of vehicle. Meanwhile the event organisers are at the show entrance eagerly collecting the £3-£5 (or more) entrance fee from the public. It seems to me that it is the event organisers who should be funding the cost of PLI as it is their event. Were it not for us and owners of many others types of classic, historic or interesting vehicles going to these show, having refurbished them, insured them and fueled them to get to the shows out of the goodness of our hearts and pockets there would be no show. Diana
  3. Diana and Jackie

    Cvrt hub oil seals

    The face seals on the road wheels are actually Caterpillar seals! so Richard you are spot on. Diana
  4. Diana and Jackie

    Jaguar J60 CVRT dipstick

    Hi, I am hoping someone has a Jaguar j60 dipstick surplus. Mine has suffered through age and oil at its plastic end. Thanks Diana
  5. Diana and Jackie

    Jaguar J60 CVRT dipstick

    Hi Chris, I will contact Mark - as for the 3D printing, I don't have a printer and the part is moulded onto the dipstick, which has a notch in it, thus trapping the metal into the plastic. Thanks again for all replies though Diana
  6. http://www.prestolite.com/pgs_products/specs.php?item_detail_id=16537&item=1284150&product=ALTERNATOR Manufacturer - Prestolite Diana
  7. Very handy device that does work, took a load of rusty water and dirt from a tank of petrol. Fill it with water and not a drop runs through :-) ! http://www.agri-supply.co.uk/mr-funnel-f3/?gclid=CjwKEAjwnebABRCjpvr13dHL8DsSJABB-ILJVEEQUGsYCGPOZvm3qjOu6Ri3AqyGWqyUHyZggmDUyxoCdgLw_wcB Diana
  8. When a building is used as some sort of shrine( as per the "gutter press") to commemorate and re-ignite the actions, behaviour and views of a mass murder yes it is time to obliterate that object. Diana
  9. When a site, building or memorial is used to commemorate and reignite the beliefs of a mass murderer of 50 million people, one of the most pernicious and evil human beings ever born, then it is time to remove it like him and his kind off the face of the earth. Diana
  10. Diana and Jackie

    Tracked Vehicle recovery / breakdown cover

    You've stated this before about it not being possible to be in business, however the fact remains that they are in business in The UK, with a limited 6 recoveries per year on tracked armour. Of course the laws in the USA regarding insurance maybe and probably are different. Here an insurance policy has to be legally honoured or else The Regulator can get involved. Diana
  11. Diana and Jackie

    Tracked Vehicle recovery / breakdown cover

    The delay between taking our breakdown cover and its actual implementation is normal on many breakdown insurances. Diana
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  13. Diana and Jackie

    cvrt petrol fuel pump

    Dirt in the fuel most likely. Fit one of these after the pump :- [h=1]Single Fuel Filter Assembly Cav Glass Bowl 1/2"-20UNF - lots on ebay.[/h]Diana
  14. Diana and Jackie

    cvrt petrol fuel pump

    You also need to measure the back pressure with the flow closed off as well as the flow rate. It may pump quite well with an open flow but once the flow is restricted it may not be able to pump quite so well. Diana
  15. Diana and Jackie

    Sabre gearbox problem

    As Chris says plus check oil pressure - test point 1/4" bolt below controller, this is the diesel gearbox https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/.../KIT80_combined.pdf- test point in same position for petrol engine. List of pressures in http://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrt-precis-718-p.asp but check with GreenMachine that it is the correct precis. The Diesel pressures are slightly different but broadly similar. There is also a controller adjustment to make again I belive it's in the precis. Diana
  16. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT Smoke Discharger Tube dimensions.

    Thanks John, as I thought they fire 66mm smoke grenades! Diana
  17. Please can anyone - someone? confirm the size of a CVRT smoke discharger tube. A Daimler Ferret is 65mm~ OD x 120mm~ L, though the CVRT dischargers appear longer and appear to have a larger diameter. Diana
  18. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT Smoke Discharger Tube dimensions.

    Thanks Andrew and to everyone else who replied. I am making some dummy discharger tubes of course and want to be about as right as I can be. Diana
  19. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT Smoke Discharger Tube dimensions.

    Thanks John, Diana...
  20. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT Smoke Discharger Tube dimensions.

    Thanks Chris, I believe they are designed to take a 66mm smoke grenade. Diana
  21. Diana and Jackie

    Ferret bevel box seals

    2 x 3mm (3mm from memory) dia viton cord, joints at top and displaced from one another. Grease liberally all areas, align joint, push, pray and @&&&&!!! Diana
  22. Diana and Jackie

    Goodbye EMERs

    Even if it doesn't work it's cheap! The Cheaper the better - I saw some army clothing a few months back it said "made in China"...await the day when things are made in Russia (sorry got carried away) :-) Diana
  23. As The Title says just 1 spring gas strut for the Right Hand side (Offside) roof door. Diana