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  1. Diana and Jackie

    Oil on steering and main brake rotors

    I leave a bolt out of the inspection plate below the gearbox oil drain, any water drains out, also goes to show if there's an oil leak. Do the same for the sump inspection cover.. Diana
  2. Diana and Jackie

    K60 starter problems

    Has anyone noticed the adjusting screw with green paint has been adjusted, so that the paint seal is broken? Diana
  3. Instructions for RAK 15/2 Please note the thermal fuse is 190 degrees C and NOT 175 degrees as stated in the British version of this manual, attached the USA version which also gives the part No of the thermal fuse and it's correct temperature. If the heater will not warm, check the thermal fuse located in the bottom of the food warmer. Diana RAK15 Service Manual.pdf
  4. Diana and Jackie

    RAK 15/2 Water Heater

    The answer is yes, if you have an appropriate plug for the RAK, and short circuit 2 pins of the vehicle socket to operate the relay that feeds the power to the food warmer.. It's a food warmer, not a boiler by the way. Diana
  5. Diana and Jackie

    Vehicle Batteries

  6. Diana and Jackie

    Dunlop TRAKMARK

    I have two pieces of Dunlop Trakmark, as new 4ft x 4ft nominal size (actually a bit larger) and 2ft x 3ft, again nominal size. £30 plus carriage. Whilst the two pieces are new there is a self adhesive backing that will need to be removed as it has become ineffective with time, the Trakmark being NOS. The TrakMark itself is perfect condition and will be sent in a cardboard tube. Weight about 4.5Kg Diana
  7. Diana and Jackie


    An FV105 is a Sultan, an FV103 is a Spartan, the pictures appear to be that of a Sultan. It also appears to be a diesel Sultan, which has a slightly different Drivers Instrument Panel to that of a petrol Sultan, especially the tachometer.. Diana
  8. Diana and Jackie

    Welding Ferrets

  9. Diana and Jackie

    Welding Ferrets

    Um.. drill and tap steel armour? Unless you have a mag drill then its going to be more than difficult. Tig is the way to go.
  10. Diana and Jackie

    Welding Ferrets

    A firm tried it on my Ferret and they just wouldn't hold. In the end they tig welded them on without filler wire. Maybe the gun they used wasn't powerful enough? Diana
  11. Diana and Jackie

    Welding Ferrets

    A stud welding gun doesn't work but TIG does for the studs. Diana
  12. Diana and Jackie

    Racal bcc 563 aamtu

    http://www.amateurtele.com/print.php?artikel=265 Use Google Translate. Racal (Kapsch) VRM 5080 Cheaper than a Clansman 353 - and no final tube (valve) Note does not fit the Clansman series radio mounts. Diana
  13. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT Scimitar indicator switch question

    The switch is pneumatic. In the event that the oil fix doesn't work a new leather seal can be made from a disc of 1.2 mm thick leather, after drilling out the rivet in the centre of the piston and replacing with a small screw and nut. Nominally its a 10 second delay but that may not be on both right and left. - it's a bit of a hit/miss affair regarding timing. Diana
  14. Diana and Jackie

    Wanted: Green Goddess tires

    http://www.totectyres.co.uk/Trucks.aspx Incidentally Totec will also supply the correct radial tyres for Ferret's etc - so they need not all end up with Bar Grips. and the correct tyre is not 8 ply either.. Diana
  15. Diana and Jackie

    Cork Seals

    Liquid Paraffin is a mineral oil, not the best thing to put on rubber (depending on the rubber of course) The best safe thing for rubber is silicon oil/grease. Diana
  16. Diana and Jackie

    Down-sizing starter battery?

    Beat me by minutes ! Diana
  17. Diana and Jackie

    Down-sizing starter battery?

    A CVR(T) fitted with a J60 engine, which is to all intents and purposes an E type engine/XJ6 engine, when fitted in a car has a 12V nominal 66AH battery. Therefore two 12 volt batteries in series @66AH is more than adequate (Cranking amps unknown), however 770A seems to be recommended @12V AGM cells info = https://nyln.org/agm-batteries-pros-and-cons-list Diana
  18. Diana and Jackie

    Down-sizing starter battery?

    I shopped around and bought a pair of https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/x2-varta-j3-6tn-promotive-black-battery.html In my opinion they are far superior to the cheaper 6tn, a pair of which I have. I use a pair of Varta blue batteries on my Ferret, after 7 years they are still going strong. Diana
  19. Diana and Jackie

    Fv721 fox

    Why don't you have the service manual? It's the first thing anyone buying a MV should get after buying the vehicle. If you don't have the manual (provided you can get one), and there are plenty available for the Fox, then you will have a problem looking after it and resolving problems.
  20. Diana and Jackie

    Fv721 fox

    Lots of antifreeze? how much is lots ? is it 50/50 ? because if its more than 50/50 that maybe the cause. Get a device for measuring the ratio and do a proper check. Diana
  21. Diana and Jackie

    Clansman headset wiring

    http://www.ptsnorfolk.co.uk/product.php/5712324/ BUT check its the correct lead for the particular headset you have. It appears clansman parts/spares are drying up :-( Diana
  22. Diana and Jackie

    Clansman headset wiring

    The core is indeed a filler and not a conductor. No matter what a new lead is quicker, and easier than messing about trying to repair this Diana
  23. Diana and Jackie

    Clansman headset wiring

    Buy a new lead off ebay, don't bother messing about. Diana