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  1. Diana and Jackie

    Fv721 fox

    Remove the thermostat and I'd concur with Chris Diana
  2. Diana and Jackie

    Lwt Speedometer Repair

    Just up the road from me (not in London) and con convert a dial to read MPH https://speedycables.com/ Diana
  3. Diana and Jackie

    Fv721 fox

    And a thermostat seized closed Diana
  4. Diana and Jackie

    Haverhill Generator

    Found this for you , amazing what you can do using Google search. Diana http://www.knowhere.co.uk/Kettering/Northamptonshire/Midlands/messages?start=6 I recently purchased a 2.0 KVA Haverhill generator and I am looking for someone to assist in servicing this unit, perhaps an ex employee of the company, with servicing knowledge, could contact me and help with my problems. Thanks Re: Haverhill Generators by phil (Member 10120231) on 18-Mar-2004 ref your haverhill gen,if you still need help get in touch. ex service engineer Re: Haverhill Generators by stuart sharples (Member 10125393) on 28-May-2004 I Have recently purchased a Haverhill Generators Battery charger unit type LWA 100 it has 12 or 24vdc switched output rated at 15 A for 12v and 13A for 24V the genny gives out 12 and 24v but the control board appears to be dead does anyone know of an ex service engineer or anyone with circuit diagrams for the voltage regulator board Best regards and heres hoping Stuart Re: Haverhill Generators by phil (Member 10120231) on 5-Nov-2004 Stuart I have diagrams for most of the haverhill units if you still need them.phil@clar50.freeserve.co.uk
  5. Diana and Jackie

    FV432 driving on street query

    Anyone digging on a street or highway under the Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 has to have a licence. In a nutshell this was introduced by the Government in order to prevent a road or pavement being incorrectly re-instated, thus causing subsidence or potholes. It was also to prevent a road or pavement being dug up, reinstated and dug up a few months later by a different utility to the first. The fact of the matter is the dodgy practices of the past still continue with some contractors totally ignoring the legislation - especially some councils own staff !!!! Diana
  6. Diana and Jackie

    cvrt indicator switch

    Take it apart and lubricate the leather washer with silicon oil, there's also a small screw at the rear that bears down on felt or cotton wool padding. This is for the adjustment of time delay. Diana
  7. Diana and Jackie

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    In my observation the ability to drive has nothing to do with age and a lot to do with common sense and a perception of danger, which in my experience is declining.
  8. Diana and Jackie

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Not strictly true, it can be maintained provided your doctor and optician pass you fit to drive, though another piece of legislative nonsense is the ability to hold a B licence and pass a H test then drive a tracked vehicle of any weight, provided you maintain your B licence. Diana
  9. Diana and Jackie

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    It was so well fixed no-one wanted to buy it for a long time as most of us were watching it - and when someone did it was sold it below what it was worth.
  10. Diana and Jackie

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    Does that include putting back the bits that have gone missing ? (If you can find them)........ Diana
  11. Diana and Jackie

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    It would have cost as much to de-bling it as put it back to the way it should have been - a message to blingers there 🙂 Also known as turning something into scrap!
  12. Diana and Jackie

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    We've had the bling Ferret, and look what happened to that! Is this the bling CVRT? Diana
  13. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    So Tony- given the foregoing, An AC current generates a magnetic field across the wire that opposes the flow of current, known as induction. DC does not. and expounding your vast knowledge electricity can you explain how a DC clamp meter works? Diana PS - I did study physics, I think your ideas on electricity are wonderful 🙂 . I am in awe, as I'm sure is Chris McMillan.
  14. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    It would be phenomenal, I am surprised this idea hasn't caught on by now. And think of the saving in natural resources, all based on hollow cables 🙂
  15. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    I see.. interesting, a bit like water going down the plughole. the swirling is different depending in which hemisphere you live. I must ask the next electrician I see if I can have hollow cables as the inside bit isn't any good and I am paying for it 🙂 Diana