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  1. Down-sizing starter battery?

    Beat me by minutes ! Diana
  2. Down-sizing starter battery?

    A CVR(T) fitted with a J60 engine, which is to all intents and purposes an E type engine/XJ6 engine, when fitted in a car has a 12V nominal 66AH battery. Therefore two 12 volt batteries in series @66AH is more than adequate (Cranking amps unknown), however 770A seems to be recommended @12V AGM cells info = https://nyln.org/agm-batteries-pros-and-cons-list Diana
  3. Down-sizing starter battery?

    I shopped around and bought a pair of https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/x2-varta-j3-6tn-promotive-black-battery.html In my opinion they are far superior to the cheaper 6tn, a pair of which I have. I use a pair of Varta blue batteries on my Ferret, after 7 years they are still going strong. Diana
  4. Fv721 fox

    Why don't you have the service manual? It's the first thing anyone buying a MV should get after buying the vehicle. If you don't have the manual (provided you can get one), and there are plenty available for the Fox, then you will have a problem looking after it and resolving problems.
  5. Fv721 fox

    Lots of antifreeze? how much is lots ? is it 50/50 ? because if its more than 50/50 that maybe the cause. Get a device for measuring the ratio and do a proper check. Diana
  6. Clansman headset wiring

    http://www.ptsnorfolk.co.uk/product.php/5712324/ BUT check its the correct lead for the particular headset you have. It appears clansman parts/spares are drying up :-( Diana
  7. Clansman headset wiring

    The core is indeed a filler and not a conductor. No matter what a new lead is quicker, and easier than messing about trying to repair this Diana
  8. Clansman headset wiring

    Buy a new lead off ebay, don't bother messing about. Diana
  9. CVR(W) Fox

    Helston Gunsmiths ? - but take out a bank loan first. Diana
  10. (Ferret) fuel tank woes

    Superglue...Bostik, Evostik breakdown with age. They were probably vulcanised on. Diana
  11. Remove the runflat insert, use the correct size inner tube. You will also need a rim band, there are rim bands and rim bands, the correct rim band is thickened where the tube valve protrudes through it, since the cutout in a Ferret rim is quite wide and long. The thickening supports the tube valve stem. Diana
  12. Ferret modernization project

    It's your Ferret as a few have said. One point to bear in mind, If/When you come to sell it you may have a few problems. People like to buy as near as original as possible. Diana
  13. CVRT final drive oil seal replacement