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  1. Diana and Jackie

    How do you camo up your tank

    It would have cost as much to de-bling it as put it back to the way it should have been - a message to blingers there 🙂 Also known as turning something into scrap!
  2. Diana and Jackie

    How do you camo up your tank

    We've had the bling Ferret, and look what happened to that! Is this the bling CVRT? Diana
  3. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    So Tony- given the foregoing, An AC current generates a magnetic field across the wire that opposes the flow of current, known as induction. DC does not. and expounding your vast knowledge electricity can you explain how a DC clamp meter works? Diana PS - I did study physics, I think your ideas on electricity are wonderful 🙂 . I am in awe, as I'm sure is Chris McMillan.
  4. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    It would be phenomenal, I am surprised this idea hasn't caught on by now. And think of the saving in natural resources, all based on hollow cables 🙂
  5. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    I see.. interesting, a bit like water going down the plughole. the swirling is different depending in which hemisphere you live. I must ask the next electrician I see if I can have hollow cables as the inside bit isn't any good and I am paying for it 🙂 Diana
  6. Diana and Jackie

    6 or 12v jeep?

    "Basic rule AC runs ON a wire, so surface area is important, DC runs IN " So the skin effect operates at 50Hz does it???? Diana
  7. Diana and Jackie

    Wanted to Borrow Muddy supports

    You do realise that stainless steel and aluminium are not compatible,? Mixing them in direct contact on a cvrt is likely to result in corrosion of the aluminium. Diana
  8. Diana and Jackie

    CVRT throttle lock - stupid idea?

    The wingnut is essential if the engine is started from a cold start, charging a battery or using the boiling vessel to boil, or warm water. The habit is to make sure it's backed off. Diana
  9. Diana and Jackie

    Blocking up Vehicles.

    In a local garage I was astonished to see a car raised each corner on 4 trolley jacks ! Diana
  10. NOW SOLD Owing to having no time and too many things on the go, for sale is a Gas gun firing control circuit. with the two valves, spark plug, and coil. I'm also throwing in a spare coil. All this complete with instructions. £55 postage paid. This is unused and untried but the instructions are complete. The circuit is set up for a Browning heavy machine gun, but can easily be adjusted for other gun types. You will need to construct the barrel, swirl chamber, fit jets, provide the gas and tubing - all info is with the instructions. PM me if interested. Please note I will not send the instructions without the parts i.e The complete package needs to be bought. Diana
  11. Diana and Jackie

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    Well if a copper pipe breaks because it hardened yes
  12. Diana and Jackie

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    You have the wrong type of pipe, it should be copper nickel (Kunifer). Kuniper is used for exactly the reason that it does not harden like copper. Suggest you replace it with the correct pipe, some rubbers will not tolerate diesel. Diana
  13. Diana and Jackie

    JAGUAR J60 CARB, cold start

    The thickness is 0.3 mm. who the seller on eBay was I cannot remember. Sorry you'll have to do a bit of groundwork, it was around 6 or 8"" square, more than enough to make a few diaphragms. I suspect this will be too thin for fuel pumps as they are under considerable pressure and duty cycle. Diana
  14. I am looking for a pressure plate for a Churchill Tank. Please send me a private message if you have or know of one. Thank You Diana
  15. Diana and Jackie

    JAGUAR J60 CARB, cold start

    There are three diaphragms, if you have the correct material (off eBay), some patience and a hole punch pliers they can be easily made, by copying the originals, at a huge saving in cost. Diana