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  1. Needs a de-rust and paint ! 😎 You did ask !
  2. Genuine NOS, unused, black oil can, as provided to Ferret and other vehicles as part of their CES. NSN 4930 99 801 2613 Dated 1973 Picture to follow later. This is a rare item! Can with removable filler funnel £40 + postage. Please PM me if interested. Diana
  3. Fitting radios and a complete intercom system in a CVRT it's is a piece of cake 🙂 I've fitted 3 radios to mine , one of which was a Racal VRM 5080 (knocks the spots of a VRC 353)
  4. I'm sure there are people buying these vehicles and realising very quickly they are out of their depth, as well as chancers trying it on to gullible people. I bought a Spartan little realising what problems I was taking on, luckily I am more than capable of sorting it out. There's a Shielder on ebay for £22k - honestly, a vehicle with a spares problem to start with including track that's hard to obtain. A 432 which has an asking price of more than a CVRT, is heavier, more difficult to work on - where's the sense in that? Diana
  5. 8 as new off Lucas Lamp Bases as fitted to Landrovers with a metal based glass lens. These are the light rings holding the lens of the side/indicator/stop &tail lenses fitted to LANDROVER with the metal screw in lens. They will not fit the glass lens found on Ferret and CVRT or some other vehicles. £50 plus postage for the 8 Please send me a private message - NOTE these do NOT fit the all glass lenses fitted to Ferret/CVRT and some other vehicles. Diana
  6. 10w30 for everything that needs oil. some people do use 15W40 in the engine.- all oil sshoul be mineral oil. The cheapest way is a 20 litre drum of ebay for about £45. Do not use semi synthetic or synthetic, especially in the gearbox. Diana
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lucas-NOS-Land-Rover-Military-Waterproof-Electrical-Connector/133210776127?hash=item1f03fb223f:g:GuoAAOSwtYJdQ-v3
  8. There is only one place to get info on CVRT that is worth trying - Green Machine surplus. This is what you want ...https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrt-scorpion-electrical-system-cvrt-165-p.asp But you will have to extract from it specifics regarding the Spartan. Diana
  9. Yes Robin - that's the one! but not at their stupid price (before it was sold). Diana
  10. Wanted drawbar/pintle/ rear towbar as fitted to CVRT rear to tow bar minelayer etc... PM please with price Diana
  11. Hi Chris, That slotted nut spanner is for the final drive nut. Diana
  12. Hi Richard, Made by a company called Garlock - still in existence. Not a big fan of steel lipped seals nor finger springs. Diana
  13. The clutch seal fitted to the box was Viton, the seal inside the clutch was nitrile with finger spring! - yet more lazy bodging 🙂 the outer track of the clutch roller bearing was rotating in it's housing too - in all a nightmare job!
  14. Hi Richard, I had a 1 metre 3/4" breaker bar standing on it and the lock ring would not move, even with a 1500Nm impact wrench it took 5 minutes to get the lock ring (on both sides) to move, I suspect depending on who overhauled the gearbox,( this was Belgian) you may or may not get a problem. You can also notice bodge marks on the large lock ring - not caused by me, clearly they had tried to get it off by bodging. You may notice that not even the oil seals were properly fitted, a bearing dust cap was fitted on both sides, one had come loose, had a steel backing and damaged the seal surface of the output coupling shaft, the output coupling shaft lock ring was loose as well which was causing the major oil leak and started off the whole repair. Incidentally the outer seals were nitrile - with finger springs - really old seals, and the inner seals were Viton, none of which makes the least bit sense! In all a right bodge, so I suggest anyone taking this job on needs to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Diana
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