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  1. Thanks Clive the axles are stamped RCD but I did not note down the numbers !The wheels hubs are of an earlier pattern with drag washers there is two more axles front and rear they have had the brass caps and bolts removed .happy new year mal
  2. here are photos of the GS at Aldershot taken in 2008 this an early model with the check chains ,brake in front of the rear wheel and steel stanchions .
  3. Thanks Clive for your help with the wheel sizes and from the drawing above in full I should be able to scale out the lengths and sizes of timber needed. regards Mal
  4. Merry Christmas Clive so the foot plate box (F) is 19" the tray is 10' 8" long minus tool box (d) lid (g) ? The parts we have would be a MK X so I think I need a plans or Details of a MKX . The front reinforcements top right of the photo to me indicate a later MKX where do I look we have no seat or mounts ,list of changes,carpenters manual ? .Regards Mal ps the chain hanging down in the Briggs photo is that not the scotch roller chain .
  5. We are planning to rebuild a MK XI ? GS wagon from remanants available to us. We are interested in any source for working drawings to reconstruct the timber and to mount the components. Unfortunately there is not any examples to go and take any direct measurements from. Our research so far has come from the D J Smith book Discovering Horse Drawn Transport of the British Army and, Len Trawin on Early British Quick Firing Artillery.
  6. Thanks David and Ivor. I will see if somebody here in NZ has the mags! The serial numbers where would one look for that the gs truck had a number stamped on the left spring hanger area?. NZ received five morris c8 fat pre war so that this truck is after that. The NZ army museum has a ford as used in the desert so that is of no help and had no records .
  7. This quad was sold with 500 miles on the clock in 1967 and was mint. There is a photo of a NZ marked quad on the same size rubber. (maple up site) The owner is adamant it had no windows on the sides or top corners which is what I don't understand or find was most off this MK quad lost at Dunkirk? The NZ marked quad photo on the same rubber (maple up)it has the side windows. thanks for your replies I guess I will be very needy photos of fuel tanks and mounting seats etc.
  8. Hi all looking for info on morris c8 fat mk1 this truck had no windows inthe side or top and was stripped out to make a crane 1967 it is on 10.50x16 it does not fit with the photos on the net looking for a starting point. thanks mal
  9. Hi Steve this is the work we do most days. I would not heat the shaft just press it as 4ton will move it as it looks to be 1.25 inch dia.It would take two hour and if it was not the steering you could just press and build it up and turn it down as I posted just cut some old bushes in half for the three points and press it mark the high spot in the lathe beween centres and press. regards mal
  10. Hi Steve I would use two vee blocks and line them with a bronze bush cut in half and I would use a fly press screw type then cheak it between centres in the lathe. if you had an old lath you could split a bush to hold it where it is bent and tap the end true in an old chuck with a large hammer and a brass drift. running the white metal ,smoke the shaft and clay round the holes, tin the housing with solder a jig to hold it in the centre . regards Mal
  11. Hi all would there be pictures of c8 fwd 2241 series gun tractor mk1-mk2 the beetle body no window on the side, thottle between the cluch and brake. looking for pattens, parts etc. thanks mal
  12. hi from nz trade engineer hobbys .driving cars, horses,trucks,tanks. cheers mal
  13. turn a taper on keysteel (1040)1/3 to 1/2 the lenght ,turn undercuts with a turning tool to make the cutting edge, heat bright red quench in oil makes about ten holes before its worn out cheers mal
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