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  1. Hi Korporal and welcome to the forum. Good luck with the restoration and hope to see you around (again) sometime. Croft maybe? Ian
  2. Jeeparts (and others I guess) have floor starters and they're easy to fit, but having someone to hold the bolts in while you get the nuts on them is handy. Don't forget to disconnect the battery first of course.
  3. And as a spectator I agree it looked great. Hugely impressive to see vehicles like that out on the road. Congratulations to all concerned and loads of credit to Jack for pulling it together. See you all again next time! Ian
  4. Hi Steve - both ridges on mine too so looks like it's standard. Ian
  5. Hi Graham - Welcome to the forum. I'm in Hutton so not far away. South Cumbria & North Lancs MVT group meet at Th'Owd Tithe Barn in Garstang on the first Tuesday of the month so pop in if you like and say hello. Several good local events coming up which you can see on the SC & NL website with the beer festival at The Horns Inn, Goosnargh, on August Bank Holiday weekend not to be missed. Ian
  6. Good Luck with this Jack - sounds great. If you want you can count me in with a jeep to run round/give lifts as required - not upset if you decline and wish you all the best with it. Ian
  7. No problem - it'll be worth coming down to watch anyway.
  8. Would love to take part if you can squeeze in a Jeep but understand you don't want to be swamped with them. Best of luck with it - guess the hard work and sleepless nights start now!
  9. Looks good! Registration enquiry sent via the website for 1st December.
  10. Hi John - welcome to the forum. Hope to meet you sometime at an event in our area. I live in Hutton (and work at a local electricity company - you know the one). If you wanted to join the Military Vehicle Trust and get involved in shows around the region, I can pass on the details of what's what. Ian
  11. My Hotchkiss has the glass reservoir you describe and I think it was a fairly common mod in the French Army. Ian
  12. Hi James, Just like to say a big thank you from my son, Andrew, and me for the lift in the Jimmy on the convoy. We had a great day with you and the guys from Dog Company. See you next time! Ian
  13. Welcome aboard (and I like the username!).
  14. Count me in and hopefully there'll be room for my Jeep now that I've served my A&E apprenticeship/initiation - I promise I'll do some (more) washing up and spud bashing as well. I'd like to help out with the Education Day as well as it was really good this time and, with more time to plan it, could be even bigger and better (I might even get on telly again). See you there. Ian
  15. Just wanted to say a big Thank You from me and my son, Andrew, for an amazing weekend. Well done to everyone for making it so good with special mentions from us to Jack for making it all happen; Steve with the Mack for the lift into Dorchester for the Education Day; James, H, and the gang from Dog Company for the ride in the Jimmy on Saturday and, last but certainly not least, Dave and the Cookhouse crew for keeping us all so well fed. Hope to do it all again sometime (room for 1 more Jeep next time Jack?) only with more sun and less wind and rain. See you at an event somewhere in England. Ian
  16. Had a great weekend at Croft with the Jeep and USAAF display and made to feel very welcome - don't know what that previous comment is about. Big thanks to Mike Scorer and all those whose hard work made it happen.
  17. Perhaps you could get in touch with some former members of Légion étrangère and ask if you can see their onions. Let us all know so we can watch.
  18. No it's not - it's a genuine Jeep just not a WW2 example. And Ruxy, despite what you think about what Jeeps are worth, that not how the real world works. See if you can find a good Hotchkiss for £5k - £6k (and if you do let Jonesy know before he spends his £9k!). As for WW2 authenticity, as soon as a Jeep entered service and started to be maintained/fixed its originality reduced and now, 60 odd years later, who knows which bits are original?
  19. That's what I heard as well. Half expected to be the only one there or sent away for not having all my papers in order but it turned out really well. They need to learn some lessons before next time though - especially about not p***ing people off!
  20. Went today and it was really good. Plenty of vehicles and re-enactors and literally thousands of people. Also had two Hurricane displays (same plane but 2 separate displays) and flypasts from the BBMF Dakota and a Jet Provost out of Blackpool. Oh, and the sun shone all day as well! Hope it becomes a regular event after such a good start.
  21. I always use straight SAE30 in mine, again with no problems.
  22. Hi there - get yourself down to Yorkshire Air Museum for Wheels & Wings on 8 + 9 May and meet up with a few of us for a beer or a brew.
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