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  1. Would like to hear from anyone who has/operates a drone - we could get some great footage from a birds eye view point :-)
  2. Folks, Just a short note to say that A&E will be happening next year - A&E 2016. Will update more this week but things are just a bit different this time around as now have a team together of well known tankers. Will be limited to 40 vehicles only and self catering and the focus is on armour and big stuff. More details this week! Cheers, Jack.
  3. 1st August 2005 was when HMVF went live!!!!
  4. CVI Military Vehicle policy benefit enhancements Why not check out check out Cherished Vehicle Insurance’s new policy enhancements which may help you for the show season!! • Including member to member cover - driving other military vehicles comprehensive!! (Subject to terms and conditions) see the below flyer for more information. Please note that any text contained on this page has been supplied by Cherished Vehicle Insurance for information purposes and does not imply a recommendation by the Historic Military Vehicle Forum. The above information is a summary only, Please ring and ask for more details 0333 003 8161 http://www.cherishedvehicleinsurance.co.uk
  5. It's a fine point but just don't know how you do that :blush:
  6. Nah - name dropping is when I mention you :whistle::sweat:
  7. We were down there today too (drinking champagne with the Duke of Kent and Kate Adie and Bruce Crompton and and and) for the opening of the new exhibit - Tank Factory.........
  8. ----------> get in the queue, but bring a packed lunch or two - you may be sometime..........:yawn:
  9. Thank you Bernard - I couldn't say it better myself, I appreciate your comments. On August 1st HMVF will be 10 years old - we have all done some great work here. Learnt so much, saved history, shared knowledge, we have laughed and cried at times and certainly I, for one, have made some life long friends here. Well known magazine editors have come here to find people and vehicles to fill their pages - which they get paid for, so they use HMVF to great advantages to themselves. One well known former editor was giving HMVF a kicking on a social media platform the other day. That's not really called for, especially when you take my above comment into consideration. So I and the Mods get a lot of abuse and cr*p for what we do and we do it all for free. I am not a big fan of adverts either but as Bernard pointed out, it has personally cost me £1000's over the years. If you take into account that I have done that for nearly 10 years - then you can see that is a big cost from my own pocket - so when I do ask for some support I do it for a reason. And that's for the benefit of us all. And don't forget the Mods get all the cr*p too and they too do it all for free and for the benefit of us all and the hobby. I have, for the last ten years, listened to ALL feedback and have acted upon it if I was able to. As Bernard said "Lighten up out there it's only the inter web after all..."
  10. No you are wrong in thinking that Gary - it cost's more than that but we do have advert banners on here which helps bring the costs down to us.
  11. Damn! Cheers Tony - we will have a look at it. If the ads do not work (which they may not) then we will have a look at other methods! Cheers!
  12. Something we are trying Gary as we don't get enough donations to pay for the server. And in fairness, there are a handful of kind members who donate every month - it is these generous folk who keep it open for everyone else. Folks use HMVF to sell £000's of vehicles, kit etc etc but never donate any of it - which doesn't help. So we are trying this for a while. The ads you see come from your browser so should be pretty OK.
  13. Thanks John - haven't been notified of any probs there but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Are you able to PM the next time that issue arises? Cheers!
  14. Folks, Just to let you know that we have now added a military vehicle section to War History Online. www.WarHistoryOnline.com For those who are aware of War History Online (WHO) then it is an online 'magazine'. We bring war history news from around the world and put it all in one place. Around 12 articles/day. WHO has become the biggest website of it's kind in the world. We have names like the BBC's Dan Snow as a contributor, authors like Alex Kershaw, Dan King, Dr Innes McCartney ( U- Boat hunter), Hans Wiesman ( C-47 Hunter), Travel writer for the Times - Geoff Moore to name just few. We have massive traffic there and to help put that into perspective - we get more readers in one morning than all the leading magazines in our hobby combined, do in a whole month. So what does that mean for HMVF? Well we have a great deal of content on vehicles, trucks, tanks, ships, U-Boats and warbirds.The mv content we will feed into HMVF once a day (don't worry, it won't spam the forum). Many of you will know Mark 'Snapper' Barnes. Make will be heading up the MV front of the magazine, and yesterday he spent the day with the British Army on Salisbury Plain. Last month we were up at the Wheatcroft Collection. Before that he was with Bruce Crompton at his collection. We work closely with WarGaming.net. Always down at the Tank Museum as we are media partners for them all. So we always have cool content. So, we are now moving into the digital space for military vehicles. Online isn't for everyone one but it is the future. The smartphone and Facebook generation is here. This month alone, we are on target for 2 MILLION unique visitors to the website - that is a staggering amount of traffic. In fact, it is bigger than Nike.com Our facebook page will pass 200,000 followers by Sunday. So if you fancy writing an article or two then please let us know. If you have a stack of images of your restoration you would like to share then please let us know. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wrhstol?pnref=lhc Cheers! Jack.
  15. I am very sorry to hear this. Peter was a fantastic guy and was a fantastic help and support to me at both A&E's. History is going to miss this guy. A very sad day and I am sorry you have lost a dear friend. I will drop you a PM with regards to next Wednesday.
  16. Cheers Bryan! Our very own Snapper was there yesterday - a 19 hour day for him yesterday and said he has taken 12 gig of images. We will have some images to share and I am guessing some of the live firing - he said he nearly wet himself.
  17. Gary - speak with our very Joris - done a tour with him last year. Wouldn't be enough to say it was more than amazing. http://hellshighwaytours.com/
  18. Love you Mark. And I need to spend a weekend over there with you - can help with mending stuff.
  19. Flipping heck Enigma ( I saw you on the History Channel the other day) I actually had a text last night asking the same thing. The issue I have is funding. If the truth be known, it cost me a least £6000 out of my own pocket, lost wages, bills etc etc. Not many folk know that but that's pretty much where it is. 2012 I had funding in place and last minute both sponsors pulled because of their financial issues (both where/are well known names). That gave me a lot of stress and embarrassment as you can imagine. I was slightly offended when one attendee moaned at me for not being able to give some help with said transport costs. I was pretty furious with that seeing as they had spent one hell of a weekend living the dream and getting the chance to do what you don't normally get to do on the roads of the UK. A&E is a MASSIVE animal to organise that takes up more time than you can imagine. A&E for me is a bit like your own wedding - everyone gets to have fun - as you are too busy running around making sure everyone else is OK and having fun :blush::cry: IF and it's a big IF (because of the costs of organising A&E) I would move the site to a show ground within 500 yards of Dorchester - not on a big hill. I would run the convoy to the Tank Museum on the Saturday (the public would be there) so you guys can look around the birth place of the tank. Have a look at Tiger 131. Return from the Museum to head up the carnival like we did in 2010 Sunday I would take us to the Weymouth Veterans Parade (if they would have us). It's a big IF and this time I would have to put a team together. I have major commitments in my professional life that seems to always have me on a plane jetting off somewhere. But I also feel that the hobby and those in it need an event like this to keep taking our history to the public in a high impact way.
  20. Love the US version and will be interesting to see if we can pull it off here in the UK. - can we all have your autograph please :-D
  21. That is some sad news - Sexton, QRL's and many more caught up in the fire :-( http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/64785939/Up-in-smoke-WWII-trucks-lost-in-blaze
  22. Not too sure if you have seen some of these before but some great and some sad pictures here of Shermans http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/will-love-us-pics-net-sherman-tanks-image-heavy.html
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