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  1. 1 minute ago, mike25470 said:

    Thanks for all of the unseen work that the administrators put into keeping this forum up and running. It is appreciated by all.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. Hi all,


    Just working on something and need some clarification (life time of free beer to all those that can help....)


    1 - what model of Sherman was Joe Ekins Firefly (M4A4?)

    2 - his tank was named Velikiye Luki after a  Soviet town - what were the names of the other tanks in his troop (were they named?)

    3 - what model Shemans were in the rest of his  squadron?

    4 - Wittmanns tank was 007 - what were the numbers of the Tigers knocked out?

    5- were all Tigers covered in zimmerit  as standard?


    Thanks guys!!

  3. 8 hours ago, Richard Farrant said:

    Whilst looking for any news of the event today, I came across a Dutch news site with some sad photos of a Bedford QL well alight. I can see it was an ex-Danish Army one and it would appear to be Dutch owned and on one of the convoys. My thoughts go out to the owner.

    Mine too Richard, at first I thought it was a clip from a movie :-( Hope they get to restore her.

  4. I know this airfield well. I used to the work the woodlands attached to it that was used as the ammunition and bomb 'storage'. I will post the pictures. RAF Tarrant Rushton was all known as Station X and it also dropped SOE agents into France in Westland Lysanders. Churchill and Ike also visited this base. And many a stricken bomber would 'land' here on the way back from missions from Germany. 

    But yes, Major Howard and his men who took Pegasus Bridge left from here and 'started' D-Day (just don't tell Hollywood that....).

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  5. On 4/7/2019 at 11:57 AM, ajmac said:

    I read that Donnington Park Race Track has either been sold outright or been leased out, thus the museum had to go as that was not required by the new owners / occupiers.  It would seem to have been a good move as Kevin and the team have been getting a lot of vehicles out to companies for restoration over the last year.

    That's correct, Kevin has changed management so the T&C's have changed. And expect great news as Kevin has TEN Shermans in restoration as well as TWO Tigers 🙂

  6. 14 hours ago, draganm said:

    very good news. :thumbsup:

    FB is better than nothing but really it sucks , not a true replacement for a dedicated web-site with hi-rez photos and a nice lay-out.

    Totally agree - it gets lost in the all the white noise of Facebook. We have already started the back end work of the site. His collection is massive. Will also bring news of the S-130 and......Tigers :o

  7. On 20/03/2018 at 4:31 AM, draganm said:

      it's  time, their old web-site was last updated 10 years ago.


    for anyone interested, the Paul Allen collection seems to be growing in leaps and bounds too, although nowhere near KW's at this time



    On 20/03/2018 at 4:31 AM, draganm said:



    It does and it will soon have a new one - we are building it for them :-)


  8. Take a look at the site we’re developing at www.warbitz.com


    You’ll find Auctions, listings and storefront functionality.  Please don’t judge the site just yet as we’re still working on it. It totally free to use and we will be running features on cool stuff on War History Online which has around 10 million views a month.

    When we launch we will be launching by listing some pretty impressive stuff - including vehicles - from a very impressive collector that we all know the name of.

    If you have something listed on the forum classifieds then I would really appreciate your help - if you had time - on the Warbitz site and let me have your feedback and of course leave it there for when we go live. It will get in the front of millions - we expect to give live in around 2-3 weeks, once we have the full inventory from the aforementioned collector.

    If you have something for sale then please feel free to upload it to the site and let me know your feedback.

    You can add video, stacks of images and fully manage your own listing/s.

    Check out the features of the your listing/of the site below - really is pretty slick :-)




    Thanks everyone, your help is much appreciated!




  9. 34 minutes ago, flandersflyer said:


    I'm neither better nor worse than anyone else but I've made my mind up about you pal months ago...

    Keep away from me in here... 

    Steady please - that isn't the sort of tone we have on HMVF. That sounds like a threat to me, I hope I am wrong.

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  10. Thanks guys but to all those who are sadly complaining - you should have been here when we went through the first upgrade in 2006 (ish) the words were a lot harsher than this. The when we went through the big one - the same complaints as above but then the forum went from strength to strength. Those of us who are used to the other 'easier' forums - if they do not go through this change at some point then they will cease to exist - so their days are sadly numbered :-(

    I am sad when we lose friends but HMVF has always had to evolve to allow it to survive. I can remember when we used to have B&W television and no remote control....times change.

    Keep with it guys otherwise will miss you at the bar in the HMVF Clubhouse :-)

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  11. Really sorry to hear that guys and understand that change is sometimes a pain in the backside. HMVF has been here since 2005 and throughout those years we have naturally have made many changes. This is because the software/tech becomes outdated - so if we don't make the changes then the forum no longer works. 

    Evolution of the forum has always happened and will always happen and sadly there is nothing we can do about that if we want to keep the forum open, alive and up to date. I know it can be very frustrating at the beginning but please hang in there as you will be missed!!

    My kind regards,






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  12. 11 hours ago, Jessie The Jeep said:

    I know Joris is taking the credit here, but we all know Jack did all the hard work over the last week!!  ;-)

    Thanks Jack. Your technology skills are as amazing as your mechanical ones!


    Thanks Steve - :-) :-)

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