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  1. Jack

    Hi Alan, good to hear from you :)


    Basically it is set by how many posts are made. It is something the system automatically does. So it just counts the posts made and adjusts the rank accordingly - it is just a bit of fun.


    Have a great Christmas and kind regards,



  2. Hi Chris - will have a look for you :)

  3. Hi Chris - we are nearly out but will have a look tomorrow and let you know!


    Best wishes,



  4. That is good thinking! I think in monuments, museums etc board would be perfect!!!!

  5. That is a cracking idea Ash! I will have a look into it!!!!!

  6. Good to have you here Energumen and thanks for your contribution so far. Could you be as kind as to send me the link to the post you would like moved and I will sort it for you. Kind regards, Jack.

  7. Not a problem Paul - I am on it now and will resend it!

  8. It is a real shame Mike as I have seen so much of our history wasted like this especial our rural history. I have seen many rare things left to rot because the owner thought it was worth something it was not...all the time it devalues in front of their eyes.


    I thought the trailer may be worth something for the chassis alone.

  9. A cracking idea Pete as everyone is going to know what and where they have posted their images!


    I will do it now!!!


    How's the US treating you - all well I hope?


    Kind regards.



  10. :coffee::cool2:

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