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  1. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steady please - that isn't the sort of tone we have on HMVF. That sounds like a threat to me, I hope I am wrong.
  2. New Format

    Thanks guys but to all those who are sadly complaining - you should have been here when we went through the first upgrade in 2006 (ish) the words were a lot harsher than this. The when we went through the big one - the same complaints as above but then the forum went from strength to strength. Those of us who are used to the other 'easier' forums - if they do not go through this change at some point then they will cease to exist - so their days are sadly numbered :-( I am sad when we lose friends but HMVF has always had to evolve to allow it to survive. I can remember when we used to have B&W television and no remote control....times change. Keep with it guys otherwise will miss you at the bar in the HMVF Clubhouse :-)
  3. Any ideas...Panzer towing cable

    That's great thank you very much!
  4. Guys would anyone know the diameter of the towing cable for a Panther / Tiger I / Tiger II? Thanks!
  5. Back by public demand.........(being bullied by Jim and Adrian) A&E 2018 and yes this will be the last one. The plan for 2018 is to 'headline' Tankfest on the Saturday and Sunday (Friday is press day for Tankfest so we will be there too in some shape or form). Both days are always sold out - around 20,000 each day. So this is going to be fun. And the dates are 30th June - 1st July. Those who came last year should have already had an email from us but if we have missed you then let us know. It's going to be a blast - more info to come but any questions then please ask away :-) - Jack, Jim and Adrian.
  6. New Format

    Really sorry to hear that guys and understand that change is sometimes a pain in the backside. HMVF has been here since 2005 and throughout those years we have naturally have made many changes. This is because the software/tech becomes outdated - so if we don't make the changes then the forum no longer works. Evolution of the forum has always happened and will always happen and sadly there is nothing we can do about that if we want to keep the forum open, alive and up to date. I know it can be very frustrating at the beginning but please hang in there as you will be missed!! My kind regards, Jack.
  7. Welcome back!

    Thanks Steve - :-) :-)
  8. Welcome back!

    The whip round wasn't so good
  9. Welcome back!

    - only the one pint though.
  10. Welcome back!

    Great work Joris - I know it has been a lot of work so there is a pint in the HMVF Clubhouse from me :-)
  11. Dunkirk,movie

    After all it is subjective - not matter what 'war' film we see on the big screen is never going to communicate war unless you were there. Sadly, even oral history can no longer be relied upon. This film has had a major impact - I have been around the world recently and every time I have gone to book tickets it has been a sell out. What is has done and will do, is to get those who care to pick up books and do the research. It's interesting to note that everyone (Brits) b*tch and moan about that Hollywood thinks only the US won the war - when a UK film is made the Brits b*tch and moan about the stitching wasn't correct on that BD or the characters weren't allowed to develop (whatever that means) it sure as hell wasn't about the characters it was about a crucial part of our survival that 'no one' has ever heard of as Hollywood dominates the film industry as it has the $$$.
  12. Vintage & antique machine tools

    OK - what seems to the be the problem?
  13. So folks, how many miles do you think you have driven in your MV over the years? And I suppose the next question is how much fuel have you used?!!
  14. Dunkirk,movie

    I have actually put this film down as the best film I have ever seen - not just the best war film but the best FILM. I had a 'chat' with a 'stitch' Nazi the other day - his words, not mine - and he was ranting about how inaccurate XYZ was then he is completely missing the point of a war film. And actually I felt a bit sorry for him. I pointed him to here... it kind of shut him down as this is what the film is all about - a brief insight to us from the men who were there: [h=1]A 97-year-old Dunkirk veteran moved to tears by Christopher Nolan’s movie: “It was just like I was there again”[/h] https://www.thevintagenews.com/2017/07/26/a-97-year-old-dunkirk-veteran-moved-to-tears-by-christopher-nolans-movie-it-was-just-like-i-was-there-again/
  15. War and peace 2017 ?

    So standard W&P then. I went there on the Wednesday for a meeting and actually was surprised by the nice vibe - folks seem to be happy with the show being back at roots. I agree with everyone's point about the Great Dorset Steam Fair - every show could learn something from those guys - it's an amazing show. I hope the new owner sorts the loo problem out as by the sounds of it the show would be perfect.