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  1. Nick it's not speculation if it is printed in black & white and thanks for making the call, it's a help in clarification 🙂
  2. Totally agree with you Clive. They can only survive so long on those that see it as a cheap weeks holiday, it lost its charm when the 'new' owners took over. Glad the GDSF have had the sense to make the call now - for me it's the best show in the UK 🙂
  3. Jack

    Welcome back!

    Thanks Mike!
  4. Jack

    Welcome back!

    Thanks for your patience while HMVF was 'offline' we were updating the software 🙂 And Happy New Year! Jack.
  5. Thanks and that's my issue - I can't find the exact variant Joe was in.
  6. Hi all, Just working on something and need some clarification (life time of free beer to all those that can help....) 1 - what model of Sherman was Joe Ekins Firefly (M4A4?) 2 - his tank was named Velikiye Luki after a Soviet town - what were the names of the other tanks in his troop (were they named?) 3 - what model Shemans were in the rest of his squadron? 4 - Wittmanns tank was 007 - what were the numbers of the Tigers knocked out? 5- were all Tigers covered in zimmerit as standard? Thanks guys!!
  7. Jack

    Any ideas?

    Is there anything you don't know Adrian?!! 😍
  8. Love these tractor units - keep the pics coming 🙂
  9. Mine too Richard, at first I thought it was a clip from a movie :-( Hope they get to restore her.
  10. I am cross with myself for not actually organising just to get there and watch this - it looks amazing. I seem to spend my life being 'busy' and missing all this stuff 🙄🤐
  11. I know this airfield well. I used to the work the woodlands attached to it that was used as the ammunition and bomb 'storage'. I will post the pictures. RAF Tarrant Rushton was all known as Station X and it also dropped SOE agents into France in Westland Lysanders. Churchill and Ike also visited this base. And many a stricken bomber would 'land' here on the way back from missions from Germany. But yes, Major Howard and his men who took Pegasus Bridge left from here and 'started' D-Day (just don't tell Hollywood that....).
  12. That's correct, Kevin has changed management so the T&C's have changed. And expect great news as Kevin has TEN Shermans in restoration as well as TWO Tigers 🙂
  13. So folks, out of 10 - what is the overall score for this years show?
  14. Now this is great news. King Tiger that has been under a road since WW2 is going to be recovered. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/king-tiger.html
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