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    Movie editing

    Not so much stupid, but I know I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers, most of it goes well over my head. The new forum layout really confused me for a long while, and I still have trouble making some of it work I've just done a nice recording on my phone of the tanker, now I need to edit it and publish it on You Tube etc.but as my new laptop runs Windows 10, when I had only just got to grips with XP. The Movie Maker program I was using doesn't go so I need an alternative. Tried downloading a couple, but couldn't get to grips with either of them. Anybody, got any recommendations as to a decent free downloadable movie editing program that a thicket like me should be able to use
  2. Zero-Five-Two

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    45 Squadron Royal Engineers was formed for exactly this. They became known as the Steam Sappers, using a mixture of engines from various manufacturers including Fowler. If you bung "Steam Sappers" into your search engine you'll find loads of info and pics
  3. Right,here we go again, restoration number two!! I was at a show a while back with the Militant Timber Tractor, and was asked,“Now you have finished this restoration, will you do another?” No chance says I, one is enough!! But then……well..?? I was reading the December Classic Truck Mag and spotted a for sale advert. Mk1 Militant with Atlas crane located in Kent. As I know these are a sought after beast, I thought I would have a look,take as few photos and post a thing on here for those who maybe interested. As it goes the motor in question is well shot. Not only has it had a hard life in the timber trade, it has been welland truly butchered, (Engine changed for the wrong one, knackered cab) and thoroughly beaten to death. That said,the Atlas crane is good, and it is still for sale if anyone wants it. To get to have a look at it, I had to walk past this barn. You know the feeling you get when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck,shivers down the spine etc. I got the whole works!! Clocked the Tanker straight away. ‘kin’el didn’t think any would still exist but I’m staring at one in this barn!! So I’m trying to look at the Atlas and seem interested, but I’m thinking TANKER!! Anyhow,I managed to discuss the Atlas with it’s seller, declined to make him an offerand walked back past the barn. The conversation went like this: “What’s the Tanker?” Trying to sound nonchalant, but the brain is screeming TANKER!! “Oh,That’s a Militant too” “Is it for sale?” (TANKER!! Deep Breathing) “Could be, want to make me an offer” “Does it Run?” (TANKER!! Sweating a bit) “It did when we parked it up 20 odd years ago” “Is that hoses I can see in that open pod?” (TANKER!! Panting now) "Yes, it is complete, straight from the Army sales” Anybody got a tissue? Story goes like this. He used to run buy ex Military stuff to export to Kenya and South Africa, but the company he exported to went bust, and he was left with several motors and no contract, so they got parked in this barn. Late eighties/early nineties, been there ever since. The tanker is straight out of the auctions, completely unmolested and to all intents and purposes ready to roll. Did think about it for a couple of days, and obviously had to get the vote of confidence from Der Oberfurher (Wife) which wasn’t easy but we are now full steam ahead. First move is to clear the crap that has been stacked up around it. This has allowed a full inspection of the potential. Biggest issue is the Mercedes that is now sitting on the radiator. It wasn’t actually touching it at first, but disturbing everything else allowed it to slip downfrom it’s perch and gently rest on the top of the rad cap. Everything seems to be well seized, took a good bit of fiddling just to get the drivers door open, but generous applications of WD40 on the handle finally got it moving and we were in. Cab is all there as described, but the first bit that grabs your attention is the steering wheel which has definitely seen better days. Not only that, it is the wrong type anyway. Good for a later Militant, but the early ones had a solid iron wheel, so that’s the first requirement. Any one got a steering wheel that is better than this?? Next move is to see if it will actually run. It still has the 4 six volt batteries it would have had while inservice, and after all this time they are probably a bit flat. Engine oil seems good, but someone has syphoned out the diesel tank. So tomorrows job, fresh batteries, fresh juice and see what happens. My bet is that being an old AEC it will do half a turn on the starter and fire into the gentle tickover that you would expect. I’ll let you know.
  4. Zero-Five-Two

    Militant battery cables

    Cable distributed by Connect Workshop Consumables. Part No. 30064 You can look it up on their website and find a local supplier to you. Hope this helps
  5. Zero-Five-Two

    Militant battery cables

    I picked up a roll of suitable stuff a few weeks back, from my local motor factors, for doing my tanker, I'll look up the size and part number this evening for you
  6. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    Absolutely, all Mk1 Militants had them except those fitted with the Atlas crane. Obviously crane ones didn't need them. I think some Leyland or Albion Military stuff had them too. These days they are as available as a bucket of rocking horse poo. Friend of mine is looking for one for his Militant, took me 5 years to find one for mine as it was missing when I bought the truck.
  7. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    My Militant is 1954 so quite old technology. There is a basic frame that bolts to the chassis Then the carrier itself pivots from the bottom of the frame In this picture you can see the cable that is used to wind the wheel up and down. On the other side of that carrier arm is a small spool that the cable winds onto, and a drum type brake with 2 fixed shoes in it that provides a bit of drag to stop the wheel from free spinning. It wouldn't take too much welding to construct something out of big box section, and an old mini wheel hub to provide the drum brake and cable spool
  8. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    This is how the AEC Militant works, you might be able to make up something similar
  9. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Set off this morning with great expectations for a good days progress, unfortunately I failed to take half the kit I needed, and it turned into a complete disaster. Plan 1, Fit the modified downpipe and exhaust silencer in a better place so that it misses the off side tyre. This would need the mounting brackets modifying and welding, only I left the welding helmet behind, so ended up with this Exhaust fits nicely, but mounting brackets leave a bit to be desired. It does give me the correct dimensions for making the new brackets, but...... Plan 2 Connect up sufficient electrics to be able to start the thing and check leaks, oil pressure, charging and so on. Got up early this morning, printed wiring diagrams off the computer and promptly left them at home. Got this far with hooking things up and decided it might be safer to stop guessing They might only be small batteries, but 24 volts in the wrong place will do untold damage. Looking like I'd wasted a good day, I packed up and went home. Can't just stop though, so cracked on with the blast skirt. At least there was a bit of success here, new centre section made up, wired edge and sides folded round. What you can't see is the two earlier attempts that are now residing in the scrap bin. So it still wasn't that good. There was one other glimmer of hope in the gloom New dashboard looks the mutts, even if it isn't connected to anything. Never mind there's always next weekend!!
  10. That pressure gauge has cleaned up well, nice job
  11. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Indeed June has started quite well for Tanker work. Reconditioned front brakes fitted up this weekend. N/S with all new bits Looks so much better than this before view of the off side Hub and drum on the off side, cleaned and painted. fresh grease in the bearings and all adjusted as per the manual. Cleaned up the inside of the wheels before refitting, they'll need further work in good time but it is an improvement. Chamber and adjuster rods fitted, there is still another 4 holes of adjustment available, further evidence of the condition of the shoes. Replacement hoses are yet to be fitted, and the whole set up will have to wait a while for testing, as there is still much to do before building up air pressure. Only one downside with the whole day, I forgot to take a wheel nut socket with me and ended up fitting the wheels with an adjustable spanner. Hard work and not particularly tight. Just as well they are going to be coming off again soon
  12. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    PM sent
  13. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Seats were done by a friend of mine, from Faversham in Kent. He is (was) a professional trimmer, but is trying to be retired these days. Are we anywhere near you?
  14. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Yes it is, unfortunately, perfectly possible. The damage was caused by the tin worm, and the repairs good or bad have been done by me, so there is no guarantee any of it is right (LOL!) I seem to have this tape measure use affliction sometimes. Been too busy doing other stuff lately, and getting out and about with the timber tractor, so not had a real chance to have a serious look at the problem, yet. June is looking promising for a good deal of tankering so I'll let you know
  15. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Just got the seats back from the trim shop, green vinyl rather than the original rexine but they do look good Just a tad better than before
  16. Zero-Five-Two

    It's here! (Bedford RL)

    All progress is good, however small. Those front panels don't look too bad, at least the paint goes back to bare metal and not rust crumbs. Anyway good to see you are still at it, and still on here. We seem to have "lost" quite a few interesting restorations since the changeover. Summers coming, good chance of better weather and longer evenings for doing stuff.
  17. Zero-Five-Two

    99p AEC MILITANT MK 1 1954 6X4 SCAM?

    Been keeping an eye on it too. Listing just comes up as "not found" Think it is definitely a scam
  18. It has only taken me 4 years to notice this forum, despite spending hours trawling through the internet looking for information, photos etc for Mk1 Militants. So now I am here I thought it would be a good idea to share my restoration with you guys. Having said that though, now I have seen the standard set by Simon Daymond on his motor, I know I still have a lot of work to do. Firstly, history. Why have a Militant anyway? Well, back in 2006 the wife suggested that I needed a hobby of some kind, as I was cluttering the house up at weekends and getting in the way. I've done some restoration work on cars before, I used to have a thing about the big sixties Fords Zephyr, Zodiac etc, but I fancied something different, not necessarily military, but bigger than normal. Looking around the net I stumbled accross the Milweb site and amonst all the other stuff a Mk1 Militant. Listed as "good runner in need of restoration". When I was a kid I always fancied a Matador, but I had driven Militants in the Army, passed my heavy goods licence in one many years ago. and well, there's just something about them........... The Militant in question was located in Norfolk, not too far away from Kent, so one sunday afternoon we went for a look. As you all know you cant just look, there was a test drive, lots of chatter and "when I" etc. The good lady said she liked the noise it made, something to do with the exhaust being held on with jubilee clips and blowing well, I think. Anyway there was haggling over the asking price, a brief handshake, coin of the realm changed hands and I became the proud owner of a big green pile of mainly rust, but a lot of potential. Knowing what I know now, the vendor did tell me some awful "porkies" about it. How it had been in the reserve and never been used, it had been parked up for years etc. Some confusion over its registration number and so on. I am not disappointed with it, nor do I wish to "Flame" the Geezer by suggesting that he ripped me off, I think he just didn't know, and made it up as he went along. Anyway, a fortnight later, I borrowed the wrecker from work and collected it. As we were loading, the seller expressed surprise that I wasn't going to drive it back to Kent, he would have travelled anywhere in it!! But, from my point of view, as most of the visible things such as lights etc didn't work, I didn't have much confidence in the rest like the brakes and the M25 and Dartford Tunnel seemed a bit much. Do excuse the view of my backside, sometimes you have to get down on your knees and pray for these things. The oil bath air cleaners complete with mounting brackets dropped off the back of the cab on the way home! Damn nearly s**t myself when it went, thought the whole thing had come adrift of the wrecker. Arrived at its new home without too much grief, and she settled in just down the road at my Uncles farm surrounded by several hundred best porkers in the sty next door. nice location but gets a bit ripe when the sun is on it. So What have I bought? Well, for those of you who like the detail here's as much as I have been able to find out; She is an early 6 x 6 gun tractor FV 11002 Chassis Number 0860 0211 from contract DO/6/VEH/15762/CB27A This is page one of the original sales order from ACV Ltd, further pages detail things like the type and serial number of the fuel pump etc Military registration number 01BP60. She served with the Royal Artillery and spent some of her time at Napier Barracks, Dortmund before joining the TAVR at Edinburgh on 2 June 1970. I found a copy of the movement order/Route card for the journey stuffed in the bottom of the passengers door pocket, along with an empty packet of Woodbines. This is page 1 of 4 showing details of the route, timings, fuel stops, ferries, all under the command of a Major NM Sharp RA. Sadly the gentleman concerned is now deceased. Demobbed in 1977 she passed to Angus County Council in Scotland. Registered as PSR 293R, she was painted yellow and converted into a snowplough. Sometime in the early eighties she came south to Twyford Logistics of Blackheath, London. who used her as a recovery vehicle and for winching duties on Dartford Marshes. According to the MD of Twyfords (Mr Twyford, himself) they passed it to David Crouch in 2000. David thought he remembered it when I spoke to him, but he could not be sure as he had seen so many over the years. After this it becomes a bit vague. At some point the rear wheel arches and the tipper style body were removed, and replaced with this nasty ballast type box made of plywood and old floor boards. The nice maroon paint was covered over in green using a big brush and no finesse. The guy I bought it from was a bit reluctant to reveal where he got it from, or how long he had owned it for. Somehow he had got a new "first use" registration number of 375 UXK and a new logbook on 15 April 2005. This has left me with a blank. DVLA wont give me any detail on PSR 293R because I do not own it. 375 UXK has no history because it was only registered in 2005!! Anybody able to help with this? I am quite confident they are one and the same vehicle. Under the green paint there is maroon, and under that patches of bright "snowplough" yellow. There was even the remains of the Twyford name in the roof. My intention is to restore it to good useable condition, but in civilian colours rather than to military spec, so perhaps in some respects I am on the wrong website? Right, first job, get rid of that awful floor board bed Easy when you can "Borrow" the right gear Doesn't look too bad underneath. The dismounted Aircleaners are on the floor behind the front wheel. At times like this you wonder where to start, or indeed if you should have bothered in the first place. The theory is; keep scraping the rusty bits off, and eventually you will come to good metal! So long as you keep all the bits in a big box in the shed, you should be OK I hope this has wetted your appetites, I will post more next time it is raining too much to be playing out
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    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Noticed a couple of bits of rust breaking through on the front of the cab lately and as we are off to the big AEC Rally at Newark next weekend, thought I'd best do something about it. Not a disaster, but not exactly show worthy Dig out the rust, and skim over with filler Primer on and flatted down Mask up and spray on fresh red Vast improvement, just got to make the rest as shiny as the new bit and we'll be ready to show off to our adoring fans
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    Do you have a part number, mate?
  21. Zero-Five-Two

    AEC Militant MKI (1966) 38EP19

    Love that instrument cluster looks really nice What's this switch all about? I've not seen that on a Milly before, looks like an original fitment. Good idea with the labels on each wire.
  22. Zero-Five-Two

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The odd water leak you can live with but an engine that keeps tightening up like that is a major cause for concern. Hope you get to the bottom of its issue this week and make it to the run.
  23. Zero-Five-Two

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    Lovely old beast, it'll be an absolute cracker when you've got her done up. Not sure about the 3 Miles to the gallon job though. Looking forward to reading the restoration work and loads of pics please. Best of luck with it
  24. Zero-Five-Two

    various non runners / no drive train for sale.

    Whereabouts are you located?
  25. Zero-Five-Two

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Looks very nice, I take it the clutch adjustment and brake bleeding went OK? You said it needed doing, but never said how it went