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  1. Just got back from a few days up in the Yorkshire Dales visiting the in laws and having a wander round the hills. First day there just happened to co-inside with the forties weekend at Grassington. Excellent little show, the whole village gets into the spirit of it, dressing up the shops and themselves. Camera got a thorough work out. Mostly American stuff, never seen so many jeeps in one place!! Couple of tidy British wagons, and a very nice BMW bike and side car for the other side Highlight of the day was hearing an unmistakable noise, and everybody rushing outside to see this
  2. Debach Museum joins HMVF

    Welcome aboard, what sort of tanker are you looking for?
  3. chieftain AVRE

    Willich ones were done '84 -'85
  4. chieftain AVRE

    I had nothing to do with building them, just happened to be there. That said, I should be able to put names to the guys who were doing them
  5. chieftain AVRE

    I was at Willich when they were being made by 21 Engineer Base Workshops, I remember them being queued up outside their sheds. A Staff Sergeant Dave Williams was one of the big noises keeping all the lads welding.
  6. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    She did spend most of her time with the Army Air Corps so you are probably right. Finding an "in service" photo would be priceless.
  7. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Couple of pics of the weekends efforts on the old Tanker. Decided to stay in the home workshop due to unpredictable weather conditions. Started with the radiator cowling Apart from the peeling paint, there are quite a few frilly bits and the near side lower corner just isn't there anymore Paint stripper first, get rid of all the old green, then much welding and grinding replacing the rusty bits Finished up like this, looks much better. Did find a layer of yellow in between the many coats of green, just as I found on the top half of the cab. Still don't know why it was coloured like this, and would love to find out. Went on to cut out two new lower panels for the back of the cab. Had to take measurements from the Timber Tractor to get the wheel arch curve right, as there wasn't much to copy from
  8. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Thanks Doug, I keep chipping away but, like you, summer means showtime and quite a few weekends are spent out and about with the timber tractor. Hectic life isn't it?
  9. Colour comparison for Deep Bronze Greem

    It is difficult to judge from photos, but assuming the vice darkens a bit once it loses its newness that would seem the better colour. I've just bought 5lts of so called DBG from fleebay, only to find it is a completely different shade to previous paint I've used. Suppose it is down to the person mixing the colour and how accurate they are eith the measuring
  10. WW2 Side Hat

    Thanks for the info guys, I hadn't thought about the bog standard beret. If the great Montgomery was wearing one back then, it'll do for me. As it is I've got one, just need to swop the cap badge, from E R to G R. As for badging up the battledress, there's nothing on it at the mo, but it will get a few brownie badges before the weekend. I'm sure there will be a few photos afterwards
  11. WW2 Side Hat

    On the scrounge really, Wife and I are going to a wartime/forties weekend week after next, and although we are not exactly into the re-enactment scene we thought this year we would join in proper and get dressed for it. She's all sorted with a period dress and hat etc, and I've managed to get hold of a complete set of battledress, including gaiters, webbing and boots for the weekend. Only thing missing is the headgear. I've got a tin hat, but I don't fancy wearing that all weekend. Has anybody got a WW2 other ranks side hat I could beg steal borrow for the weekend. Seen a few for sale on various sites but they are a bit costly just for a one off event. There's also a few repro ones on fleebay but apparently they aren't all that and I would like to look reasonably authentic. Anyone in a position to assist, please.
  12. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Set about replacing the fuel filter last week, original one looked a bit past it's best. Quite simply it is a piece of linen cloth about the size of a large hankerchief wrapped around a brass frame. Top is secured by a couple of turns of string Bottom is held in place by a wide head nut New filter, big hankerchief. Needs a small hole cut in the centre to locate onto the bottom nut Used copper wire to secure filter this time, wont rot or corrode and contaminate fuel New filter slides into housing ready for fitting. Near side wheel arch has been getting it this weekend. Has a lot less rot than the drivers side, but I reckon some of the tankers drivers, over the years, should have been a little more attentive of the steering wheel than they appear to have been. Awful lot of dents needed knocking out and a fair bit of straightening was also required. But despite best efforts with the panel beating hammers, much filler was required. First off strip off all the old green. Two repair patches can be seen on the under side But an awful lot of filler needed sanding down and flatting Doesn't look too bad in its first coat of red oxide. Couple of bits need a little more smoothing but overall a pleasing result
  13. New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Nearly ready for a road test, then?
  14. Here's a question, how many miles have you covered

    Been averaging 1000 mile a year in the Militant, which is about 5000 since we got it on the road. Somewheres in the region of 2500 Ltrs of diesel, and 170 hours in the jockey seat
  15. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Case of two steps forward and one back this week with the Tanker. Backward step first. Be wary of buying cheap paint from fleebay. Thought I'd got a bargain the other week, 5 lts of Deep Bronze Green complete with hardener and thinners for less than £100. Sprayed all those small bits lovely. Goes on well, good finish, nice shine, etc. Only one problem, Green? yes, Deep colour? yes. Deep Bronze Green? not really, it's just a dark green. Looked good at the time, but when placed next to previously painted stuff it's nothing like the right colour! :mad: Friend of mine looked at it and suggested it looked more like the green used on original Land Rovers. Not best pleased, I've still got 4 lts of the stuff. Might do as an under coat, so probably wont get wasted, but it's £100 I could have used elsewhere. Anyway, think positive and move forward. Loading the car for Saturdays efforts, first thing on was the channel needed for the off side frame repair Hour or so effort with the welder and the front corner is ready for panel fitting. Mixed feelings here, looking forward to fitting the first new bits, but a little nervous that all will line up and go on right. Little tweek here and there, cut and trimmed the small kink from the centre of the corner fold and it went on well. Rivit holes lined up, edges all straight and so on. Healthy bead of Tiger seal in the joins to stick it in place, but as usual most of it got on my hands, then on the panel, on the rivet gun, down me coveralls, mess everywhere. With the corner in place, moved on to the wheel arch, same again Tiger seal stuck to everything, but arch went on and bolted up nicely. Whole side is now rock solid and awaiting the rear corner. Side and corner panels are already made, last bit of frame, right at the bottom to weld in and it's done. Running along with the frame repair has been the engine, it will get a full service in due course, but for now it has been treated to a good flush through of the cooling system ready for new hoses, and a good scrub down and de-grease ready for repaint. Learned forum members provided the correct paint code, Sky Blue BS381C101, and paint supplied by my local paint factors, OK it's £45 a litre, but at least you can guarantee it is the right shade Weather forecast for today was sunny all day. So, no sunday lie in, Up at the crack and get it sprayed. By ten o'clock all done and left to bake hard. Well pleased with the finish, next up new belts and hoses and a fresh drop of anti freeze and she'll be ready to roll, once we have refitted the electrics, the fuel pipes, the dashboard and,,,,, so much to do!!