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  1. Odd size that one. BS only use 55' UNF etc is 60', and on a Leyland you would think BS. That said, it is far too fine in TPI for BSF or BSP, and Whitworth is way too big. Zeus tables are pretty comphrensive and they don't list anything like it.
  2. Things have been a bit chaotic over the last few weekends, what with the Timber Tractor spitting a push rod out etc, so tanker work has been a bit limited. However got back on the plot this last week and got quite a bit done. First job was to finish the rear brakes by fitting the remaining linkages and getting them adjusted up. Heavy work, jacking wheels up and down and so on, but we now have a full set of stopping power, and a fully functioning handbrake. No more need for blocks under the wheels. Next up, Hip Pads for the cupola. Made them a while back, but needed to adjust the method of securing the plastic dustbin lid. When I first fitted the thing in the first instance, I used rubber bonnet catches Does a nice job of holding it on, until you want to fit the upholstery There isn't room for both, so had to go to plan B and bodge it up Very Heath Robinson, but it will be OK until something better turns up. Homemade pads look good though. Been doing a load of miscellaneous small bits in the evenings lately getting stuff ready for a session of green painting. That happened on Saturday, with Headlights, convoy and number plate lights, pile of little brackets and bits and lastly the rear light mounts all getting a coat of DBG Cleaned up and de rusted, lights repaired or replaced, and new reflectors Convoy light and plate. Tanker has 2 convoy type lights, the other one is for the number plate and I managed to acquire a second one last week, along with a few other small bits that needed replacing, so we are all good in the lighting department. Hopefully this weekend will see the cab ceiling panels fitted and all these freshly painted lights going on.
  3. AEC Militants had Record No3 vices fitted. Same sort of time period as the RL so maybe the same. Plenty of good second hand ones available on fleebay etc
  4. Second that remark, there'll be a queue for sure
  5. RE Museum would probably be able to shed some light on it. Boxer Rebellion was China, wasn't it?
  6. You forgot 2 Sqn, they were there too. I've been trying to look them up too, as an ex RE I have been phoning friends who were there too. 25 went to 23 Engr Regt at Osnabruck in the eighties and then became Armoured Engineers at some point with 32 Regt. Finally disbanded mid nineties with options for change
  7. Handles look like barrel brush holders, you screw extensions on to get correct length Used to get them in SLR and LMG/GPMG cleaning kits
  8. You could try The Brakehouse Ltd they are in Perivale, London. They do all types of commercial vehicle brakes. Prices aren't bad either.
  9. An absolute mega thank you, mate!! Rushed up to north Essex this morning to collect said rod, fitted it this afternoon, adjusted all the tappets, and the old girl sounds sweet again. Did smoke a bit when first started, but that'll just have been cleaning out the cylinder, I reckon. Earlier this week I made a full inspection of the other push rods and side cover bolts. All the bolts are of the same length, so they can't be my replacement ones. There were 5 others which were very close to push rods, and a couple of which had actually left marks of their closeness, but only that one had caused damage. They've all been trimmed down now, so it can't happen again. The rocker cover gasket didn't appreciate being disturbed, so need to make a new one, before we venture out on the road again. Not a problem though, good old fleebay has provided, big sheet of the stuff should be with me on Monday. Cut out, fit up, and off we go. Watch this space!
  10. Had to think about that one for a minute...... was just nipping into Lidl, but no spaces in the car park
  11. Got a sick truck! Was on my way to the Kent Heritage Transport Show at Detling this morning. Everything going well as I pass Sittingbourne Train Station, then suddenly a violent banging noise from the engine. Panic stations, pull over and shut down. Jump out to look, expecting a hole in the engine or something but nothing obvious. Oil and water levels still OK, not over hot either. Sounded terminal anyway so phone for help. Now there has been many threads on here with horror stories about recovery companies picking up our sort of vehicles, so was a bit nervous about what to expect. I've been paying Autohome £109 every year for the last seven years as they guarantee that recovering a dead Militant would be no problem. Pleased to say it was no problem. Spoke to a guy called Sam who took all the details, where from and to etc, and what the problem was. He sent a text back to say truck was on its way. Just over an hour later I got a call from the actual recovery gang to confirm vehicle type and location and shortly after that we looked like this Blocking the traffic as usual. Took about twenty minutes to get loaded and chained down. Low loader driver had googled Militant to see what he was meant to be collecting first so knew what to bring. About an hour later the old girl had been dropped off at our workshop in Otford. So top marks for Autohome for organising it and many thanks to Cedars for doing the job. The rest of the day was spent finding the problem. First off, carefully start the motor and have another listen. General opinion was a dropped exhaust valve. The banging noise was the compression stroke blowing back through the air intake when the inlet valve opened. Rocker covers off to find the guilty party. No.4 cylinder now fitted with a 2 piece pushrod Further investigation revealed a bit of an own goal on this! 3 years ago she had an oil leak from the side plate that covers the pushrod gallery. This was repaired with a new gasket and replacing some missing bolts. One of the replacement bolts I fitted was a tad too long and has spent several thousand miles rubbing against the rod. eventually making a hole in it and causing the failure. On the good side it is not a major disaster, like a knackered big end or piston, and it is relatively easy to repair. As long as I can find a replacement push rod. So, begging time, anybody got a push rod for a Mk1 Militant, or do you know somebody who might know somebody etc.
  12. Many thanks, didn't know that at all. Amazing what you can learn on here
  13. Have to agree with 10FM68, a precise list of slang wouldn't come out right as different units have had a different interpretation of a given word. For example he suggests the HAC were referred to as the Ladidah Gunners, whereas I would put that title to the Royal Horse Artillery. Nick names for people seem to be a standard though. Anybody with any connection to the military will have come across a Smudger Smith or a Dinger Bell and so on. As suggested earlier some names are deeply rooted in history and have been going for years. I can remember many from my own service days, some blatently obvious like Dusty Rhodes, Tiny Small, Bowler Hatt. etc. Others seem more obscure, one that particularly fascinates me, because I cannot see the connection, is anybody with the surname Wilson gets to be called "Tug". I met several during my service, anyone know where it comes from?
  14. 3/4" drive is more like it for that size of nut. Just an extra thought, 28mm is an odd size, I would bet money it is more like 5/8" Whitworth which is actually 27 and a bit. So your 28mm socket might be a bit sloppy, be careful how much jumping on the scaffold bar you do, in case it slips off. Militant wheel nuts are the same size, you tighten them up to 350 - 400 Nm
  15. Thanks for the compliment, and it reminded me I've got a couple more pictures to post. Chassis now all clean an' green, and ready for brake linkages to go back on this weekend
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