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  1. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Ten out of ten for the water pump gang, arrived this morning, as promised. Looks like a new. Just got to wait til the weekend to get it fitted and try it out
  2. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Good weekends work in the sunshine, bit sweaty with the coverals on, though. Finally got to the bottom of my issues with the blast skirt. There was a tiny bit in the centre that was catching on the engine sump plug, and causing the whole thing to distort. Trimmed it off to give a bit more clearance and every thing lines up One final test fit of the top half and then set about joining the bottom on. Finished article looks like this Considerably better than what came off New one actually works like it is supposed to as well. Bottom half hinges up 90° for maintenance or extra ground clearance. Hot weather is great for painting, dries almost instantly. Sealed inside edge with Hammerite stonechip Ten minutes later it is dry enough to turn over and primer the outside. Nice thick coating of hi-build stuff ready to be flatted down for the top coat once it is fitted back on. Finally, good news about the water pump. Last week I sent it to SP Water pumps in Warrington, Cheshire. Their website gave it all the spiel about doing vintage stuff, and when I phoned them they reckoned they would have parts on the shelf, even for a 60 odd year old item. Got a call back on Friday, pump all done, they did have replacement seals etc. Only £195 and I should have it back on Monday. Excellent service. They say they can also do Bedford and Austin/Morris stuff too, and sixty years old is nothing to what they can do So the old Tanker could be up and running again by the end of the week, and I can get on with the last bit at the back of the cab
  3. Zero-Five-Two

    Looking for dark green vehicle seat vynil

    Just had the seats in my Tanker done Vinyl came from www.martrim.co.uk £12 per metre of 54" wide stuff. My trimmer used just over 2 metres for these
  4. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Thanks guys, but have found a place up north to do a rebuild they specialise in old AEC stuff, reckon they have parts on the shelf, so it's on it's way to them
  5. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Oops!! Didn't do it intentionally, Hopefully a mod will sort it out
  6. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Time for another progress report, after the fiasco of leaving various bits of kit at home the other week , I had another go at setting up the electrics and running the engine, last Saturday. Bit more success this time, wiring diagrams in hand I plugged everything in as per my notes etc from when I took it apart. Switched on the ignition and nothing happened. Right back in the begining when I found the thing in the barn and hooked up a pair of batteries, only the near side front side light worked, and I got the same result this time, except there isn't a side light fitted just now. Clearly there is something was not plugged in right then, and it's not right now. After major reshuffle of connections in the main junction box, using a test light and voltmeter to check things and we get some where. Pull the start lever and.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JdFxetfojQ&feature=youtu.be Sounds lovely, Iveco Cargo silencer really does the job, and no other nasty rattles or knocking. Unfortunately, what you don't see in the vid is the shower of antifreeze that is being blown about by the fan. The water pump pours out coolant the moment the engine turns over. So bit of a crisis there, but well pleased with the rest of it. A minor issue, it doesn't want to idle, soon as you take your foot of the gas it slows down and dies, so bit of adjustment needed there. Priority repair, of course, is the water pump. Pig of a job to remove, as well as being heavy, you have to remove the thermostat housing, and jack the radiator forward to get enough room to extract it. Once out, back home for stripping and finding out the problem You don't see too many repairable water pumps these days, most are throw away jobs. Front half looks OK, bearings are clean and grease seal is intact But with the impeller removed and the centre shaft extracted, the problem is very obvious. The dirty, rusty bit on the right hand end should be clean and shiney, and sits in a brass bush with a rubber seal on the end. Brass bush is well torn up and the rubber seal has long since passed on. So we are looking at pump repair or replacement. Fortunately there seems to be plenty of firms round and about advertising vintage pump repairs etc, so will be phoning round tomorrow. Back in the home workshop, been carrying on with the blast skirt. Lower half is now complete, painted in Bondaprimer, and awaiting fitment to the top bit. All progress is good progress
  7. Zero-Five-Two

    Movie editing

    Not so much stupid, but I know I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers, most of it goes well over my head. The new forum layout really confused me for a long while, and I still have trouble making some of it work I've just done a nice recording on my phone of the tanker, now I need to edit it and publish it on You Tube etc.but as my new laptop runs Windows 10, when I had only just got to grips with XP. The Movie Maker program I was using doesn't go so I need an alternative. Tried downloading a couple, but couldn't get to grips with either of them. Anybody, got any recommendations as to a decent free downloadable movie editing program that a thicket like me should be able to use
  8. Zero-Five-Two

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    45 Squadron Royal Engineers was formed for exactly this. They became known as the Steam Sappers, using a mixture of engines from various manufacturers including Fowler. If you bung "Steam Sappers" into your search engine you'll find loads of info and pics
  9. Zero-Five-Two

    Militant battery cables

    Cable distributed by Connect Workshop Consumables. Part No. 30064 You can look it up on their website and find a local supplier to you. Hope this helps
  10. Zero-Five-Two

    Militant battery cables

    I picked up a roll of suitable stuff a few weeks back, from my local motor factors, for doing my tanker, I'll look up the size and part number this evening for you
  11. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    Absolutely, all Mk1 Militants had them except those fitted with the Atlas crane. Obviously crane ones didn't need them. I think some Leyland or Albion Military stuff had them too. These days they are as available as a bucket of rocking horse poo. Friend of mine is looking for one for his Militant, took me 5 years to find one for mine as it was missing when I bought the truck.
  12. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    My Militant is 1954 so quite old technology. There is a basic frame that bolts to the chassis Then the carrier itself pivots from the bottom of the frame In this picture you can see the cable that is used to wind the wheel up and down. On the other side of that carrier arm is a small spool that the cable winds onto, and a drum type brake with 2 fixed shoes in it that provides a bit of drag to stop the wheel from free spinning. It wouldn't take too much welding to construct something out of big box section, and an old mini wheel hub to provide the drum brake and cable spool
  13. Zero-Five-Two

    Lifting the spare wheel on and off

    This is how the AEC Militant works, you might be able to make up something similar
  14. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Set off this morning with great expectations for a good days progress, unfortunately I failed to take half the kit I needed, and it turned into a complete disaster. Plan 1, Fit the modified downpipe and exhaust silencer in a better place so that it misses the off side tyre. This would need the mounting brackets modifying and welding, only I left the welding helmet behind, so ended up with this Exhaust fits nicely, but mounting brackets leave a bit to be desired. It does give me the correct dimensions for making the new brackets, but...... Plan 2 Connect up sufficient electrics to be able to start the thing and check leaks, oil pressure, charging and so on. Got up early this morning, printed wiring diagrams off the computer and promptly left them at home. Got this far with hooking things up and decided it might be safer to stop guessing They might only be small batteries, but 24 volts in the wrong place will do untold damage. Looking like I'd wasted a good day, I packed up and went home. Can't just stop though, so cracked on with the blast skirt. At least there was a bit of success here, new centre section made up, wired edge and sides folded round. What you can't see is the two earlier attempts that are now residing in the scrap bin. So it still wasn't that good. There was one other glimmer of hope in the gloom New dashboard looks the mutts, even if it isn't connected to anything. Never mind there's always next weekend!!
  15. That pressure gauge has cleaned up well, nice job