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  1. 3/4" drive is more like it for that size of nut. Just an extra thought, 28mm is an odd size, I would bet money it is more like 5/8" Whitworth which is actually 27 and a bit. So your 28mm socket might be a bit sloppy, be careful how much jumping on the scaffold bar you do, in case it slips off. Militant wheel nuts are the same size, you tighten them up to 350 - 400 Nm
  2. Thanks for the compliment, and it reminded me I've got a couple more pictures to post. Chassis now all clean an' green, and ready for brake linkages to go back on this weekend
  3. Left hand thread wheel studs quite often have an 'L' stamped into the end, also the nuts can have a cut accross the hexagon points about half way down.
  4. I'm in need of a couple of head lamp shells for the Tanker, If anyone can help. I don't need the actual lights as I've got shiny new Zenon chrystal ones to fit. Did start cleaning them up, but this one has quite a few holes in it, it's partner fell apart completely. Thanks in advance, folks
  5. Well, having got a wiring diagram, courtesy ruxy, I set about fitting new cables to the thing. Didn't get very far though! Got the back ring off to get this far Anyone know how to get the terminals out, so I can put new cable in?
  6. If all else fails you could try these guys. I've used them in the past, good service and reasonable prices PSS Steering and Hydraulics, North Walsham, Norfolk. 01692 406017 or https://www.pss.co.uk/
  7. Lot of fuss about nothing. Scaremongering, as suggested by terryb. They are talking about the same green cards etc we used to require before the open borders policy. No problem then and no reason why there should be a problem now. Especially in these days of instant communication, you would simply email your insurance company when you intend to travel, they email back the green card, and off you go. Where's the issue?
  8. Thanks ChrisC. I've done a bit more research since my earlier post, found an even cheaper source of tubing. £5 at time. Works out at about 6p per label, once you own a printer. Which doesn't sound too bad. So I can see an investment going on here, could end up with a nice little business opportunity happening, printing tags for other people too
  9. Thanks for the replies, simple ideas are always the best. Heat shrink sounds ideal because once shrunk on it wont slide up the cable. Not sure about my scribbly hand writing using a sharpie, but the dymo printer could be the way to go. I presume you feed the heat shrink into the print cartridge somehow? Any idea how permanent the finished lettering is?
  10. Knew they'd be available somewhere, thanks for the info, Gents
  11. Anybody know where I might get something like these? Metal Cable Ties, what they used to use before they invented the modern nylon zip tie. Need a good few for the Tanker. modern ones just wont look right
  12. Anybody know if you can still get these yellow cable tags anywhere?
  13. Quick question for the learned members, has anybody got a wiring diagram for the standard NATO 12 Pin Trailer Connector. Took the one off my Tanker last week, 12 cables and all yellow. Some had tags on but most were blank. I did make notes on which went where, but, as there didn't seem to be much semblance of order to the rest of the rear light wiring, it got a bit confusing. All the cables were well rotten, and are in the process of being replaced, which is the easy bit. Reconnecting the lot and making it all work will be the issue. At the moment, I've no plans for a towing a trailer, but I would like to have the socket connected up just in case. That said, the Engineers had 1000 gallon Thompson Bowsers on ox cart chassis and one of them would look rather good hanging off the back! (dreaming again)
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