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  1. Zero-Five-Two

    99p AEC MILITANT MK 1 1954 6X4 SCAM?

    Been keeping an eye on it too. Listing just comes up as "not found" Think it is definitely a scam
  2. Zero-Five-Two

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Noticed a couple of bits of rust breaking through on the front of the cab lately and as we are off to the big AEC Rally at Newark next weekend, thought I'd best do something about it. Not a disaster, but not exactly show worthy Dig out the rust, and skim over with filler Primer on and flatted down Mask up and spray on fresh red Vast improvement, just got to make the rest as shiny as the new bit and we'll be ready to show off to our adoring fans
  3. Zero-Five-Two


    Do you have a part number, mate?
  4. Zero-Five-Two

    AEC Militant MKI (1966) 38EP19

    Love that instrument cluster looks really nice What's this switch all about? I've not seen that on a Milly before, looks like an original fitment. Good idea with the labels on each wire.
  5. Zero-Five-Two

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The odd water leak you can live with but an engine that keeps tightening up like that is a major cause for concern. Hope you get to the bottom of its issue this week and make it to the run.
  6. Zero-Five-Two

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    Lovely old beast, it'll be an absolute cracker when you've got her done up. Not sure about the 3 Miles to the gallon job though. Looking forward to reading the restoration work and loads of pics please. Best of luck with it
  7. Zero-Five-Two

    various non runners / no drive train for sale.

    Whereabouts are you located?
  8. Zero-Five-Two

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Looks very nice, I take it the clutch adjustment and brake bleeding went OK? You said it needed doing, but never said how it went
  9. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Good weekends work, nice bit of sun for a change, warmer too. First job was test the steering. Having got the wheels off the other week, we found the steering really hard to turn. Granted we were pushing it round with only the stub axles, but with no weight on it, it should have moved easier. Worst case scenario, one of the king pins has seized, or a ball joint has failed badly. On the good side, could just be it is just where it hasn't been used for so long and needs some fresh grease and a bit of practice. Going with the needs greasing theory first, as it's cheaper and less aggro than sorting a seized king pin, I dug out the grease gun from the back of the shed. As it happens it is a monster that I acquired from a re-distribution of military stores way back in the day (that means I stole it off the Army). Hand operated, but has some awesome pumping power, ideal for force feeding grease into a tight king pin. Fitting the steering wheel seemed a good idea, to help turn things Looks so much better than the original one Half an hour of left to right hand lock, and pumping new grease into king pins and joints, and it started to free up. Took best part of an hour altogether, working the steering back and forth, more grease, more steering and more grease, but it has freed up nicely. So that's a result, there's no lift or rock in the pins either, so good to go. Spent the rest of Saturday fitting and adjusting the blast skirt. Still can't get it quite right. Near side is quite good but the off side, which was so badly corroded, I had to copy the near side and try to reverse the dimensions, isn't working. What looks straight doesn't fit and what does fit looks totally p*ss*d. Something's not right, but we'll get there. No point in photographing it til I get it sorted. Nevermind, back to the home workshop, and re-conditioning the brake parts. We have a hot water parts washer at work which is brilliant at cleaning old Militant bits,gets the muck off and most of the old paint too. Shoes first, plenty of lining on them, so just clean up and fresh paint. Hubs take a bit more effort, remove bearings, they'll get fresh grease in due course, clean off rust and paint. Bonda primer first Back plates cleaned up well in the dish washer, hardest job was getting the adjuster bolts out to strip the thing down Last job, a fresh coat of DBG all round And we are all ready to fit back on next weekend. Not a bad bit of progress. Packed everything up, stood back and admired the work, took more photos, went to put the wifes car back inside and promptly ran over the end of the near side of blast skirt So much for a good weekends progress, not quite the finish I was intending, hopefully I can straighten it out
  10. Zero-Five-Two

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Didn't realise that tread stuff was called pyramid nosing. Anyway I got loads of 5 metre lengths for my timber tractor a couple of years ago from Albert Jagger Ltd 01922 471000 or www.albert-jagger.co.uk they do all sorts of mouldings and brackets etc for truck body building
  11. Zero-Five-Two

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    The madness is what comes of working with our lot for too long. Anyway I didn't go down the bus end, too many anoraks and wobblies for by liking. Was enough to see at our end. Good turn out of MV's as well
  12. Try this guy. Martyn Callaghan 07765 404403 well known throughout the AEC Society as supplier of difficult to find AEC parts
  13. Zero-Five-Two

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Another year has gone by already, I can't keep up . It was only 2 posts ago that I put photos up of the Militant at Detling last year, when the exhaust cracked. And here we are again, in 2018 There was a good turn out of commercials, and military stuff, even though it is really a bus spotters gathering. I know it looks like we are Billy No Mates here, but this was taken late in the day, after many had gone home.
  14. Zero-Five-Two

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Many, Many thanks for the blocks, Tony, I've tucked them away safely, this morning. Just in case someone else thinks they may have a use for them, and they disappear
  15. Zero-Five-Two

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    There's no other feeling quite like the one you get when an engine you have built rumbles into life. A great achievement, gents. We stand in awe. Next stop Brighton, then