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  1. Some of us will need a reminder on here, by then. Would like to be there this year
  2. Absolutely. Had hoped to do it this year, but Tanker wasn't ready. Hoping to get a Militant convoy
  3. Yellow looks stunning, but DBG still takes it. We'll blow them away at Newark next year
  4. Gotta wear shades for that one. Looks magnificent, mate. Black bumper to follow? Will set it off nicely. Definitely one for next years calendar
  5. Selection of photos of the other goings on recently, as well as painting the cab. First off Diesel Security. I have this paranoia that some nefarious little Creature will stuff something in the tank while I am at a show. I have heard several stories of this happening to people with disasterous results on the way home. This is the original design with fairly easy access to the filler And this is the modified version. I adjusted the door ages ago, but have now extended the front plate, so only way to get to the filler is to open the locker door. Now it's painted green, it looks original too. Wont stop the determined diesel thief, but does make it a good deal less accessible. Had to manufacture a mounting plate for the rear number plate, as the original had long since rotted away First off, make a plywood template, and cut out the tin plate to fit Cut wire and fit to inside of folded edge Tap over to roll in and paint in primer Cut out hole for light unit and have a trial fit of number plate. Obviously this is the Military reg and for show use only. Civilian number plate for traveling home just fits over the top. Note the wing nuts holding it in place Close up of wingnut fitting. Last bit, fit light unit and paint DBG. Speaking of DBG, checked out the cab this morning, still looks impressive, paint has hardened off well, but I don't like the rust marks in the front bumper so I think that will get a bit of reworking. But not this weekend. I didn't fancy getting into too much work today as I'm away on holiday for the next two weeks, so just had a bit of a trial on cleaning the tank, see what works best. Used a mixture of sanding discs and wire cup brush on the grinder. Having been extolling the virtues of Silverline brushes on another thread, I can't say the same for their sanding discs. I started using 80 grit, but the abrasive bit separates from the velcrove backing, before it has sanded very much. Quick visit to local paint shop and picked up some 40 grit mirka discs which worked much better. Still took a couple of hours to get this it cleaned off. Couple of coats of Bondaprimer finished the job. Took most of the day to get this far, and that tank is going to take some time to get it all cleaned off. Nice job for the coming winter months
  6. Gotta have a bit of faith in your own abilities. Not sure about the double stack of batteries, though, you might have trouble clamping them down
  7. Few pics of her unmasked. Well pleased with the job
  8. Did get a couple of runs in awkward places, and a little overspray on a bit, but they will polish out. It was one of my better jobs
  9. Looking good, surprising how much a clean up and fresh coat of paint can transform something
  10. Couldn't have got a better one, perfect temperature too. Being sunday there weren't any buses or people coming in or out to stir up any dust.
  11. Hands up who wants to see a Tanker in Deep Bronze Green? Been a heck of a lot of work over the last couple of weekends, flatting off the primer and touching up the odd dink and chip that has occurred during fitting. Started early this morning with final DA-ing of the last bits Then dust off, wash off and tack rag all round. before masking up The patient is prepared Got to start somewhere, actually I started on the roof, but this was the most difficult bit, especially with the second coat, trying to spray one side without sticking to the other side. There was also a bit of laying down on the job too Have I missed anywhere? Nearside finished View from the top Offside looking very shiny. Paint is still quite wet at the time of the photo, but it was still shining after we had packed up. Appears to be drying nicely. Can't wait until tomorrow to unmask it and see how it looks once it is properly dried. Well pleased with the days efforts. Spare wheel carrier can go back on now, along with the tool bin that is currently underneath the thing. Start work on the tank after that
  12. You just need to get the right ones. These cone shaped ones are awful. When spinning the wires tend to splay out sideways, giving limited cleaning capabilities, and bits of wire then flick off in all directions. These Silverline ones are far and away the best. The extra metal ring holds the wires straight and you can really dig in to heavily rusted bits. I use 65mm ones, there are bigger available, but they tend to put too much strain on the grinder. They do lose the occasional wire, so goggles, gloves and a decent pair of coveralls are essential. Ear defenders and a dust mask are a good idea to.
  13. Having had the verniers accross mine, it is 7/8" and the fine thread is about 1.5" long. The one in your picture looks like it would do, nicely. I'll send you a PM
  14. Many thanks, Gents, appreciate the assistance. It's one of the best things about this forum, there's always someone who can help you out. I will have a proper measure up of the thing today.
  15. Yes mate, it is. Service line at the front, so not a major disaster. Union on the pipe is good, and I do have a spare short thread fitting. But it really needs the longer bulkhead one with locknut to mount it onto the chassis. I could replace the whole thing with a modern one, but I'm trying to keep it as original as possible with the fine thread
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