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  1. Adrian Barrell

    Looking for a T-34/85

    I was told by a former Czech tank commander, who was involved with the historical side too that the wartime built T34s had a rounded nose. Nearly all the ones you see have the sharp nose yet they all seem to be built in 1944..... Is this like the number of jeeps that definitely landed on Omaha beach?
  2. Adrian Barrell

    Armoured hoses ?

    They are for Dingo but I suspect you know that now!
  3. Adrian Barrell

    17 Pounder gun shield

    Only the early guns had it, it was to break up the outline for camouflage but not on its own, more to drape netting or foliage.
  4. Adrian Barrell

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    The twin diesels in Sherman rotate the same way.
  5. Adrian Barrell

    Bulldozer Wanted

    I might sell my D4 Andy, fitted with LaPlante Choate angle dozer. Runs and drives fine, restored some years ago.
  6. Adrian Barrell

    Mystery Object

    It's for Cromwell and Comet tank.
  7. Adrian Barrell

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Edited 2 hours ago by matchlesswdg3 Spelling
  8. Adrian Barrell

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Given your previous critical review of the earlier series, why did you bother to watch it this time?
  9. Adrian Barrell

    Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    The original intention was point first as that way, the tread self cleans of mud better. However, they wear much less if fitted open end first and it was argued that if you looked like getting stuck, you would tend to reverse out and find a better route so self cleaning in reverse would be more useful! There was some period discussion on the net in the last few days, can't remember where.
  10. Adrian Barrell

    Abbot shells

    Very nice. Are the driving bands covered in copper tape? I recently made some 17 pdr projos and had good results with that method.
  11. Adrian Barrell

    T16 tool list needed

    There is no image of any of the pioneer tools in the manual or parts list. There is a picture in the parts list of the vehicular tools but the saw is not part of that.
  12. Adrian Barrell

    A couple of part questions (Crusader, Valentine SP)

    My first thought was mirror arm but unless it's been cut down it hardly seems long enough to clear the stowage bin behind it.
  13. Adrian Barrell

    11.00-20 tyre choice

    I re-tyred my Diamond T 969 many years ago with part worn 9.00-20. You would be surprised at the variation in diameters. Even Goodyear made in USA and Goodyear made in the UK were significantly different even though both were all service with a similar amount of wear.
  14. Adrian Barrell

    Firing main guns . Any one done it ?

    5.5 doesn't have a cartridge case nor any way of firing one, you sure it wasn't a 25 pdr?
  15. Adrian Barrell

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    A few others that might help.