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  1. Francois, Khaki green no3 3 x RAL 6014 1 x RAL 8001 Service Brown SCC2 5 x RAL 7008 6 x RAL 8027
  2. Would that be an ether bulb system Richard?
  3. I'll take them please Alan.
  4. Ransome Sims and Jefferies, perhaps? Late of my home town.
  5. The C206 is a Canadian example, does it have the divider in the top of the box?
  6. Looks like a Bofors brush. What size is it? An numbers indicate Bofors and mine is made by Addis too.
  7. I think friction tape is the old type of insulating tape with a fabric weave that holds by friction as much as adhesion. Yes, paulin is a tarpaulin. That reminds me of a day on Fury when Shia Labeouf was studiously reading the Sherman crew drill to make sure he got it right and the same word stumped him. 'What the hell is a paulin?' he asked me. I told him a tarpaulin but he was still lost, I then described it as a tank sheet and he said 'Oh, a tarp! Why the hell didn't you say so?'
  8. The Scout car front stowage box is quite shallow and I don't think you could close the lid if it had batteries in it.
  9. Dozer is a Cat D4 with LaPlante Choate hydraulic angle dozer kit and LeTourneau pcu for operating a scraper box.
  10. They are very good books but a little dry at times. That said, they are a technical history of each tank and anecdotal humour has no place in such a book!
  11. Correct. I have the remains of one. It's mainly the centre but shows the construction OK. I'll try to get it out of the stillage and take some pics. It's not solid per se, as it is webbed and relatively thin which made them vulnerable to damage.
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