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  1. The turret is a 105mm turret as it has the rear ventilator visible.
  2. C60 would have had 10.50-20 originally which morphed into 11.00-20.
  3. Only three actually, just edited to look like more.
  4. Sub calibre normally refers to a smaller calibre gun fitted inside the chamber and bore of the larger piece, such as the link Tim posted which puts a 6 pdr barrel inside a 9.2 Howitzer.
  5. BBMF change squadron codes regularly. Transport command rarely showed squadron codes.
  6. The large letters are squadron codes and individual letter. The serial number is the smaller alpha numeric set and is particular to each airframe.
  7. I have a box in Ontario. The plan is to ship it west to go in a container at some point in the future. It may already have left but if not, I can ask for it to get to Toronto instead.
  8. They are for the T headed clamp bolts that hold the bad weather hood above the hatch. Drivers side only as there was only one hood supplied but possibly added to the other side at some point.
  9. True! Though on a similar note, I have recently been lucky to get the barrel record book for my 17 pdr. It fired it's first proof round on 23rd March 1945 and it's last round on 14th February 2011. That's 66 years in service! It is for the barrel I have fitted, not the one that came with the carriage but impressive none the less.
  10. Just realised that is more than half my life....Had my high speed tractor even longer!
  11. Hi Bob, well, I do have an idea what it has cost me, both financially and in time, though it would be hard to tell the true cost in terms of how my single minded focus for a few years impacted my private life! However, I'm happy so no regrets! I would say it has proved to be a very good investment but bear in mind I have owned her for 28 years and if you had told me back then what it might be worth now, I wouldn't have believed you....
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