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  1. They are for the T headed clamp bolts that hold the bad weather hood above the hatch. Drivers side only as there was only one hood supplied but possibly added to the other side at some point.
  2. True! Though on a similar note, I have recently been lucky to get the barrel record book for my 17 pdr. It fired it's first proof round on 23rd March 1945 and it's last round on 14th February 2011. That's 66 years in service! It is for the barrel I have fitted, not the one that came with the carriage but impressive none the less.
  3. Just realised that is more than half my life....Had my high speed tractor even longer!
  4. Hi Bob, well, I do have an idea what it has cost me, both financially and in time, though it would be hard to tell the true cost in terms of how my single minded focus for a few years impacted my private life! However, I'm happy so no regrets! I would say it has proved to be a very good investment but bear in mind I have owned her for 28 years and if you had told me back then what it might be worth now, I wouldn't have believed you....
  5. Hi Carl, no, I don't but it is one I have been looking for. ISTR it is just a longer version of the C264 for the APCBC round. It's likely to be what is in your first picture as that was the standard AP shot by that time.
  6. The ones with the handwheels are British. Australian and Canadian examples use the wire handles. The AS&S box is Australian. The C264A is longer for the HE round.
  7. Not easy to find! I do have a C264 and a C264A you can measure but they are quite complicated.
  8. A consideration should be the use of detergent oils in an engine that only uses a bypass oil filter system. If the engine is clean and you do regular oil changes, it's fine.
  9. I might be interested in some Steve, depending on price!
  10. Those are just 2 gallon pow cans. The flimsie was a single use 4 gallon can.
  11. Sounds nasty, hope you get better soon. I have an old Merry Tiller rotavator but as I have no interest in gardening, I suspect I am fairly safe. As I sometimes say, the only time I have green fingers is when I have been painting parts... Son of Sherman will give you everything you need and there are plenty of pics on the net of Commonwealth Sherman III. The few books on British use tend to miscaption many of the photos so care is needed. I'm not sure I'm the man to write a book, I think it's much harder than it looks!
  12. One thing to note is that VVSS idler brackets are handed so the clamp and spreader bolts are below the centre line. HVSS brackets are both the same so the LH side has the bolts below the centre and the RH bracket has them above it.
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that Paul, it was an honour and privilege to meet him and be given the opportunity to take him for a ride in the Sherman. They truly were the greatest generation. RIP Frank.
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