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  1. Adrian Barrell

    Diamond T and Rogers Trailer For Sale

    Is this Andy's old rig? If so, my old trailer! Sorry to hear you're having to sell, hope you find a buyer.
  2. Adrian Barrell

    Bofors technical information ?

    Clives literature covers the post war L70 series of guns. Your gun is the original Bofors L60 design. Even the early British built L60 is different to the original Swedish design, particularly in the carriage but also the ordnance, it being simplified for easier manufacture.
  3. Adrian Barrell

    NOS Sherman Battery Master Switches

    They are actually later pattern turret switchbox master switches, not the vehicle master switch.
  4. Adrian Barrell


    John, Rob Love knew of a couple your way a couple of years ago.
  5. Adrian Barrell

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    I know these haven't arrived yet but I have to say to Barry, bloody well done! People have been talking about doing this for years but you've stepped up and made it happen.
  6. Adrian Barrell

    Wanted Cromwell/Centaur bits

    I'll see if I can come up with a list of what is definitely spare.
  7. Adrian Barrell

    Wanted Cromwell/Centaur bits

    I have much of this Lance.
  8. Adrian Barrell

    Looking for a T-34/85

    I was told by a former Czech tank commander, who was involved with the historical side too that the wartime built T34s had a rounded nose. Nearly all the ones you see have the sharp nose yet they all seem to be built in 1944..... Is this like the number of jeeps that definitely landed on Omaha beach?
  9. Adrian Barrell

    Armoured hoses ?

    They are for Dingo but I suspect you know that now!
  10. Adrian Barrell

    17 Pounder gun shield

    Only the early guns had it, it was to break up the outline for camouflage but not on its own, more to drape netting or foliage.
  11. Adrian Barrell

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    The twin diesels in Sherman rotate the same way.
  12. Adrian Barrell

    Bulldozer Wanted

    I might sell my D4 Andy, fitted with LaPlante Choate angle dozer. Runs and drives fine, restored some years ago.
  13. Adrian Barrell

    Mystery Object

    It's for Cromwell and Comet tank.
  14. Adrian Barrell

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Edited 2 hours ago by matchlesswdg3 Spelling
  15. Adrian Barrell

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Given your previous critical review of the earlier series, why did you bother to watch it this time?