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  1. Join the queue Richard, it's quite long now, especially with social distancing!
  2. I remember it well! In fact, that's my M75 in the background so I think this was 1992.
  3. Many, but not all British Shermans had the siren removed, that was not a Firefly thing per se. Look at period pictures to get a feeling for what was most common. Tool straps were leather and were a dark tan colour.
  4. Some were painted, it might be down to when or who made them. I have a couple of mattock handles with a Chrysler tank arsenal label on, marked as fo M4A4, they are painted od.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GMC-CCKW-352-353-ETC-PUROLATOR-MILITARY-OIL-FILTER-SENIOR-N-O-S-/223484674082
  6. Standard senior military element. Same as GMC, Diamond T, in fact all the larger US vehicles.
  7. Francois, Khaki green no3 3 x RAL 6014 1 x RAL 8001 Service Brown SCC2 5 x RAL 7008 6 x RAL 8027
  8. Would that be an ether bulb system Richard?
  9. I'll take them please Alan.
  10. Ransome Sims and Jefferies, perhaps? Late of my home town.
  11. The C206 is a Canadian example, does it have the divider in the top of the box?
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