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  1. It's British, not US. As to what it fits, I'm not sure! It's not for 5.5" or 4.5" and the US 155mm gun and 8" howitzer used the US covers in British service. 3.7"? 7.2" How? That 'Sherman muzzle cover' is no such thing, it's just a mop cover for a pull through for 25 pdr.
  2. Do you still have the LVT books?
  3. I'd be interested in the two LVT books if you're selling.
  4. Technically, they were not Unified as that did not exist until after the War. They would be ANF and ANC. The majority were taken into the Unified range, the exception being 1" ANF which was 14 tpi, 1" UNF is 12 tpi. I accept I am being a little pedantic!
  5. That will happen no matter what you do! If you can find period phots showing the same as what you have done, you can't be 'wrong'.
  6. I think the broken circle just shows it was applied with a stencil.
  7. Could you post a picture of the outer face please?
  8. Is it a part of a Matilda I Bob?
  9. They were in theatre, there is a well known pic of one on a Rogers trailer dated May 1945 and I seem to remember some more pics surfaced recently but no evidence, as far as I know of any being issued to units, let alone seeing action.
  10. The dome is indeed to clear the traverse wheel and is often seen in 57mm guns withought the geared traverse. It might be they just used up earlier production shields or possibly guns were converted to delete the geared traverse. Were all the MkIV carriages built in Canada? 6 pdr shields and trail legs are marked '2 pr & 6pr' so clearly were intended for both but so few 2 pdr on Mk IV survive and as all seem to be in Canada, I wonder if they were only produced there.
  11. Does the Mk IV carriage use geared traverse? That was deleted very early in 6 pdr production.
  12. 43 on a red over blue unit sign indicates the second regiment. Not sure who that was if they were Corps troops, possibly 6th light Anti Aircraft Regiment.
  13. But isn't Tadeo in Lithuania?
  14. No such thing as a Canadian built M3 Medium. They were all built in the USA.
  15. Join the queue Richard, it's quite long now, especially with social distancing!
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