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  1. Whilst I know next to nothing about the drop cages, I would say that a small proportion of the one at Malvern was fairly new.
  2. It's not a feature per se, just a part of the tank equipment, CES in today's terms. It fastens to the glacis plate at the top edge and presumably can be folded up for use or down as shown in your picture. It's not armoured glass, just laminated for safety and has a wiper and demister. Shermans have them too but they are either fitted or not, there is no facility to fold them down.
  3. Yes, M5A1 but known as Stuart VI in British service. The drivers screen and hood was a standard part of the equipment, known as approach hood in British parlance.
  4. According to my technical literature, the generator is made by Pioneer but the engine is made by B&S. The PE-77-A to C used the model IL, the D and E used the model N.
  5. Mine used to run at 170 F if I drove it at my normal speed of around 40 mph. If the speed went up to 45 mph, the temp rose to 180 F. The fuel consumption rose in a similar fashion!
  6. I know very little really Jack, I just have a lot of books.....
  7. Hi Carl, glad to help! Just to clarify, it's not fitted to the gun itself but to the air reservoir used to charge the recuperator, it's like a small oxygen cylinder, 5 1/2" in diameter.
  8. CM3334 is a Plug, preserving, no 2 and caps the outlet of the compressed air reservoir used to fill the recuperators on artillerysuch as 17 pdr and 25 pdr.
  9. As is Windsor Carrier track
  10. The turret is a 105mm turret as it has the rear ventilator visible.
  11. C60 would have had 10.50-20 originally which morphed into 11.00-20.
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