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  1. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    It is very impressive and I enjoyed the programme. I was a little disappointed to hear the narrator state that Chasestead produced all the smaller parts including gun mounts as that was not true. I made all four complete gun mounts together with the drivers controls. (B stands for brake, Guy) At least we got a mention in the credits!
  2. More SS Thistlegorm Cargo

    14" Naval gun, one presumes.
  3. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Richard, I was inside it at the end of last year to assess it for use in the program with two council officials and they told me the council was in favour. We all agreed it was not practical but they were not against it at all. Although the chains are there, one sprocket is missing and the track is just wrapped round iirc. I think the disabling varied from tank to tank.
  4. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    The original plan was to restore the Ashford one to running rather than build a new one. Whilst the local Council were all for it, others, possibly English Heritage were much less keen. It is in a shocking state internally however with much structural failure. It is well looked after but time has taken its toll. The Lincoln tank is, as you say, much better and provided much information in the new build.
  5. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    The program airs on November 19th. The engine is a B60.
  6. More SS Thistlegorm Cargo

    Strangely enough, the 4" Mk V naval gun is a likely candidate. A first war gun using separate loading ammunition but by WW2 was used as a high angle AA gun with fixed ammunition.
  7. Diamond T's ?

    Bonnets look a little short. Mack NM?
  8. Suffolk trip help needed please

    Well, there is one about every 10 miles or so in Suffolk and Norfolk, a few having museums. There are other things with a WW2 history that are not aviation related to see too, if you know where to look!
  9. 17 pounder gun sight

    Are you sure it's for a 17pr? The No51 telescope sight was kept in a steel storage tube, later guns were modified to also take a standard No9 dial sight, these were kept in a leather case. If it's for a 17pr armed tank, it would likely be a No43. None of them are particularly rare.
  10. Dodge WC54 applications?

    Almost certainly Parham airfield, about 10 miles away from where I sit now. Markings show 390th Bomb Group.
  11. Part Id please

    It's a good place to join two halves as there is a major dimension change at that point but a loose thread does seem a little odd. Not all replicas are created equal........
  12. Part Id please

    I think it's the rear half of a dummy barrel for a .50 M2 mg.
  13. Scotland to Ban Petrol and diesel car sales by 2032

    As well as the speed. Mind you, being a Land Rover, you might not notice the difference........
  14. Sherman sand shield mounting strip

    I'm afraid I have nothing definitive John. I've never had a Sherman in with them fitted.