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  1. Hi Anyone from the Ilse of Wight going? Matt
  2. Thanks Berni Ill keep my eyes out Many thanks Matt
  3. Hi all back in the days when I was a cub scout (do they still exist?) I remember going on a three day camp when we were supposed to be carrying everything on our backs. Our leader (who shall remain nameless, because ive forgotten) had all manner of kit it wooden boxes in his tent, all WD arrow marked. This was in the late eighties but I still wonder if there is more old kit lying in the back of any old scout QM stores. Matt
  4. Hi Ive been to this site recently and part of the runway is used to fly model aircraft. I think it called boldre airfield Matt
  5. thanks guys I looked at mechanics courses at my local college, they seem to be either very basic, or aimed at modern cars. I have both haynes manuals which i got from a boot sale! and will look out for the others. Many thanks Matt
  6. Hi all Im fairly new to this hobby, I own a Land Rover S3, FFR 109 that is currently SORN. Can anybody help me find out if there is any where that i can get mechanical training so I can get the beast back on the road. It failed its MOT on steering and brakes. Im situated on the Isle of Wight and attend most of the southern shows, overlord, war & peace etc.. Many thanks Matt
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