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  1. Jerry All intact SUMBs are 24v - there were 2 x 12v about 36ah batteries in a tray between the seats in the cab. The “FFR” ones that had radios in the back had a 2nd battery tray in the front left corner of the rear body and - at least in the one I worked on which had been “got at” - each battery was paralleled with the equivalent one in the cab battery box An. unmodified SUMB will also have a battery cutoff switch on the left side of the engine/gearbox tunnel in the driver’s footwell which is connected between chassis and the battery negative ( so battery negative is floating when the power is cut off) there should be a 2-pin US style jump start/charging socket to the left of the drivers seat you can use to connect an external battery pack. regards IAin
  2. Sabre clansman question

    Assuming a radio is healthy the test switch can be turned to the "28V SPLY" position to confirm on the meter that there is a power input even if the radio is switched off. I am not familiar with the CVRT installations but usually the radios in harness have at least 4 connections: 1) A 2 pin power lead from the DC input socket to a "LT Box" with anything from 1 to 15 2 pin power sockets - this will in turn be fed from a switchboard or direct from the battery. The 353 unlike the 321 does not have a user accessible input fuse but relies on the fuse in the LT box (I find a lot of LT boxes have blown fuses or have been robbed of fuses, as they come from Withams) . PTS Norfolk aka GTEN98 on E-Bay has the full range of fuses if that's all it is. 2) An audio connection from the "Harness" socket on the radio to a radio port on the "Interface Box" (IB2 or IB3) 3) A coaxial BNC cable to the ARFAT box 4) A control cable from the large ANT/ARFAT socket to the ARFAT box As Bazz noted, with Clansman, unlike some older AFV radios, the intercom amplifier is in the Interface box so intercom works with no radios connected. All that "should" be necessary for intercom to work is power to the interface box and a ring of 12 pin harness cables linking all of the crew boxes to each other and the interface box. |---CB2---CB2---IB2---CB2---CB2---| | | |------DB-----------COMMANDER-----| | CPU (This example is a 2 radio system with too many crew boxes) It is also important to match the type of headgear and interface / crew boxes - the boxes should either be all gold fronted (new ANR boxes) or all black fronted (original). The black pressil boxes for the headset push to talk are used with the original type and the green pressil boxes are used with the ANR type (I think ANR are backward compatible with original but not 100% sure) Regards Iain
  3. Also consider RAF Foxhall Heath (a WW2 RAF wireless site now the home of the Suffolk Aviation Heritage Society) and Landguard Fort / Felixstowe Museum (a WW1 and 2 coast defence battery) - there is also a radar museum at Bawdsey, site of the first operational Chain Home set and later an RAF Bloodhound missile site Iain
  4. Here are my photos from today’s event - nice weather, nice people and nice vehicles plus decent catering - looking forward to next year ! Iain
  5. until
    The Suffolk Aviation Heritage Society has a Classic Vehicle Weekend on 14th and 15th October at their RAF Foxhall Heath Museum. I understand that it is open from 11am-4pm both days. I hope to be there with the Landrover on Sunday myself. Details should be at: www.suffolkaviationheritage.org.uk although the page is not working for some reason as of 12th Oct.
  6. Pictures not showing

    Likewise - Joris attached a screenshot when replying to my Avatars post that I can't see and if I click on it I get a "404 not found" error. I can see the Quad above though ! Another one that fails for me is FESM_NDT's australian finds post - the url that gets 404 error is: http:\\hmvf.co.uk/topic/37688-australian-finds/<fileStore.core_Attachment%GT;/monthly_2017_10/20170916_110504.jpg.7f12768dfcdc8f999adb2e03fe881725.jpg Comparing the pic of the quad that I can see the link code is: http:\\content.invisioncic.com/hmvf/monthly_2017_10/quad01.jpg.54a4c427b2874a68c0cb93bb12254f65.jpg I changed the initial // to \\ and the embedded left and right arrows to < and > so the link code displays in the post Iain
  7. How do I upload an Avatar on the new forum?

    Joris Thanks - now done. As an aside the screenshot doesn't display and I get 404 not found if I click on it. Regards Iain
  8. Hi I would have opened a support ticket but "that feature is not available to my account" yet, and the answer may anyway be useful to more than me so I will post it here where it's searchable. I see some users have correct sized avatar images of their choice beside their names, but others have an initial letter of their forum username in a circle - "G" in my case. I have tried uploading a picture but that hasn't appeared as an avatar - a larger version appears if I hover the mouse pointer over the "G". I can't see a way in the "profile" or "account" settings to do so - is it one of those things that have been migrated but aren't yet available to edit ? Thanks Iain
  9. Army radio sales co

    I have had things from them in the past but didn't get a reply last time I asked for pricing on something (late last year as I recall) - for Clansman kit I concur with the recommendations of ta_shuntca_uitco, Steve Slack and PTS Norfolk. These are Clansman specialists - for Russian and NATO radios I have used radiosurplus.it, https://www.sparks-military.com/en/, and http://www.reforger.de/en/18-us-army-military-radio- this year with success - TDM Electronics in Poland sometimes have good prices and sometimes not, as well. Iain
  10. Debach Museum joins HMVF

    Welcome here ! Iain
  11. Voltmeter advice needed

    Hi To get the total resistance needed for a given full scale deflection (FSD) we use ohms law R = V / I where V is the FSD voltage on the scale and I is the current needed by the meter (which is in reality current operated) We know from the scale that this meter has a resistance of 400 ohms and a lower range of 6V, so changing the subject of the formula I = V/R = 6/400 = 0.015 = 15ma The total resistance needed for 15ma at 60v is R = V/I = 60/0.015 = 4000 Ohms. Since the meter itself has a resistance of 400 ohms we need to add 3600 ohms (3.6K) in series with the meter as a "multiplier" to make up 4000 ohms. As a sanity check, the less scientific approach is to say that as the FSD current is a physical property of the meter, and to get the same current at 60V as at 6V requires a resistance 10 times higher, and as the meter is marked 400 ohms, the 60V range should need 400 * 10 = 4000 ohms. Hope this helps Iain PS the original post already confirms that the 6V range is accurate without a series resistor, so we can calculate it as 6V / 400 ohms. Otherwise there would be no way to know the full scale current unless it is printed on the meter. Anyone else reading this who has an unknown voltmeter should be careful testing without a series resistor in case it was designed to use an external one - best to start with a reasonably high value (around 20,000 ohms in series per volt of scale is needed to protect a 50 microamp movement) and reduce it until the meter reads full scale at the correct voltage, and then work out or measure the FSD current.
  12. Suffolk MVT

    My daughter's Ju-Jitsu class has changed to Tuesdays so dad's taxi is needed elsewhere now so apologies for this and next month, at least - Iain
  13. Suffolk MVT

    Thanks. Tuesday evenings should be free for the next two months - I recognise a few of the owners on your page and I think Jack's landrover is younger than mine Iain
  14. Suffolk MVT

    Hi I really must join - although my landrover 90 may be a bit modern for MVT now I no longer have the SUMB ? @ Lozzaboy: as an aside I must be within yards of you (on A140 just south of Brockford BP filling station!) @ N.O.S: What evenings are the meetings at the RBL ? Iain
  15. Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the forum ! I have some Clansman info at http://www.g0ozs.org/clansman which may help, it's also worth joining the WS19 group (http://www.royalsignals.org.uk) or VMARS to get access to an archive of the installation and service manuals Regards Iain