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  1. Dear All Ages ago I posted looking for a spare wheel for my NCRS box trailer (see: http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/35307-spare-670r13-wheel-for-ncrs-trailer/ ) I have managed to get a wheel that matches but the tyre that came with it is significantly lower profile and I really need the right one so the towbar height is correct (and I would have to change all 4 plus get a spare of the new size at even greater expense ... ) . There were few (probably less than 100) NCRS box trailers ever made so I can't believe it is the only thing that uses this wheel and tyre - does anyone know what they came from as that might give me some more ideas where to look ? Regards Iain
  2. R109 front gard

    Graham I have one - I think first chance to measure will be Tuesday evening though Regards Iain
  3. Dear All I have to list a number of my more expensive and less used items on e-bay and the latest to go is my UK/PRC-319 HF patrol set. The listing is at: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-PRC-319-HF-SSB-CW-transceiver-ex-SAS-SBS-SRR-working-with-EMU-and-some-extras/183055625790 I have also updated my website article at http://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/PRC-319.html and added recordings of the set in use. I will shortly have some other items coming up which are too big to post and will need to be collected from East Suffolk when I get time and daylight/weather to do the photos including a Sankey Trailer, an NCRS box trailer and a Cobham EX105 medium duty fibreglass mast. Please inquire via forum PM if interested before I get round to listing them ! Iain 73 de G0OZS
  4. Vince Thanks. I have a couple of the big grey ones to look at one day - I will give that a go when I do Iain
  5. Nick Thanks - there is a very similar battery across the water at Landguard in Felixstowe but there is no public access to the WW1/2 batteries - I think mainly for H&S reasons and because they are partly in a nature reserve. So the close up photos of the Harwich side are most interesting ! Iain
  6. 19 set - cosmetic restoration

    Simon Well done - it looks really good Iain
  7. My late fathers Deact collection

    I think he bought most of the collection in the 1980s looking at the deactivation certificates and receipts that came with them. . He did have a firearms certificate and a live firearms collection until the 1980s (and was working as a deer stalker around the time I was born) and I believe that the deact SMLE replaced a real one. He had some pre-war shooting experience and was called up in 1939 (born April 1922 so just old enough to be in from the start) and I think his interest in firearms started then - he never really discussed anything later than that however. Later, he worked in the Middle East and East Africa from 1956 or earlier initially for the Department of Overseas Survey in Oman and Eritrea, later as a private sector contract surveyor in Iraq and Kurdistan until 1961 - he was there for the 1958 revolution and the 1961 Kuwait crisis and decided to call it a day after that and marry my mum in 1962. I have several dozen boxes of slides from his travels to clean up and scan - many are records of places that have been comprehensively wrecked over the last 20 years so I will add them to my website in due course as a lasting memorial to both him and the world he visited that is no more. Iain
  8. New Clansman Photo Albums

    As an aside, I am looking for a good photo - 800x600 or bigger - of a RT-320 mounted as a clip-in set in a GS landrover with permission to use it on my web site - I did have mine set up that way but the inside of the landrover was rather dark and the pictures I took weren't good enough - I will obviously give full credit to the owner(s) of any images used on my web site. Iain
  9. Dear All I'm in the process of rebuilding my websites as the original 2008/9 design is looking rather dated and I have had a forced change of hosting for one of my sites. The HTML is a work in progress at https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Clansman.html https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Radios.html So far I have only re-written the UK/PRC-319 and UK/PRC-320 pages - the UK/VRC321 and 322 will be next. The image galleries have been migrated to Amazon web services and are available in full at: http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/clansman/ Enjoy ! I've also uploaded the BATES/BMETS galleries (strictly the successor LACS hardware running BATES code) at http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/BATES/ Constructive comments welcome via forum PM Iain 73 de G0OZS
  10. Dear All I've been sorting through photos I took when getting my father's collection valued and sold in 2013/2014 and I thought I would post a link to them here in case they are useful to anyone for research or modelling purposes. The album is at: http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/gordon/deacts/index.html All of these items were sold to a dealer in 2013 or 2014 so are no longer available from me. Regards Iain
  11. Yes BCC was sold to RACAL in the late 1960s - the "Racal" clansman sets and peripherals are really BCC sets and the separate "BCC" part numbers continue to this day with Thales: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/panther with sets like the BCC67 and BCC69 Panther
  12. Racal bcc 563 aamtu

    You can still get the mounts from helmut-singer.de (http://www.helmut-singer.de/stock/1756077493.html) - if the mounting blocks are missing from the radio then Dave G8XUL has published a 3d printer model at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2680033 that cost him 29p to manufacture for me ! Iain 73 de G0OZS
  13. I think it depends on who imported them - I once had BNT??K which was imported by the Gun bus company (later WH Bone) which is the other extreme. the French “Charge Utile” magazine had a production history in a 3 part article (issues 87-89 from memory) which suggests trials in 1959 although the radiator grille looked quite different and series production of about 8000 units from 1961 through 1972 with mostly 3 tonne long wheelbase units after 1970. The bulk were delivered in large orders from 1964 to 1968. this does not completely mesh with the serial numbers - the three I had were in the 13,000s, 14,000s and 17,000s so I guess they either made more for other customers or started from 10K rather than 1. There are some differences between early and late units if they still have all of their original parts - in particular later units have a 2-bar wing mirror support and rectangular rather than round mirrors. I suppose the only sure way to date a specimen is to have the tree rings in the wooden load bed dated by a dendrochronologist regards & seasons greetings iain Ps I have 2 rear body side panels (a bit rusty) left free of charge to take away if anyone wants to collect them
  14. BCC radio-telephone type 80

    The heater current alone will be significant - I would expect for something of this period that the heaters are wired to run off the vehicle supply and the transistors will be a power oscillator driving the transformer for the high voltage supply (in preference to the mechanical vibrators used in 1940s sets). It's worth turning the lights off when it is powered to check all the valves are glowing. I would expect for a set getting on for 60 60 years old that some components will have aged - the usual suspects are capacitors (both electrolytics and "Hunts" paper capacitors with a metal can that has a tag one end and a wire through a rubber bung the other end) gradually which become leaky and carbon composition resistors which end up much higher than marked value. Disconnecting and testing these is generally a good idea. Mechanical contacts in switches and potentiometers also tend to corrosion and go high resistance if disused, especially in cool damp storage. You may find: https://www.vintage-radio.com/repair-restore-information/index.html useful. Early germanium transistors suffer from various slow deterioration mechanisms unknown at the time they were made - both crystal growths on the surface in storage electro-migration when in use. If the power inverter is not oscillating because of transistor failure then there will be no HT voltage even though the valves are lit. If it does have an inverter power supply using the transistors as I suspect, then the circuit is likely similar to a Heathkit HP-13 see: http://radionerds.com/images/3/3f/Portable_power_for_the_TCS-Roger_Basford_G3VKM.pdf As it has two fixed channels determined by the crystals either side of the relay at bottom right you will need to either find an airfield that uses those channels or use a signal generator instead - changing the crystals before it is otherwise working is unlikely to succeed because there are then too many unknowns Regards Iain
  15. Any ideas about this halftrack?

    FWD Roadless B4E1 http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205212661 with a little help from Google