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  1. Does anyone know what type of vehicle was 50 RB 34
  2. Major issue by the sound of it, condition is being discused on another forum
  3. Some folk have no sense of humour
  4. If only !!!!!!!! then there would be more room for real military vehicles.
  5. I have the rope cleats & might have some legs, I also have a complete unrestored trailer forsale.
  6. Have you tried Ebay, Milweb etc ?
  7. Hi Emilios I've just seen your post, send me a PM with your contact number.
  8. Ian L

    Brake shoes

    Hi Pete. I know a lot of people on this forum including myself use Saftek. They do soft lining's that really stop you. https://saftek.co.uk/friction-products-for-classic-vehicles-and-race-applications/ I've had my Humber Heavy Utility, Morris C8 & Ariel WNG done by them & their turnaround is less that a week every time.
  9. Hello RAFMT did you receive my PM to you ? Regards Ian
  10. Lovely looking restoration, I'm surprised its not sold at £6,500. good luck.
  11. The Victoty show is back again for 2020 then ? Only missed this year because of Arnhem
  12. Thanks for the heads up Nick, I've just booked in my Norton 16H & Ariel WNG
  13. Promote that man to Squadron leader, that's exactly what I'm looking for where did you find it & have you got the other appendix's B E F G mentioned. I knew it would be an exact pattern/size, I'll up the airfield tonight practising my night landings.
  14. Where did you get that from Guy as I'm not sure I agree with that. As a pilot myself I dont see how you would get the landing perceptive & flare height right without the spacing always being the same otherwise you would not be able to judge height above ground or runway distance.
  15. Hi Guy. That's good mate that's a start, that's sort of what I'm looking for as I cant find anything on 'Wicki' There must be a booklet around showing how these were used & laid out on a landing strip ? thay would have to be spaced at an exact distance otherwise the pilot would not know the length of the runway at night.
  16. Oh ok I thought it was going to be instructions on how to use it ?
  17. The publication regarding to that reference number i posted
  18. Hi Guys I'm looking for this information regarding the Goose Neck Flares. The '21G/95' is the RAF AP 1086 Stores Vocabulary number, i.e. Section 21G, Reference 95 Clive can you help ?
  19. Ok 5 days but my point is that the organiser is providing all the amenities we need for a cheap camp & then half way through the paying public come in.
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