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  1. Stunning ....... we've just arrived at the camping field for a 3 day break.
  2. Have you tried the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
  3. Have you looked at the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? you will defiantly find your answer there. Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
  4. Hi Guy no, Tim owns the book & I'm hoping he's going to look through them all for me ?
  5. I've now contacted the person that originally posted this photo on my restoration thread but he cant remember which book it came from but he thinks its a Lancaster book as he resides in 'Bomber Country'
  6. Hi Larry yes I've seen that one at the museum, thats where the photo came from but they cant remember which book it came from.
  7. A few photos of progress so far, most the parts are now fitted to the repaired chassis frame including to correct 1942 Petter PU8 engine which is partly stripped down so that the camshaft can be modified in order to fit the clutch as I was unable to find an original camshaft. The roof is off the postwar trailer which is now no more as I've 'broken it' for parts, the complete roof assembly has been used as it almost identical to the original except there's no hatch in the top so that will have to be fabricated later.
  8. Found the correct parking brake lever in my scrap pile, just needs straightening.
  9. The 4 corner legs were bent, corroded & broken so lots of heat & hammering & eventually the old legs came out, next is drilling out the broken screw threads.
  10. I'm also going to use the old mudguards from the AFS pump trailer, just sizing them up with a brick on top of the tyre so we can make the new brackets.
  11. Making a fresh start on this project after over 2 years away from it due to poor health, the axle, brakes & wheels were totally rotted out & U/S due to it sitting in a scrap yard for 40+ years so I had to find a replacement. What I found was a WW2 AFS pump trailer which although only had 3 stud wheels the size & style (easicleans) are the same & once the hub caps are fitted you wont know the difference, the axle had to be made narrower by 12" so that was cut & welded with a solid steel strengthener bar fitted in the centre, the spring brackets & brake pivot also had to be cut off & welded in their new positions
  12. Making a fresh start on this project after over 2 years away from it due to poor health, nice easy job silver soldering the new brass nipples onto the new brass water hose connectors, 28 of them to do in total.
  13. Hi Clive that's what I've done but it makes the thread look untidy, cheers mate.
  14. Hi Guy didn't work mate, I had already tried the edit way but it wont let you delete a whole post
  15. Hi Alan they are a massive amount of help mate, that's the prewar type that I'm restoring with PU8 petrol engine, 16" Easiclean wheels, braked axle & mudguards. spot on, any more ?
  16. Hi guys yes I'm stupid !!!! How do I delete a post ? I can see how to edit it but not delete it. cheers
  17. Thank Peter, would his correct name to Tim ? he's a pilot ?
  18. Here's the full picture with no text taken taken by me through a glass screen, the other picture was sent to me by the owner of that book but I cant get hold of him anymore.
  19. Yes I think your right now I've looked again, the 63 is in the wrong place for a page number ?
  20. I'm trying to locate the book this photo came from ? the only clue I have is its page 63 & some text.
  21. I'm trying to get hold of HMVF member with the alias name 'russell sprout' but the last time he was active was October 2017 so although I sent him a message he's unlightly to get it. Anyone know him & could get a message to him ? Cheers Ian
  22. Just got back from Bungay Air museum in Suffolk who have a compressor trailer identical to mine (except there's has an unbraked axle & 19" wheels) & on the information board is this copy of a photo of the compressor in use pumping airbags to lift a crashed Wellington bomber. Question is ? what book did this photo come from as I would like a clearer photo rather that the photo I took through a glass screen ?
  23. Hi Andy. 25 TPI is the same thread as used on all the fuel connections on my 2 1945 Standard Tilly's which also stumped us but when we checked a bit further its a thread that 'some' car manufacturer's used in the 20s & 30s
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