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  1. The brush is 1 3/4" & total length is 8 1/2"
  2. Can anyone tell me more about this ? AN3960 C&S 1943 on the threaded part & DD1S 1945 on the brush part
  3. I think that's the internal part of the filter that I was trying to make ?
  4. Hi Richard that looks like the correct Internal part of the strainer body that I was trying to make & Alan has posted a picture of, you lucky sod ha ha
  5. Hi Alan. I wish I had seen that earlier, can you email me this image please as I cant copy or enlarge this one. Thanks Ian
  6. Hi Guy. Cheers, I've just contacted Alan & he said the Diagram he found is from the post war 1956 200 gallon bowser manual & not the wartime 180 gallon so it is incorrect, so that clears that up.
  7. Guy / Richard. They are similar but not the same, I still think the pair that I am making look closer to the photo' s circles red. Also the trailer photo has float blocks with single straps & hose coming straight out the top of the Syphon where as the diagram is completely different from the trailer photo.
  8. Hi Richard what surprises me most is where this information came from QUOTE : ' My thanks got to Alan Tanknut for his research and for supplying the diagram above' Somebody that I know as he is restoring a Humber Box & has had 180 Gallon parts off me in just the last couple of weeks. I will have to have words with him.
  9. Hi Guy. why did nobody post this before & where has it come from ? the exploded view of the strainer is not the same as the one in the rear trailer shot as it has a side hinge & pin lock rather than a clip either side ?
  10. Hi Richard in answer to you 1st question these strainers we made measure 7 1/2" across which fit exactly into the round holders. We have made them by enlarging the original photo but in hindsight I wish I had made them about 1" taller but too late now, the tops have a slight curve which looks about right ? We can also see that the tops are held on by 2 toggle latch's similar to the ones in my photo so when I go to Stoneleigh in February I'll look for military / period looking ones.
  11. Next job was fabricating the 2 Syphon's / Suction filters, the only photo I have of them is this early war photo which blown up has given us enough detail to fabricate something that looks right. Started off with this Hugh 1970's fire service syphon which just happens to be the same diameter as the original's and which fit into 2 brackets next to the filters. I will post photos of the completed items tomorrow
  12. Hi Richard. No to question #1 You don't want to know to question #2
  13. A friend of mine has been busy making replica Stellar Filters for his bowser. Meta filters are similar.
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