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  1. Ian L

    Ariel WNG

    Just dug my 1941 Ariel WNG out to put it back on the road, I've owned it a couple of years but the previous owner had it 25+ in storage. I have the original buff logbook & The dating letter arrived back today from the MVT. 1st job was to check for a spark but after cleaning the points still no go so who does magneto repairs ?
  2. Ian L

    The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    Seen a few in Weymouth bay myself as I used to skipper a boat out of there, not much left of the one's I've seen you must of been lucky.
  3. Ian L

    The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    Have you ever seen an aircraft wreck that's spent 50 years in salt water around the British isles ? I've spent 25 years diving these waters and there ain't much left of them here wrecks. Good luck though.
  4. Ian L

    RAF accumulator trolley

    6' of rope ? yes please help required !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ian L

    RAF accumulator trolley

    Do you have a photo, I have a keen interest in WW2 RAF trailers.
  6. Spent the days making the new inside cab engine panels today, photos to follow ASAP. The carburettor has been a problem getting it to fit under the bulkhead but have finally managed it today by machining 5mm off the insulator block & about 10mm+ off the alloy adapter plate, it now looks a lot better with a WW2 Jeep airhorn fitted on top with about 8mm clearance above.
  7. Ian L

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Hi Ron who do you use for your plating if that's not classified information. Regards Ian
  8. I broke one of those REME electrical repair trailers a few years ago & still have a few bits left including all the brass data plates if you need them ? I like that TASKERS Andover (1932) plate, what trailer did that come off ?
  9. Ian L

    Stoneleigh Militaria Show

    Yes, see you there Chris.
  10. Ian L

    My old threads & posts

    Cheers Bernard that's what I've been looking for.
  11. Ian L

    My old threads & posts

    Still cant get the hand of this new site, I've come back after a few months away but its driving me to despair !!!! #1 Where do I find my started threads ? #2 Where do I find my latest posts ? I cant update my restoration thread's without looking back through thousands of posts, there must be an easier way ?
  12. Ian L

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Yuck !!!! how about they could fit a Ford Transit Diesel engine in for reliability ?
  13. Luckily the radiator top hose junction is a bolt on type rather than soldered on so I was able to fabricate a straight 35mm junction which lines up with the Land-rover thermostat housing rather than the origional 2" angled unit that I've removed.