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  1. Hi Andy. 25 TPI is the same thread as used on all the fuel connections on my 2 1945 Standard Tilly's which also stumped us but when we checked a bit further its a thread that 'some' car manufacturer's used in the 20s & 30s
  2. Butted !! I didn't know what they were called, thanks again.
  3. Hi guys where can I get these wheel spokes from for my Matchless G3 ? They are thicker at the base for about 3cms. Cheers
  4. Cheers Steve, I've just replied to your PM
  5. Thanks for the offer Ron, catch you in Normandy ?
  6. That's an offer I cant refuse & I don't even know who you are ? Like I said I've replaced 5 plates with 4 modern bonded type, I've also run it dry & no its not slack on the shaft (enough puns) And like I said in my original message we suspect the clutch basket & bearing despite there being little to no play but I have no idea where to get a new set from (except India which I won't do) I will PM you my details. Regards Ian
  7. Hi Ron. Abingdon, Oxford. like I said I'm happy to put it on the trailer. Regards Ian. P.S. we did have a brief exchange of emails
  8. Like I said the plates are dry, even run it without the primary drive cover & no oil.
  9. Hi Guys with Normandy 2019 fast approaching I desperately need advise or help !!!! with my 1944 Norton 16H which has developed a clutch fault. Friends & 'experts' have had a look & offered advise with regards to why the clutch has started dragging which makes finding neutral almost impossible & juddering & lurching when you release the clutch from standing (especially when hot & in traffic) All the obvious things have been looked at, the plates are new (4 now rather than 5) everything is straight & oil free, there's loads of movement when the lever is pulled in. The only thing we cant be sure about is the clutch basket & roller bearings ?? it runs lovely & straight but how much movement / wobble should there be when the clutch lever is pulled in ? I need an 'expert to take a look, I'm very willing to put it on a trailer and bring it to them but times running out.
  10. Ian L

    Ariel WNG

    Just dug my 1941 Ariel WNG out to put it back on the road, I've owned it a couple of years but the previous owner had it 25+ in storage. I have the original buff logbook & The dating letter arrived back today from the MVT. 1st job was to check for a spark but after cleaning the points still no go so who does magneto repairs ?
  11. Seen a few in Weymouth bay myself as I used to skipper a boat out of there, not much left of the one's I've seen you must of been lucky.
  12. Have you ever seen an aircraft wreck that's spent 50 years in salt water around the British isles ? I've spent 25 years diving these waters and there ain't much left of them here wrecks. Good luck though.
  13. 6' of rope ? yes please help required !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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