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  1. My old threads & posts

    Still cant get the hand of this new site, I've come back after a few months away but its driving me to despair !!!! #1 Where do I find my started threads ? #2 Where do I find my latest posts ? I cant update my restoration thread's without looking back through thousands of posts, there must be an easier way ?
  2. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Yuck !!!! how about they could fit a Ford Transit Diesel engine in for reliability ?
  3. Luckily the radiator top hose junction is a bolt on type rather than soldered on so I was able to fabricate a straight 35mm junction which lines up with the Land-rover thermostat housing rather than the origional 2" angled unit that I've removed.
  4. Almost finished fabricating the new radiator fan cowl, I've fitted it over the top of the original & cut out a much smaller hole which lines up with fan but I've not made the circular part yet as I'm not entirely happy with my idea.
  5. Manifolds cleaned, painted & fitted. I have also made a curved down pipe that mates up with the original silencer in the original position.
  6. My latest posts not visable

    That's the ones but why can't I see them ?
  7. My latest posts not visable

    This is the 1st time I've been back to the forum since the upgrade 2/3 months ago & the 1st time I have updated any of my restoration projects. Please tell me why the posts I put on a few hours ago about my Morris C8 conversion don't show up or at-least I cant see them !!!!!
  8. The only place to fit the remote oil filter was the top L/H side of the engine utilising the engine lifting eye position on the front of the head. Once painted green it should look a bit like the Jeep position, I think the copper oils pipes give the engine an older appearance ?
  9. OK play resumed, knocked up this with a mate using just a Pillar Drill as that's all we had, its the remote oil filter adapter as there is not enough room between the engine & chassis to fit the original & the clutch pedal fouled it.
  10. All of that work was done in November / early December, then I did this which stopped play for 4 weeks. Crushed both hands under a trailer which fell off a jack.
  11. Engine fitted back into the chassis utilising the original rear Morris gearbox chassis brackets & the fabricated front brackets, no cutting or welding of the original vehicle was required & only a few holes drilled in the chassis for the front mounts.
  12. Old 9" Land-Rover flywheel binned & new 9 I/2" Land-Rover flywheel fitted. The 9 7/8" Austin Shearline clutch friction plate had to be taken down 3/8" in diameter to fit under the pressure plate so its now pretty close to the outer ring of rivets.
  13. New Land-Rover clutch release bearing & newly fabricated release bearing carrier.
  14. Engine, adapter plate & new engine mounts now looking 'pretty' in MOWOG green.
  15. Engine now removed again for welding the new mounts onto the new engine/gearbox adapter plate.