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  1. Hi Richard. No to question #1 You don't want to know to question #2
  2. A friend of mine has been busy making replica Stellar Filters for his bowser. Meta filters are similar.
  3. If it helps ? it did come with a job lot of about 6 Morris Quad data plates ?
  4. Does anyone know what type of vehicle was 50 RB 34
  5. Major issue by the sound of it, condition is being discused on another forum
  6. Some folk have no sense of humour
  7. If only !!!!!!!! then there would be more room for real military vehicles.
  8. Hi

    the rope cleats you have are they for sale if so what is the price for four of them (I need the ones to go on the metal sections please)

    Thanks in advance 


  9. I have the rope cleats & might have some legs, I also have a complete unrestored trailer forsale.
  10. Have you tried Ebay, Milweb etc ?
  11. Hi Emilios I've just seen your post, send me a PM with your contact number.
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