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  1. You should know they dont have a seal.
  2. Ha Ha correct Richard, but I wish there was tben I could stop the leak om my K5. Any ideas or a mod that will stop the leak ? Thanks.
  3. State of play so far !!!!!!! So after 3 years of doing nothing on the 1st Tilly due to ill health I have decided to made a start with some easy jobs. Engine / Gearbox & engine bay is finished but I never started & test run the 'new' engine.
  4. Another great find arrived in the post a couple of days ago.
  5. Cheers Duson I've just ordered one, how is your 180 gallon bowser coming along ?
  6. I'm after one of these dash/ignition lights for my 1944 Standard Tilly, does anyone have one for sale or know the Lucas part number so that I can look for one. cheers.
  7. Found this spray gun on Ebay & 2 adverts on the internet dated 1939 & 1940 showing that these would be correct for the compressor. https://www.aviationancestry.co.uk/?searchQuery=Colour+Sprays&startYear=1930&endYear=1945
  8. What a shame, tragic for us & the public but even more so for the organisers.
  9. Just 'nicked' this photo off the Jerry Can Facebook page, I have 10+ WATER Jerry cans to paint like this to go with the Bowser.
  10. I think the 2nd engine I fitted is 5 bearing ? I will have a look.
  11. Another lucky find on Ebay, won it for £150 & picked it up last week. Its the correct Air Ministry AM PU8 complete with all its data plates & the splined output shaft for the clutch/pulley's. The other 5 PU8 engines I have found all had the incorrect keyway output shaft.
  12. Hi Chris thanks, I normally tow my 1942 20cwt generator trailer behind it but soon it might be this bowser.
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