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  1. Following on from previous years shows this popular event makes another return to the calendar. For details of vehicle entry drop me a mail or get in touch direct with the museum. http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/forties-weekend/
  2. It was difficult to say as the layout was different, there were the same amount if not a few more there this year. We were going to go up for the weekend but sprogs with the weather forecast made us change plans so only went up Saturday. Public attendance was low not surprising considering it rained all day and a couple of stallholders didnt turn up but the traders I spoke to said that they had done OK. Mainly a lot of light/mediums.
  3. Has anyone got any contact details for the group which fly the Blenheim bomber which is flying at Bicester Heritage this weekend? Thanks in advance.
  4. Always a good weekend despite the rubbish weather on the Saturday!
  5. 1940's Weekend at Milton Keynes Museum, 5th - 6th September 2015. The biggest event of the year for M.K. Museum. Living History and re-enactor displays, live acts, outdoor and indoor stages. Due to development plans and the expansion of parking for the public the event for vehicles will be admittance only with a valid pass which you can apply for purely so that we can organise parking for them. Pre 1949 vehicles only no replicas. Contact details on the MVT website or PM me for an application form. http://www.miltonkeynesmuseum.org.uk/
  6. If you don't want to take advantage of the Furniture wonderland sales download adblocker for free, works on everything, probably the most useful and easiest thing I have ever downloaded!
  7. Gary, download Adblock, its easy and free and it works. This subject has come up before! Maybe HMVF should do a Youtube channel and reap the benefits from that, if it works for Stampylongnose (ask my kids) for minecraft videos maybe it would work as well for HMVF. As long as jack doesn't mind doing the videos and talking in an incredibly annoying voice over the top.
  8. Have you tried looking online for any War Diaries that might exist in book form, try Amazon or the Evilbay.
  9. Good luck into working out how to upload photos! (From the very North of Bucks)
  10. Yes, on both counts! Have been in touch with her, I want to try and get an evening event on as well, fingers crossed.
  11. Yep, I do, Im one of the organisers. Normally go up with the jeep, though couldn't make this year as we went to France.
  12. Hello Dan, also from MK. Good to see another local on here. I started off with a Landrover, sold it, Landy ambulance, sold it. Bought a knackered 1944 Morris, sold that, then a Ferret eventually ending up to be able to afford a 44 GPW. Took a while......
  13. Ahh. There were some athletic medals and awards that came with it. Getting closer. Great help.
  14. Interesting. I have his pair of war medals as he seemed to have been a policeman during the Blitz in Spitalfields. Always a possibility that he went on serving after the war, although police records aren't online unfortunately.
  15. Right, I acquired this with some WW2 police medals, can anyone identify it, is it Military Police? Thanks in advance. Rick
  16. Rick W, in some vague hope...
  17. Thanks for that, I googled his name and he turns out to have been a policeman in Spitalfields during the Blitz, thats all I have found out for now. I will try the other searches.
  18. I recently acquired a family set of medals, WW1 and WW2, the WW1 are standard ones and I have the history for them. But I'm trying to get a history/medal card for a couple of police medals that Im not familiar with, they also came with an embroidered badge with an MP insignia on it. The first medal is a standard issue Defence Medal 39-45, but it also comes with a medal for exemplary police service, the name engraved on it is to a Sergeant Ronald D. Pummell. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  19. I have some new tube flaps up for grabs if needed, which go between the wheel and inner tubes.
  20. Ah! I found online a reference to Anton Vogt in the list of Nazi party Officials. I think it was scanned from a book Who's who in the Nazi Party.
  21. Anton Vogt seems to have been the district treasurer for Hemburg - Hohenzollern(?)m - MDR (Stell rertrender Gauheiter und Gausschatzmeister wu Hemburg. Any further translation greatly appreciated!
  22. Thanks for that Richard, just muddled through a bit of translation and it would seem that they are all sports certificates. After a google search it may be that the person in question, although I think there may be more than one person may have been jewish Hildegard Linnarz. Hildegard is surely a german female. The other writing/name on the other certificates is "I. Mannschaft Sp.Vgg 1867 Andernach" If anyone knows what that means I would be grateful! As for the highly gothic certificates I cant make out the first name, but surname appears to be Vogt. Any suggestions on the first name would be appreciated.
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