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  1. Bit late to this discussion but the original aluminium paint for the interior was flame resistant being high in particulate aluminium. You can still buy such paints from better hardware stores though the paint finish is slightly grainy as you would expect.I once took a blowtorch to such paint and it barely scorched. The engine and transmission paint colour was referred to as 'Duck Egg Blue' and has a subtle greeny tinge to it. It is always best to quote the BS number when getting an accurate paint colour.
  2. Dave I still have some parts available including a complete axle. I will check tomorrow and get back to you. What else do you need. Doug.
  3. Peter, I have just seen this. I have a fluid flywheel if needed. There are a number of differences between the Fox and CVRT engines including the heat exchanger, coil mounting and exhaust manifolds.. I sold a load of spares last year to a Fox owner in London. If you are still stuck I will ask if he would like to part with any.Doug.
  4. Ferret MK 2/7 for sale. DIS 1959. Civilian registered as Historic Vehicle and currently on SORN. Very good runner with easy gear selection. Comes with a number of CES items including replica Sterling and II drivers sight.Tyres are good but spare is worn however a nos tyre is included though has some wall cracking.The Ferret is ready to show but the right hand bins would benefit from improvement though front and rear lids are original. Fitted with electric fuel pump on a separate switch and also a battery isolator. Priced to sell at only £15250 .
  5. Unfortunately it was more then just that. The accelerator lever on the carb had worked loose and had been mangled so I had to get in and replace it and also remove the accelerator link which was too short. By lowering the seat right down after removing the front fasteners and bungees I managed to tilt the bulkhead far enough to get access without removing it . The glacis was suspended from the front and tied to the roof so it was fairly safe.!! Job done and all back together.
  6. Hi Clive, I will have to transfer all my photos into a format for posting but don't know how. We have a printer/scanner and wonder if that is the best way. I need advice!
  7. I was OC Aerial Delivery Section at JATE around the time of the Gulf War of 1992. It was a REME responsibility to design and teat rigging schemes for Heavy Drop using the MSP and HSP which had been reintroduced to service. I would hope that the REME Museum would have some archive material and possibly copies of the platform clearances. These had to be endorsed by Boscombe Down after the RAF decided that they needed to take over as the Design Authority for Aerial Delivery systems. I had a load of old photos in my office and kept a few. One shows what was left after a Hornet Malkara hit the deck at terminal velocity, and I have a few other shots of Champ and Landrover loads. Also one of a Saracen .I rigged a Champ with trailer on an MSP for the REME 50 exhibition using the last remaining early mark MSP and original parachutes. It then went to the REME Museum at Arborfield but they saw fit to get rid of it. There is a nice colour photo of the rig at the front of Gus Gowers book on the Champ called the Champ Enigma.
  8. Isn't it amazing what interesting topics keep emerging. It reminded me that I have a photo of a Saracen wading in the sea up to the level of the turret ring. I wouldn't have wanted to be the driver. Sadly there is no official stamp on the back so don't know where it came from. I am not very techno savvy so don't know how to transfer a photo into here.I also have an old AATDU picture of a Saracen which has just been air-dropped on an HSP.
  9. What great photos. Did the reverse flow cooling on the Saracens work out there? I had heard that it didn't make much difference.
  10. I am now faced with the same problem on the Sabre. The carburettor needs adjusting which means taking the engine decks and front glacis off and also the engine bulkhead for a 2 minute job. Great
  11. Don't blame the Army, we had to live with the products of Industry as well. The problem was that the guys who designed these vehicles were youngsters who had never set foot inside a military vehicle let alone had to work on one. By the time we got our hands on them for ease of maintenance assessments it was too late. Not sure if it is any better now.
  12. I am selling a complete Number 5 field cookset on behalf of the late Bill Topp who was a keen collector of Military Vehicles and militaria in North East Scotland. It is in very good condition having come from Army storage since when it was never used. It is a heavy beast and would need to be sent by pallet or collected. If there is any interest out there I will send photos . Price would be around £300 though I would ask for generous offers as the proceeds will go to his family.
  13. Original Parts List for Ferrets MK4 and Mk5 in plastic EMER binder dated 1972, code number 60367. In excellent unmarked condition and bargain at £70. Also Ferret Mk1 and Mk2 Modification Instructions up to number 71. Dated from 1960 to 1966, EMER V627. In original EMER binder with few paw marks but in good used condition. Only £60. Open to offers on the pair.
  14. Hi, I have a carburettor, 2 headlight surrounds, a gearbox, front axle,fuse box, voltage regulator, horn/dip switch, starter switch, transfer box remote control, front grille, some door parts and cab glass. Also an engine sump and rocker cover. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I am in north Aberdeenshire ! cheers.Doug
  15. I still have a few MRA1 parts lying around. Will have a look and see what I have.
  16. Thanks for that . I have checked it out and it is a bit more ornate than the original. It is beginning to look like they produced a special insignia for their vehicle badges.I may not get what I am looking for !
  17. I have a good BV 202 engine plus ski rack, various minor body parts and a complete set of interior woodwork for sale. I am up in Aberdeenshire so purchases would need to be sent . I am open to offers for the lot or individual items but must get rid of everything.I don't want to scrap anything but may have to as I am down-sizing.
  18. Thanks for clearing that up, that is more as I understood it.
  19. Thanks for the links which I will pursue. I didn't realise that Bill Millin was Lovat Scouts. I have just heard from my sister who thinks we may still have Dad's dress jacket and hat so if we can get it all together we can donate it to the appropriate museum. You are ahead of me now !!cheers.Doug
  20. Thanks Wally, glad to hear that you are still to the fore !!best wishes.Doug
  21. Funnily enough after I replied to your last post I went back on to the internet to see what I could find and stumbled across the IWM which I hadn't thought of so I was only just ahead of you !! Thanks for your interest and suggestions and hope that someone out there can help. There doesn't seem to be much archive material on the Lovat Scouts which had such a brief existence though I found reference to a memorial in a wood near Lynne in Norfolk where they used to train. I kick myself when I think how we got rid of my fathers uniform which was splendid with chain mail on the shoulders however I still have his brass buttons with the crest on them.
  22. Yes, they are still on the case but sent me a copy of the wrong crest so I thought I would widen the net a bit just in case.
  23. I have an ex-Lovat Scouts Austin Champ which has known provenance and is possibly the only surviving vehicle of that Regiment. I foolishly painted over the original, though badly worn, regimental crests which were on both sides of the bonnet. I recently uncovered these again having decided to restore the original markings and can just make out some of the details. Much of it is illegible though it appears to be a white circular surround with a white stags head in the middle and a buckle at the bottom. Underneath is a silver scroll edged in black with 'THE LOVAT SCOUTS' written in black . The dimensions are width and height about 6 inches. Does anyone know of a source of the correct format of this crest as there are several variants. Also a source of transfers of military markings. My father served with the Tain detachment of the Lovat Scouts as OC REME Workshop and one of my earliest memories is getting a lift in a Champ sitting on his knee in the passenger seat. My Champ was used by the Elgin detachment and I have a photo of it given to me by the late Bill Topp showing his father standing beside it. He worked in the MT and the photo was taken around 1953/54 apparently. There has been little written about the Lovats so I wondered if anyone had any old photos relating to that period. Doug Matheson
  24. Thanks John, that's useful to know. I have also previously contacted Undercover Covers about my old Commer and they were very helpful.I didn't know there was a link there.
  25. Apparently you can have a new one made by the original suppliers to the MOD, which I think was Comptons of Birmingham. I also need one and have contacted them on several occasions but they have never got back to me though an estimated price of £500 was mentioned.
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