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  1. Wanted - side door for a Hagglunds BV206 rear personnel cabin . this is the small door with single fixed pane of glass . Would prefer one complete with glass , hinges etc but what have you ? I have a BV206 front cabin available as a parts source . No tracks , chassis or drivetrain , just the cabin and interior .
  2. I now have my Hagglunds trailer . Unfortunately it is missing the offside and rear doors so if anybody has either of these in good nick and at a reasonable price drop me a message .
  3. Thanks for that info , will look into it . Also apologies as I gave insufficient information in my original post . If at all possible I would like to get hold of a Hagglunds trailer pod - bit more useable space etc , would also want doors etc still to be on it .
  4. Can anyone suggest where I might get hold of an enclosed Hagglunds cabin , or does anyone have one to sell please ? I know Withams sold several a while ago but don't appear to have any more around and I've not seen any since .
  5. Good evening one and all . I have had a bit of a trawl of the net with little success so I though I would consult the Oracles of the HMVF ! I have an ex military vehicle which carries a Q plate , I don't suppose anybody was too bothered about it when it was registered by the dealer who sold it once demobbed as it was a working vehicle. The previous owner who sold it to me did actually give me a file of sundry paperwork amongst which is a letter from the manufacturer which confirms the year of build I have been trying to find out if it is possible to get this changed to an age appropriate reg but so far drawn a blank . I have a nagging feeling that I have read in the past that once something has a Q plate it is stuck with it but haven't been able to confirm that either . Any ideas would be most gratefully accepted and read .
  6. Thanks for the tip Tony , will give it a go when I'm back on my feet . Regarding the look of the batteries , I know there ain't a lot of room to do it on a Jeep but on my Dodge I made up a ply box which fitted around the Optima to make it look , at a glance , like a rubber cased original . And it also helped to hold it in place it being so much smaller than an ordinary battery .
  7. Hi Pete , only just seen your post as I'm afraid I do not bother to visit the forum very often these days . I have had a couple of Optima batteries over a period of years . I put one on my WC54 after I got fed up with the standard having insufficient guts to get it started . I now have a pair on my jeep after the originals died during the period of all my electrical problems , they have been there for a couple of years doing sterling service . I also had one of the larger ones which ended up in the Snow Trac when I sold that . They have all been good . If they stand around for ages they will loose charge eventually . I actually have a dead one in the garage which I bought to fit in my Triumph Vitesse . Due to various plans coming unstuck I've not got that back on the road again as I had promised myself I would . That battery has sat unused for quite some time , it's been abused for various jobs and left without being recharged , I've not looked after it properly and , unsurprisingly , it has expired but that's through my neglect rather than anything else . Yes they are a bit more expensive but I've come to believe that they are worth it .
  8. Hi Andrew , interesting to hear about your ST . Not heard of many surviving Falklands ST's , if you can manage to post up a photograph or two it would be good to see . As you may have seen , I recently sold my vehicle after having owned it for over thirteen years . It was hard to see it go but I never used it as much as I intended and I needed the space and the funds for another project although , ironically , that too has had to be put on hold . The recent spell of weather has made me wonder if I did the right thing but we managed alright and I think the ST has gone to a good home as it is now in a private collection in Germany .
  9. I bought myself a blasting cabinet a couple of years ago , I think it is Sealey branded & has proved very useful for smaller stuff although visibility can be a bit of a problem peering through the window . As already said , you do need a good compressor as any blaster is air hungry ! By the way , I believe that it's no longer permissible to use ordinary sand for blasting . Silica and lungs don't get on well !
  10. SOLD . Thank you to all those who expressed an interest in my ST . It has now sold and just left to become part of a private military vehicle collection in Germany .
  11. I found getting my wife to watch a few episodes of Shed & Buried worked quite well : " See , I could be a whole lot worse , look what other folk have got ! "
  12. One private owner since disposal by the military . Road registered from new , very low miles , very low hours and appears to have been very little used in service . Owned by me since July 2004 and stored undercover , it has been so much fun but I've not used it anywhere near as much as I should . It's just had new brake cylinders and flexible hoses fitted along with a new VW Heritage silencer box . It has to be one of the best unrestored ST4's around , very useable as it is but it could do with a repaint . Time for it to go to a new home so somebody else can have as much fun as we have . Located near Colchester in Essex . £8000 or swap with cash either way for a genuine Kaiser Willys M170 jeep in good condition .
  13. I have to confess to having bought the novel too..........not quite the book of the film but .........!
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