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  1. a replica van like this, loaded with bradworst and curry ketchup. might be a thing to sell Bavaria 0.0 beer too.
  2. Anything else you can do? like start it up in Germany instead whilst working with BAOR legend Wolfgang? I can still work for you and fly between Germany or Amsterdam back to the UK. Anything we can do further?
  3. quote: but please for those who have not made a comment yet, please if you can find the time to add a few comments and support my efforts to bring something different to our world...thank you to all those who have supported this so far... end quote.... i had interest in working for you in 2016, i still have that drive today. when you are ready, give a shout. i still have a 12 x 12 tent as used in the cold war to camp in if needed.
  4. i have for sale: a few 24v FFR ignitions and some leads / coils 24v alternators both dutch and uk style and a set of 24v petrol starter motors. and a load of series stuff like the gearbox guard plate, front axle casing with strengthener rib and a few items for a 3.5 rover V8 like SU carbs, 2x inlet manifold and 1x two barrel carb inlet manifold, 2x cylinder heads. is there any interest? they are in Holland but can put items on a pallet.
  5. Not the LT95 it rests on, I am wondering what the NATO green cradle is. And if someone needs it.
  6. I have a trailer rim in Holland, might have a tyre on it. I need to get the ones with the snow chain hooks so i can sell or trade one.
  7. It indeed is a 2.25 5MB lump i rebuild from holiday and birthday money. It will be mated to a late 2a gearbox (one of the rare full syncro units) Dash will be made from computer panels and all stuff i can find.
  8. Can the tank slosh desolve by a chemical and cleaned out the tank? A clean base to give it another try. Following as i got 2x 109 land rover military tanks and 2x 101 land rover tanks to do.
  9. It is a young show and got lots to learn but if they listen to people then water and entertainment issues will get sorted. Free entry for early bookings is not that bad. Last year my dad was the only 101fc ambulance on site.
  10. "I've never understood why people moan about the cost of getting to the show, no one is forced to attend, its your choice." not went for 3 years now, my dad the 101fc ambulance driver died last May... the extra charge did not help to get more toilets, and the value for money seemed to drop so why pay to get in that show? Friends that went this year ended it short and will not go back again. Time for other shows, keeping my eye on the one in Twente NL on how it develops and going for veterans days.
  11. £1500 in costs.. One 109 petrol with sankey from north lincs, one 101fc ambulance from near amsterdam and a support car with trailer. Boat costs and fuel cost a lot, camping cost extra as there were 6 adults. Food costs not included.
  12. If said show is for sale, the mvt buys it and rebrands it to take the bad feelings away i will join the club and visit the show.
  13. Wish i could be there for the test round, afteral... it is a nice birthday experience gift ( cough cough ) Great job done and the last bits take time. Cheers!
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