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  1. Fantastic Job,i have a soft spot for TMs as i passed my class one in one in 1990.Whats the mot like on it,is it a full lgv test?
  2. vpk109

    St Georges Day

    Doesn t usually stop you Micheal!!!
  3. Having run and shown an ex RLC ST1100 9see my previous thread) had a deal on a 1300 i couldn t refuse,1100 and a bit of cash went north,1300 came south.With 13,000 miles on the clock. A totally different machine to the 1100,a lot more comfortable and incredible power.Has anyone got any "in service" pics of them.I ve included a few pics from the first road run i did on her......escorting 2 432 and a handful of other vehicles.
  4. Mobile target carrier,well as mobile as you can be on tracks!!
  5. MY ST1100 has now gone,px d it for a ST1300,again,ex RLC,3 Tank Transporter Squadron,8 Transport Regiment Royal Logistic Corps,based at Bulford Wiltshire
  6. Is that an ex military bike Mark,looks like the Bomb disposal set up on the pod. Neil
  7. I ve never had any problems with the old bill down here in sunny Sussex,the only run in i had was on the M23 whilst late for a doo and was....uh hummmm say doing a tad more than the legal speed limit (52mph over to be exact) looked in the mirror and saw two police bikes coming up behing on blue lights,i thought,their not going very fast on a blue light run ,then i clocked my speed.The lead bike pulled up along side and fearing a point to the hard shoulder and licence please,thank you were look after that for 6 months,he merely pulled up alongside and told me to "slow down a bit!!" Mind you i was wearing full bike kit with an ESCORT hi vis,I know i was a very lucky boy!! My ST1100 goes next week and an ex RLC ST1300 is coming in its place.I ve been told by a friend whos a Sussex traffic cop,as long as your sensible and dont take the mickey,they ll leave you alone.I ve even got written permission from Sussex to use Blue lights if part of an organised prossesion on a closed public road...don t ask you dont get,or thats what i keep telling the wife! Two pics are me on a road run in September last year on the ST1100 and the second is the new ST1300
  8. ps,she is one very lucky young lady,bet her insurance premium was a tad steep upon renewal!!!
  9. This very nearly happened to me on the A38 at Litchfield on a bit of dual carriage way,i was driving a 6 axle 44t.55ft long 16ft high double deck artic and had just pulled back into the nearside lane after overtaking another wagon when a car appeared round the corner in the right hand lanetravelling towards me,missed it by inches.....certainly gets the heart going! A wagon doing 50 mph meeting a car head on doesn t bere thinking about.Took me ages to remove the seat cover from my backside!!!
  10. Defence cutbacks,ground crew are promoted to air crew,fed as much baked beans as they can eat and given a box of matches-light blue touch cloth paper and parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppp!!!!!!
  11. I remember passing this Foden going north on the M40 after last years War and Peace,i was driving an artic with a 16 foot high trailer and he wasn t far off that,bet he had to take it easy cornering with the centre of gravity so high,i d be a tad nervous pulling the flat rack back on too,a case of you can never have enough chains and straps!!! Nice to see one in civvi hands.Also saw a few days later one with a box body on it with the whole lot painted orange,also north bound on the M40. Fair old bit of kit,not for the faint hearted!!!!
  12. Got the full story about this accident from the company that recovered it (WH Motors from Crawley) The accident happened on the access road to Redhill (Surrey) TA centre,so this poor old Fodens been "terryfied!" He had hooked up to a trailer with airbrakes,went to pull away and the trailer handbrake was on,he jumped out of the cab to release the trailer handbrake but forgot to apply the main park brake on the Foden.He released the trailer brake,and being on a hill,gravity took over,if you look at the bank you can see where it ran up it,before rolling over.As you can see it ripped the front axle right out of it,this had to be removed before it was righted.Apparently it was a hell of a job to upright it,due to the width of the road.It was recovered back into the TA centre and the army removed it themselves,unfortunatly replacing it with another one!! Why am i surrounded by amateurs!!
  13. Thanks Recymech,seen the last 3 before but the first ones a cracking shot,i hope theres not a Scammell or Oshkosh trying to keep up with the bike in that shot!! I wonder if there s a convoy somewhere behind the bike and its charging up the road to slow oncoming traffic,or put a block in,something that i love doing on mine.Thanks for the pics.
  14. I love mine,its like riding an armchair with 100bhp!!! Trouble is you have to rein it in sometimes,being a sports tourer she wants to kick her heels and go sometimes!!
  15. Any one got any pics of Ford Cargos in uk military service,i know the Royal navy ran them,any other pics?
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