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  1. I think we're slightly at cross purposes here. Bridgeman v Corel is about the copyright of a photograph of a piece of art, not the copyright of the original art itself. It's about the Bridgeman Art Library's ability to charge for the use of its photographs, which is the business they're in. That's not the same as saying that a car or tank is "copyright" so you can't take a photo of it, which is the line some museums seem to be taking.
  2. Sorry guys, yet another FV432 newbie! :shocked: It won't arrive until next week and I've got assorted manuals on order, but in the meantime does anyone have a POL list? There's a thread on here that suggests one can be found on fv432.co.uk, but I can't see it. I'm also on the lookout for tracks and road wheels if anyone has any decent ones lurking around ....
  3. Almost certainly - he should have used red bricks! :nut:
  4. With the NT especially (although it also applies to other museums with voluntary helpers) you tend to be at the mercy of the individual. If you know in advance that there's something you want to look at, it's worth contacting them beforehand. I've done that at a couple of NT properties when I was researching paintings, and they were quite happy to let me come round when the house wasn't open to the public. The "behind the scenes" aspect is fascinating - I even got some free cake and a cup of tea! :-)
  5. That's actually a relatively recent policy, I've got loads of interior shots of properties from the days when there were no restrictions. I had a lively set of correspondence with NT HQ when they changed the rules, the reason given then was to cut down on "steal to order" burglaries.
  6. It didn't stop them killing off the last attempt back in 1966. CVA-01 and CVA-02 were to be called Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh!
  7. It's not the cost of the carriers themselves that's the problem, more the aircraft to put on them!
  8. Dauntless was commissioned on 3 June - and she was in Portsmouth on Sunday!
  9. So do these restrictions only apply to red diesel or to any untaxed fuel?
  10. With all due respect to the Saracen, I think that says more about the MOD's procurement policy than it does about the vehicle!
  11. Someone has to keep an eye on Mebyon Kernow!
  12. Hi Paul - Slightly further west than that, between Tavistock and Launceston. Andy
  13. As a newcomer I'm after advice on the purchase of an FV432. The vehicle would be kept at my sister's farm in Devon but I'd like to take it out on the road occasionally, if only for the Tesco run! I've got my Group H, so that's sorted, but what about the vehicle itself? There are various two or three year old threads here about registering them for the road, and some references to recent problems with DVLA about them being over-width. So if it's no longer possible to register them, I'm down to finding one from a private seller? Or has anyone managed to register one recently? Andy
  14. A quick introduction; I've already spent quite some time looking through the various threads so thought it was only sensible to join up. I'm Andy Michael and I live in Portsmouth. I've worked as a civilian in the MOD since the late 1970's, finally getting myself privatised as part of QinetiQ. My background is entirely on the naval side, so no experience of military vehicles at all other than the usual engineer's fascination with large noisy pieces of kit. I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer. I've recently got my Group H licence and I'm toying with the idea of buying an FV432. I'll put up a separate thread about that later rather than confuse things here. In the meantime if anyone in the area is after a Commander with an "h" on their piece of DVLA plastic, give me a shout! Andy
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