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  1. Just to redress the balance somewhat, my updated driving licence arrived one week to the day that I passed my H test and surrendered it to the examiner! Andy
  2. Not too stupid, just too sensible! :nut: Andy
  3. Thanks Iain - I didn't want to welly it too hard for fear of dislodging the jacking bar. Any idea what the bolt threads are? I didn't have anything suitable to hand and they look a far coarser thread than I'd have expected bearing in mind the thickness of the material and the intended usage. Andy
  4. Today saw my first attempt at the heavy stuff - changing some of the less happy road wheels. So I fitted the jacking bar and successfully raised an axle. I was rather surprised to see that the road wheels were attached with bolts rather than studs as the Unit Repairs manual had suggested the latter. Anyway, bolts removed and then I discovered the wheels were stuck fast. The outer wheel was removed by diagonal levering between the two wheels, but I couldn't shift the inner wheel at all. There seems to be a pair of tapped holes in the wheel - are they just to insert bolts to break the wheel off the hub, or is there something more complicated involved? Andy
  5. Here's my radio distribution box. There are two output looms made from white Nyvin, a four cable one at the front and a two cable one you can just see at the back. This is what the four cable one looks like: They feed a pair of boxes marked "Mod RJB", one near the commander's shoulder and one underneath the engine fire extinguishers. Here's the latter: I suspect, but haven't yet checked, that on each RJB the incoming power is on the side socket and there's probably a pair of terminal strips inside feeding the cables that come out through the grommets. Just pop the cover off, connect to the terminal strip and off you go! Andy
  6. I'll be looking at one of these for my FV432, too. I think the best way to power them is to use a 12V unit and feed it from a 24V-12V converter like the one that Maplin make. That way it will be protected from any thumps and bumps on the 24V supply. Andy
  7. If you're planning to use an inverter, you need to decide what type depending on what you're using it for. The cheap and cheerful ones have a highly distorted square wave output which some equipment won't like at all. The more expensive ones are usually described as "pure sine wave" and will be OK for anything. As ever, you pays your money and takes your choice! Andy
  8. I haven't got my 432 yet to check definitively (that's tomorrow!) but examination of the Unit Repairs manual shows that the radio distribution box has two sets of outputs on connectors SK5 and SK2, which feed the left-hand and right-hand radio junction boxes respectively. Both have +24V on Pin A and 0V on Pin B, fed via a 100A fuse. See if you can identify the two sockets and follow the wiring to the junction boxes? If you've got a Clansman IB2 or IB3 control unit for the radios and intercom, one of the sockets is probably feeding that, I'm not sure about the other one. And
  9. I thought there was a socket on the distribution box that went to the radio harness? I don't have the wiring diagrams to hand but can check tonight if you want ... Andy
  10. ... apart from customers deliberately mispronouncing it "Dearer"! :cool2:
  11. I do so virtually every day at work! :-) Andy
  12. Do tell? :embarrassed: Andy
  13. Does anyone have the NSNs for the ANR Clansman headsets? There's lots of assorted headsets around on various sale sites (including eBay) but it isn't always easy to tell from the descriptions whether or not they're the ANR versions. An NSN (or two) would be very helpful! Andy
  14. Yes, I've been warned about that! Which reminds me, I must try the left-hand pedal to see what actually happens when you press it ....
  15. I'll now answer my own question in case it's of interest to others. There's a POL list in the Servicing Schedule (Army Code No. 14653, Revised 1971) and it says: Engine Lubrication System: OMD 75 Engine Oil Filters: OMD 75 Gearbox (Modified): OMD 75 Final Drives: OEP 220 Engine Governor: OM 15 Hydraulic Fan Drive: OMD 75 Road and Idler Wheel Hubs: OMD 75 Steering Unit: OMD 75 The interesting thing here is that the governor should be running on hydraulic fluid rather than engine oil ... Andy
  16. For those who have experienced fuel pump problems, out if interest could I ask what fuel you're running on? I've been advised to be careful about running on contam because the petrol defeats the lubricating properties of diesel and tends to cause more wear in the fuel system components?
  17. Thanks Paul - you're further ahead than me as I'm still waiting for it to be delivered! I've already got the User Handbook and the Unit Repairs and Inspection Schedules are on their way. Lots of things to read through ....
  18. I think we're slightly at cross purposes here. Bridgeman v Corel is about the copyright of a photograph of a piece of art, not the copyright of the original art itself. It's about the Bridgeman Art Library's ability to charge for the use of its photographs, which is the business they're in. That's not the same as saying that a car or tank is "copyright" so you can't take a photo of it, which is the line some museums seem to be taking.
  19. Sorry guys, yet another FV432 newbie! :shocked: It won't arrive until next week and I've got assorted manuals on order, but in the meantime does anyone have a POL list? There's a thread on here that suggests one can be found on fv432.co.uk, but I can't see it. I'm also on the lookout for tracks and road wheels if anyone has any decent ones lurking around ....
  20. Almost certainly - he should have used red bricks! :nut:
  21. With the NT especially (although it also applies to other museums with voluntary helpers) you tend to be at the mercy of the individual. If you know in advance that there's something you want to look at, it's worth contacting them beforehand. I've done that at a couple of NT properties when I was researching paintings, and they were quite happy to let me come round when the house wasn't open to the public. The "behind the scenes" aspect is fascinating - I even got some free cake and a cup of tea! :-)
  22. That's actually a relatively recent policy, I've got loads of interior shots of properties from the days when there were no restrictions. I had a lively set of correspondence with NT HQ when they changed the rules, the reason given then was to cut down on "steal to order" burglaries.
  23. It didn't stop them killing off the last attempt back in 1966. CVA-01 and CVA-02 were to be called Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh!
  24. It's not the cost of the carriers themselves that's the problem, more the aircraft to put on them!
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