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  1. Thanks Richard, I hadn't realised that. Andy
  2. Merry Christmas one and all! Andy
  3. I'm confused - do you really mean RB44? They're based on the Renault Dodge 50. Andy
  4. Facebook definitely has advantages, not least its audience coverage. If you're aware of the corresponding limitations that's fine, but I do get a bit grumpy when some people try to use it for something it isn't. Horses for courses or similar ... :-) Andy
  5. Unfortunately Facebook isn't the best approach for that sort of thing. I'm a reluctant member of the RB44 one and I can't even find things I know I posted a couple of months back. There's no substitute for a proper threaded forum/bulletin board. Andy
  6. I'll go for the rum and lime, myself! :-) Andy
  7. Helped to get a 1:1 scale SAS/MC fired up this afternoon, much whirring and flashing of lights! Andy
  8. Unfortunately the auctioneers haven't publicised the selling prices. Andy
  9. Thanks Rick, I'll speak to "my man in Manchester"! Andy
  10. Here's a shot of 08ZR47 and the Type 69 from 2015, by the way: Andy
  11. Was that just the remaining Cent spares Rick, or all the "left-overs"? Andy
  12. Thanks Lauren, I won't stand in the way of anyone who has a genuine need for it. Equally well, if you can find any of the Abbot ones I'd be grateful. Andy
  13. Let's see if there's a genuine user out there first? Andy
  14. The things that's always amused me about the CET is why it seems to have half a Royal Observer Corps bunker stuck on the top of it. Andy
  15. It was looking a bit grim when I first saw it two years ago, complete with tree growing through the engine decks! Andy
  16. I'm not sure about the differences, so even if the connections look the same it may have different wiring/voltages etc. Never mind, but thanks anyway! Andy
  17. Thanks, it looks the same as the Abbot but that's FV564802. Andy
  18. Do you have an NSN or other part number? Andy
  19. I hear that Christmas in Syria is a really quiet time! I wonder where it came from, noting the plaque that had obviously been stripped off a pedestal of some kind. Andy
  20. I might have had a punt on the Type 69 if I had the time and space. Andy
  21. That's because it's one of those annoying auctions that keeps resetting the clock if a bid is trumped in the last couple of minutes. If there's a bidding war the item can close ages after the scheduled time, as happened with a couple of the MBTs. I understand that this behaviour mimics a real auction and gives the vendor a higher return, but it's really tedious if you're tracking a number of lots and the times all get interleaved. Andy
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