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  1. You may also have fun getting planning permission for the garage ... Andy
  2. I noticed that the CVRTs had dialed it down a couple of notches on Sunday and all the better for it. Here's a few of my arena photos: Andy
  3. until

    A shame it also clashes with YWE. Not enough Summer weekends to go round! Andy
  4. A busy weekend - I'd had my RB44 at the Portsmouth Armed Forces Day and was on my way to Tankfest when I saw it. Andy
  5. On the M27 westbound near Eastleigh at 0635 yesterday, a Chieftain in Berlin camouflage on a civilian lowloader. Any idea where it was coming from/going to? There can't be many of those around. Andy
  6. Thanks Chris - that makes more sense. Andy
  7. I presume this is a rehearsal for Armed Forces Day tomorrow? Andy
  8. The xmod have the filters in stock. They aren't cheap, but if you want to do it properly ... https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=2828&t=Filter_432_AJ5578261 Andy
  9. I'm supporting the one in Southsea with my RB44. Andy
  10. If you've never done it, change the gearbox oil and filter, making sure the level is correct as per the instructions on the dipstick. Too much oil is as bad as too little. As David says, use straight SAE30 mineral oil, available as a "classic" oil from many suppliers. Andy
  11. At 50Hz the skin effect is negligible, it's around 8mm deep, hence well inside any conductor you're likely to be using. And to answer Dian'a question, a clamp meter usually uses the hall effect. Andy
  12. Shades of the bling ferret, methinks, but as Chris says, it's your vehicle! Andy
  13. If you wanted to be really different, you could try one of these: "These conversions are fully-reversible and can be applied to any XK engine powered classic Jaguar built between 1948 and 1992." 🙂 Andy
  14. Have a chat with Barry Ring of Whitedell Engineering, he always seems to be surrounded by assorted Jeeps! Andy
  15. What's under that bottom cover? Andy
  16. If you purely rely on charging the batteries from the vehicle, yes. But if like me and, I assume, many others, you keep them topped up from a separate charger it shouldn't be an issue. Andy
  17. Presumably your 24V comes from two 12V batteries in series, so why not just run the starter off one battery? Andy
  18. Just be careful that you don't use any antifreeze with organic inhibitors in it. Ethylene glycol should be OK. Andy
  19. Do Bovington hold record cards for RAF vehicles? Andy
  20. Thanks John, I'll check when I'm back home on Wednesday. How much do you want for the connector? Andy
  21. Of course I do - I also know how much they cost! Andy
  22. Can you please give me the diameter of the thread on the backshell? It might fit another connector I need one for. Andy
  23. The solenoid also needs to go hard over to uncover the jet in the excess fuel device, which is likely to be your problem. Andy
  24. There is some information, including the solenoid adjustment, in the manuals available from the FV430 forum, but you won't find anything there about the excess fuel device I'm afraid. You need EMER Pwr M110 and Pwr M132, which I've never seen. Andy
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