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  1. Think of it as water coming out of a tap. 24V has a higher pressure than 12V. Andy
  2. Thanks Clive, you're a star. How many pages is P424/1? Andy
  3. The EMER is EMER Pwr P 424/1 if anyone has a copy. Andy
  4. I've been trying to find a decent drawing, the only one I've seen is in the ISPL. Judging from that the hole is on the motor side of the shaft seal so it looks like you've got a leaky seal. What's really needed is the EMER for the pump. Andy
  5. "I've got a brand new combine harvester, and I'll give you the key ..." 🙂 Andy
  6. I'm perfectly capable of making one, just haven't had the time or inclination. As a licenced radio amateur I can use Clansman radios on the 4m amateur band! 🙂 Andy (M0IJH)
  7. To be fair, to the vast majority of people outside the military vehicle/classic car communities, it probably seems like a good idea to get old polluting cars off the road? Andy
  8. The Clansman interface tells the radios to go into transmit by changing the impedance of the audio circuit rather than a conventional separate PTT line. There's an explanation and interface circuit here but I've never got round to building one: http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/newsletter_articles/clansman_interface.pdf Andy
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51731757 Andy
  10. I put a full ANR Clansman rig (including PRC352) in my Stalwart. The two CB2s and TUAAM live behind the driver's head, the rest of the boxes are on the left-hand bulkhead. Note that although you could use commercial radios with Clansman it isn't simple as you need an adaptor for the PTT signal to put the radios into transmit. Andy
  11. Not a problem - my sister used to live in Launceston and Google would often come up with all sorts of Australian results! Andy
  12. I think it's always safest to treat to treat a de-ac or replica as though it was a live weapon and secure appropriately. Andy
  13. Ah - wrong Ilfracombe, I wondered why I hadn't heard of it before! Andy
  14. "Cars", I think, rather than "vehicles"? Andy
  15. The ISPL (hint!) says 5331-99-881-5925 but I see that xmod are currently out of stock, unfortunately. Andy
  16. I thought I'd replied to this but obviously not! Yes, both pipes are returns; one is the main return from the fuel filter, the other is the injector drain. Andy
  17. Who is the manufacturer of the GPS kit, out of interest? Andy
  18. Could be interesting indeed, but I can see a time when no-one will need to take a conventional driving test. What then happens about those driving non-autonomous vehicles? Andy
  19. andym

    Abbot pack

    Same here - I suspect you'll be VERY lucky to find one! And beware, if the K60 is from an FV432 it isn't a straight swap, some differences are obvious, others aren't. Don't ask me how I know ... 🙂 Andy
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