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  1. Unless it's changed recently, the AA policy doesn't cover you for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes so it's not "any vehicle" unfortunately. I'm with Autohome for my vehicles, which are all in excess of the AA limit. Andy
  2. Thanks Richard - I think it's the wheel shuffling that's key, because otherwise I don't see how a rotation around centre of the axle can translate into a rotation round the centre of the stud. Andy
  3. I've never understood the logic of that. Why does the thread direction have any effect? Andy
  4. There's usually at least one on Milweb? Andy
  5. There was a firm who used to overhaul them but I can't remember the name. I suspect that's who Marcus sends them to. I've had a couple from Marcus with no issues at all. Andy
  6. Agreed - thanks Iain! Andy
  7. Are we getting confused by semantics? There are no EU "laws" - are we talking directives or regulations?
  8. EU regulations are already UK law - they wouldn't be legally enforceable otherwise. Andy
  9. andym

    Abbot FV433

    You won't find any wiring diagrams in the ISPL and unfortunately you won't find any wiring diagrams at all for the turret traverse system - they aren't in any of my collection of Abbot manuals. By the sound of it you've either got a problem in the controller or the ferro-magnetic clutch in the traverse gearbox. Mine won't traverse in either direction! Andy
  10. Definitely not from an FV430 of any type. They use a Selsyn system with five connections to the gauge. Andy
  11. As an FV432 owner who has just spent most of the day fitting radios in a friend's CVRT I'm not convinced about the "more difficult to work on" bit! Andy
  12. This does raise the very interesting question of "who is an MV show for"? If it's just the owners, why not just find a field somewhere to meet up? If it's for the public then surely it must take into account their interests? It's not snobbery, it's rarity value and therefore attractiveness to the paying public. Andy
  13. Please don't put words into my mouth. The comments we have received are both unsolicited and from organised feedback. I didn't say what, if anything we may or may not choose to do about them. Andy
  14. Th is isn't entirely altruistic as I'd like one too! I managed to find a part number on my dust cap and after wading through the usual impenetrable connector catalogues I've concluded what's wanted is an ITT Cannon CA3106E32-5SBF80. Here's an example and they aren't cheap! https://www.peigenesis.com/en/shop/part-information/CA3106E325SBF80/CAN/EACH/139419.html Andy
  15. Agreed, but as an organiser of another military show, common feedback from the public is "too many Land Rovers". Andy
  16. I looked in the ISPL but the box doesn't appear in it. Andy
  17. Do we know what the Withams ones went for, out of interest? I collected my six from Jobel on Tuesday and have spent the last couple of days painting them (Jobel blast them back to bare metal before applying the neoprene) Andy
  18. Martin - Jobel have quoted me £115 each for a quantity of six, decreasing with the size of the batch. I'm not exactly short of dead wheels, I've got at least two complete vehicle sets but it's always good to keep them in stock. How many wheels are you after? Andy
  19. Aha - freewheel! 🙂 Andy
  20. I'm currently using Jobell Engineering to re-rubber FV430 wheels. This photo shows the two prototypes together with the wheel I gave them as a pattern. They're neoprene rather than rubber but have so far covered over 100 road miles without issue. Andy
  21. Not a lot of space in there! I think as you suggest, seeing if something suitable pops up on eBay or whatever seems best. Andy
  22. A 2 pin DIN would be utter sacrilege - there's no worse connector in the world other than a SCART! I'd suggest replacing with a Clansman 2-pin, I've done that a couple of times when encountering weird and wonderful connectors (usually of US origin). Andy
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