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  1. I'm not disagreeing with anything that's been said here, especially from an engineering point of view, but has anyone with reset ride height actually broken anything in civilian use? Andy
  2. I have considered doing this on mine, but is the trouble really worth it? If you want to drive it a lot on roads just take the drive shafts out. If you don't, leave them in. There's also the question of whether or not the wind-up is really an issue. There's a lot of myth and rumour floating around but I know from experience with other vehicles that these things have a life of their own even when completely untrue. Has anyone actually broken a drive line in civilian ownership? Andy
  3. Handbrake would have been good ... 🙂 Andy
  4. ... and a swim board? Andy
  5. Ask around on the Yahoo Stolly group ... Andy
  6. andym

    Abbot shells

    Looking good! 😀 Andy
  7. Out of interest, why not keep it as a Scorpion? Andy
  8. andym

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    8/10 for me. Andy
  9. andym

    Clansman HF Antenna

    Thanks Iain! Andy
  10. andym

    Clansman HF Antenna

    Thanks John, it does indeed! Andy
  11. andym

    Clansman HF Antenna

    Now I'm confused! There are three antenna sections - top (5985-99-649-8140), middle (5985-99-630-8455) and bottom (5985-99-630-8456), so one set of middles can't be longer than any others. I now think that a 4m HF antenna is top-middle-middle-bottom but would be grateful for confirmation. Andy
  12. andym

    Pictures of Humber Pig Belfast 1973

    Here's some more photos for you. For those who weren't at YWE, yes, it was that dusty! Andy
  13. I can't see anything obvious in any of my manuals, so: if making up a Clansman 4m HF whip from sections, is it top, middle, middle, bottom or top, middle, bottom, bottom? 😎 Andy
  14. andym

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I think they're just being careful about the water due to the heat. I must have drunk several litres over two days with no effects, just let it run cold first. I agree entirely about the children on quads etc, there was a very young lad trundling around during the day on Tuesday. He was being sensible but I still don't think he should have been there at all - what happens if he hits something/someone? Mind you, some of the staff golf carts seemed to be aiming for a world speed record, so not much of an example ... Andy
  15. andym

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Just back from two days as a visitor - the stalls seemed a bit down on last year (lots of what could politely be called "bric-a-brac") and there's a distinct shortage of heavy armour with the notable exception of Andy Baker's Challenger 1. Still good fun though, and yes - 35 degrees on the car thermometer this afternoon! Andy