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  1. K60 starter problems

    There is some information, including the solenoid adjustment, in the manuals available from the FV430 forum, but you won't find anything there about the excess fuel device I'm afraid. You need EMER Pwr M110 and Pwr M132, which I've never seen. Andy
  2. K60 starter problems

    I don't see that this can be an injector problem or it wouldn't run at all - that's why I asked. It sounds more like failure or maladjustment of the excess fuel device in the FIP that provides extra fuel at low rpm, principally during cranking. Unfortunately I can't find any information as detailed operation of the FIP is covered in an EMER that I've never seen. Andy
  3. K60 starter problems

    It depends on the type fitted, but between 150 and 175 atmospheres according to the manual, in other words between 2250 and 2625 psi. Are you saying that the engine now won't start at all? Andy
  4. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    I've had a hunt for the MVEE trials reports but they seem to have gone astray when Chertsey closed. Andy
  5. K60 starter problems

    I'd agree with David about the FIP solenoid, it's a pretty standard problem. And as he says, take a look at the FV430 Forum! Andy
  6. RAK 15/2 Water Heater

    I bought one some time ago, it cost more to find a connector than the unit itself! Andy
  7. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    If you mean WE177s, that's because they couldn't land them in time and they never entered territorial waters anyway! Andy
  8. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    Clive is your man for anything Orange William, I'm sure he'll be along soon. Out of interest, what is this for? Andy
  9. Dunlop TRAKMARK

    For info, you can just ignore the self-adhesive. Remove the backing.sheet and glue to the remainder of the old glue layer. Andt
  10. Russians recover Shermans

    As has been said previously, they'll need proper treatment if they've been in salt water. Holland 1 was originally just recovered and sat outside, I went round her at the time. Not long after, the hull started delaminating like an onion skin. Andy
  11. Mobile Project Vehicles

    Sorry, should have read the thread title! Andy
  12. Mobile Project Vehicles

    What is a "mobile project vehicle"? Andy
  13. SAS Dinky or Walt Dream?

    The link to the "unusual radio setup" seems to redirect back to this thread? Don't get hung up on the registration date. Ex-military vehicles receiving a civilian registration should use the "date of first use", i.e. the date they entered MOD service, not the date they left it. Andy
  14. I got mine to run Windows 95 after a lot of head scratching working out how to get it on the machine. Unfortunately the screen has several defects. :-( Andy
  15. Sand Blasting Paint

    Out of interest, has anyone used vapour blasting? I've seen a place advertising it and wondered how successful it is. Andy