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  1. It, the Stolly and the 432 have just moved to their new barn so hopefully I'll be back to working on them again. Andy
  2. My clutch plates were fine despite the vehicle being left outside under a tarpaulin for over a year, but I've been told that a suitable lever through the bellhousing inspection access works wonders if needed. Andy
  3. Plenty of traffic heading down to Overlord this weekend! Andy
  4. It wouldn't be the first time an ISPL has been out of sync with the vehicles! Andy
  5. That would be my suggestion too, my Abbot had the VRM written under one of the seat pads in the turret. Otherwise, unlike the 432, there is no chassis or hull number on the vehicle itself. Andy
  6. That's what I found in the ISPL, but the filter doesn't look like that. There's a completely different drawing in the repairs manual. Andy
  7. Can anyone tell me what washer is fitted to the oil scavenge filter covers on a Meteor 4B in a Centurion? One engine we looked at had flat copper washers, another had paper. The drawing in the manual looks like some sort of spiral affair but annoyingly it doesn't seem to appear in the parts list. Andy
  8. It's also covered in Chapter 4 of Infantry Pamphlet No. 41 Part 4 if you can find a copy.
  9. That's (hopefully) good news! Andy
  10. My Stolly has Britax inertia reel seatbelts, which I've replaced with new, but how common are they? I've seen plenty without. Andy
  11. As I understand it, a major issue is exposure to sunlight, which bakes the plasticiser out of the tyres and causes them to become less flexible. Andy
  12. It will be interesting to see if this will apply to all HGVs, including historic vehicles? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-consult-on-ban-on-10-year-old-tyres-to-boost-road-safety Andy
  13. For me it would depend on what you want to do with it. An exhibition piece might look better replated. Andy
  14. This thing is truly a work of art. It deserves to be sat in a museum somewhere with perspex replacements for the end covers, being slowly turned so that people can observe the genius behind the design! Andy
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