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  1. andym

    Fv434 parts wanted, who to go to?

    Your best bet is just to ask on here, Si. Andy
  2. andym

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    I thought we were talking about 08 GF 04? I was, anyway! 🙂 Andy
  3. andym

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    Unsurprisingly it doesn't appear in the Merlin records! Andy
  4. andym


    Don't panic about the USB lead, eBay is overrun with them! Andy
  5. Google "theatre maroons" Andy
  6. andym

    New toys, research advice required

    Merlin says date in service 01/01/1955, cast 26/09/93. Andy
  7. +1 for Cobbaton and Slapton. Andy
  8. andym

    H test pointers

    Hurrah - welcome to the club! Andy
  9. andym

    Hurricane, movie

    Quite ... 😞 Andy
  10. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/e10-petrol-consumer-protection-and-fuel-pump-labelling From the FBHVC: "Dear Enthusiast, The Department of Transport has issued a consultation document on the subject of introducing higher levels of ethanol in petrol. Many older vehicles are likely to suffer damage and possibly dangerous fuel leaks if the E10 grade of petrol is used without modification to their fuel systems. For the purposes of this consultation the Government is focussing on vehicles more than 25 years old. Whilst wishing to introduce the higher ethanol level E10 grade of fuel, the Government are guaranteeing a 'protection grade' of petrol at the E5 grade that is equivalent to the currently available 95 RON petrol. However this guarantee will only last until 2020 when further consultation will take place. It is likely that on the introduction of E10 at the 95 RON level, the currently available 'Super' grades with an octane level of 97 RON or higher, will cease to be available. The Federation has designed a survey on petrol useage in older vehicles which will provide valuable evidence in the consultation response. Please complete the survey and help the Federation preserve our right to use 'Yesterday's Vehicles on Tomorrow's Roads'. The survey can be accessed by clicking this link. Ethanol Survey. If you wish to read the consultation document it can be found by following this link Department for Transport consultation. Please encourage your friends and fellow enthusiasts to complete the survey, just forward this email and they will be able to follow the survey link. The survey will close on 31 August 2018 in order to collate the results for the Federation's response to the consultation. A copy of the response will be made available on the Federation's website. Thank you for supporting the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and helping to keep historic vehicles on the road. Paul Chasney Director - Research" The survey is here: https://paulc1.typeform.com/to/Bt7HKS Andy
  11. Early Mk.2s (and possibly Mk.1s?) have bolted windows, later Mk.2s didn't. All should have had swim boards, the degree to which they've been removed depends on who did the removing when it was decided that Stollies no longer needed to swim. Andy
  12. The original starter on the K60 engine in the FV430s had an thermal cutout but it was removed later for exactly the reasons John describes. I wonder if the same applies to the B series starters? Andy
  13. Depending on the problem it's also worth having a chat with your local friendly auto electrician. Most of these things are a militarised commercial Lucas item. Andy
  14. I'm not disagreeing with anything that's been said here, especially from an engineering point of view, but has anyone with reset ride height actually broken anything in civilian use? Andy
  15. I have considered doing this on mine, but is the trouble really worth it? If you want to drive it a lot on roads just take the drive shafts out. If you don't, leave them in. There's also the question of whether or not the wind-up is really an issue. There's a lot of myth and rumour floating around but I know from experience with other vehicles that these things have a life of their own even when completely untrue. Has anyone actually broken a drive line in civilian ownership? Andy