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  1. Are you sure of the polarity of the connections? Normal MOD policy seems to be positive on Pin A, negative on Pin B. I've never seen it the other way round but stand to be corrected. Andy
  2. It's essentially a summary of what went on in the various defence research establishments that eventually became DERA (and then DSTL/QinetiQ) up until 1990. It's pan-environment, there's a chapter on Armoured Fighting Vehicles and another on Ground based Air Defence, others on radar, command systems and thermal imaging, for example. Andy
  3. "Cold War, Hot Science", a very interesting set of essays on MOD post-war research.
  4. It looks as though it's from a Mk.1 FV432. The lower three gauges would be gearbox temperature and front and rear generator ammeters. Andy
  5. Definitely a wonderful garden ornament! Andy
  6. I'm not sure whether to put this here or the Classifieds section, but I'm after a heater matrix for an RB44. Mine is leaking and although I could just remove the failed matrix and wait to get it repaired, I'd prefer to have another ready to go straight back in. It doesn't need to be pristine as I'd have it pressure tested and checked over anyway. Andy
  7. I just came across this and wondered if it may open any further avenues of exploration? https://www.deeperdorset.co.uk/torpedoes-running/ Andy
  8. If you're charging a Hawker battery it's essential to use a smart charger designed for AGM batteries or you'll kill it. Andy
  9. The current UK standard for diesel (BS EN590) is a maximum of 7% FAME. The main problem with FAME so far seems to the "diesel bug" where bacteria form on the diesel/air surface and lead to clogged filters. The effect is worse for vehicles that are sat unused for long periods, which us why it was first noticed by the boating community. I know several FV432 owners who have found the collector tank filter to be completely clogged. It seems that brake cleaner is the best solvent for cleaning the filter. Andy
  10. Speedy Cables will do a good job but they aren't necessarily all that speedy ... 😉 Andy
  11. They can be tow started but I'd be inclined to check that the engine is free to rotate first in case the starter motor pinion has jammed. Andy
  12. Unfortunately then, it sounds like a pack out job to change the starter motor. 😞 Andy
  13. The batteries are a bit low, should be nearer 28V if fully charged. However, if the battery volts aren't dropping noticeably when you operate the starter switch it sounds as though the starter motor isn't taking any significant current. That would suggest a duff starter motor, but only 20V at the junction box worries me a bit. It might be worth opening the DLB and checking the state of the starter relay in the lid. It looks like a cobbled-on afterthought, mainly because it is! (A modification to protect the starter switch from the higher solenoid current of the later type of starter motor). Andy
  14. Is that 20V with the starter motor plugged in? What happens to the 28V across the batteries when you press the starter switch? Andy
  15. If no-one on here has one it's worth trying a Freedom of Information request to the MOD. Andy
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