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  1. andym

    Tool hunt

    Nice photo John! I also have an (enormous) adjustable in the boot of my car as part of my "scrapyard salvage" toolkit. It's easier than carrying around the 1-1/2" open-ended spanners and similar needed for hydraulic unions and the like. Provided it's realised they are an emergency/get you out of trouble aid, that's fine! 🙂 Andy
  2. andym

    Tool hunt

    I completed Operation Tidy Garage over the weekend thanks to some recently acquired Makro shelving. The next campaign will be Operation Tidy House! Andy
  3. andym

    Tool hunt

    If one bolt head is a different size to the rest it's probably because someone has nadgered it with an adjustable spanner! 🙂 Andy
  4. Don't you need to go to work or shopping? 🙂 Andy
  5. andym

    Tool hunt

    Adjustable spanners are tools of the devil! 🙂 Andy
  6. The link works OK for me, shame it isn't moving! Andy
  7. Unfortunately it's pillocks like that who make things worse for those of us trying to do things legally. Andy
  8. I think we're still working on SOIP (Smells Over IP) ... 🙂 Andy
  9. I feel your pain, two failed applications and a failed appeal to build a barn in a field that would be identical to the barn in the next field. Basically, unless you can use the magic word (which is not "abracadabra" but "agricultural"), you're stuffed. Andy
  10. Ditto for HGVs - my RB44 was due for a test on 6 April. Andy
  11. I'd be very surprised if it did. Andy
  12. Thanks Richard, definitely an FV439/RR. The other variant (SAS/MC) has the roof generators but no mast. Andy
  13. Which variety of FV439, out of interest? I can't really see from the video. Andy
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