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  1. Sabre clansman question

    Great - let us know how you get on! Andy
  2. Sabre clansman question

    Remember that there are separate batteries for the turret and they have their own master switch. They are nothing to do with the vehicle batteries or master switch. Andy
  3. Sabre clansman question

    Perhaps a brief description of the IB3 would be helpful? There are two sockets on each side, marked ACTIC and HARNESS. The ACTIC ones aren't used in the Sabre and should not have anything plugged into them. The HARNESS ones have cables that daisy-chain through the other Clansman boxes such as the Commander's box you've already mentioned. You seem to have a cable in the ACTIC socket on the right-hand side - move it to the HARNESS socket below it instead. On the bottom of the IB3 there are four sockets marked A Set, B Set, C Set and 28V. A Set and B Set go to the two radios. C Set isn't used in the Sabre. 28V carries the power to the IB3. I can see from the last photo that A Set, B Set and 28V have cables as expected. Check that the cable plugged into 28V has power on it. If it does, then when plugged back in, you should hear a click in the headphones if you switch the IB3 on and off. Andy
  4. Sabre clansman question

    No, bottom right underneath the fuses. It's marked "28V" and there seems to be a black cable already connected, check to see if it has power on it. Andy
  5. Sabre clansman question

    Do you have power to the 28V socket on that yellow-fronted IB3 box in the last photo? Switching the box on and off should give you a slight click in the headphones. I also see that the harness cable on the right of the box seems to be plugged into the ACTIC socket instead of the one marked HARNESS. Andy
  6. Clive is the expert on Pigs although he's probably far too modest to admit it! Andy
  7. Tanks

    Well, as you've already found this forum ... Andy
  8. Clansman antenna base bolt sizes

    Good point, I'd forgotten about the aluminium hull. Also closer to M6? Andy
  9. Clansman antenna base bolt sizes

    Depending on age of the vehicle either 1/4" UNF or M6 - I suspect the former for a Scorpion. Andy
  10. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Quite! Andy
  11. An annoyance

    I suspect it's to keep the mobile 'phone users happy? Andy
  12. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    A bit difficult to judge without more information but it looks as though the Council made suggestions about improvements that the TV company chose not to implement. Andy
  13. Merlin Archive VRM list

    Yes indeed, in the first file. 01FD00 is apparently "Tank Combat 120mm Gun Chieftain Mk 10". All my vehicles are there on inspection. Andy
  14. Merlin Archive VRM list

    Thanks to some excellent hand-holding from Joris I've now managed to upload the working set of files. You'll find them in the Downloads section of the site, the direct link should be: http://hmvf.co.uk/files/category/2-merlin-archive/ There's a big green button saying "Download this file" but it actually lets you download all seven Excel files. Andy
  15. Merlin Archive VRM list

    I've now obtained seven Excel files from the MOD FoI team, which all work correctly and I have permission to repost on here. I'm just liaising with Joris on the best place to put them. Andy