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  1. Or perhaps one set of tillers does brakes, the other does something crafty in the steering box? Andy
  2. andym

    Stalwart FFR

    Thoroughly recommended, from personal experience. Andy
  3. Ah - I wondered if it was just me thinking "what video"? Andy
  4. I just knew my garden was missing something! 🙂 Andy
  5. Very interesting, thanks Dale. Sort of like an FV432 but not, if you see what I mean! Andy
  6. andym

    L4 BREN

    I'm not sure Chris, trying to remember which dealer I bought it from. It was a while ago now and it doesn't always get used for what you might think! 🙂 Andy
  7. andym

    L4 BREN

    My deac SMG has a KR prefix and a smooth finish. Andy
  8. Just be aware from experience that "Speedy" is the name of the business, not their modus operandi ... 🙂 Andy
  9. I wondered who bought that! I recall there was a plaque with the T69 with some history - wasn't it a gate guard at one stage? Andy
  10. I know, it was a real mess when I last saw it. They've done a really good job with it, I spent quite a lot of time last night watching videos. The braking and steering mechanism is interesting and I didn't realise that the air starter wasn't just a pneumatic starter motor. Andy
  11. A quick Google brings up several of those currently on eBay? Andy
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