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  1. andym

    Jeep Body Tub Restoration

    Have a chat with Barry Ring of Whitedell Engineering, he always seems to be surrounded by assorted Jeeps! Andy
  2. andym

    Strange tracked Toy find

    What's under that bottom cover? Andy
  3. If you purely rely on charging the batteries from the vehicle, yes. But if like me and, I assume, many others, you keep them topped up from a separate charger it shouldn't be an issue. Andy
  4. Presumably your 24V comes from two 12V batteries in series, so why not just run the starter off one battery? Andy
  5. andym

    CVRT Coolant?

    Just be careful that you don't use any antifreeze with organic inhibitors in it. Ethylene glycol should be OK. Andy
  6. andym

    Cvrt front numbers

    Do Bovington hold record cards for RAF vehicles? Andy
  7. andym

    Bits from the dark box

    Thanks John, I'll check when I'm back home on Wednesday. How much do you want for the connector? Andy
  8. andym

    Bits from the dark box

    Of course I do - I also know how much they cost! Andy
  9. andym

    Bits from the dark box

    Can you please give me the diameter of the thread on the backshell? It might fit another connector I need one for. Andy
  10. andym

    K60 starter problems

    The solenoid also needs to go hard over to uncover the jet in the excess fuel device, which is likely to be your problem. Andy
  11. andym

    K60 starter problems

    There is some information, including the solenoid adjustment, in the manuals available from the FV430 forum, but you won't find anything there about the excess fuel device I'm afraid. You need EMER Pwr M110 and Pwr M132, which I've never seen. Andy
  12. andym

    K60 starter problems

    I don't see that this can be an injector problem or it wouldn't run at all - that's why I asked. It sounds more like failure or maladjustment of the excess fuel device in the FIP that provides extra fuel at low rpm, principally during cranking. Unfortunately I can't find any information as detailed operation of the FIP is covered in an EMER that I've never seen. Andy
  13. andym

    K60 starter problems

    It depends on the type fitted, but between 150 and 175 atmospheres according to the manual, in other words between 2250 and 2625 psi. Are you saying that the engine now won't start at all? Andy
  14. andym

    FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    I've had a hunt for the MVEE trials reports but they seem to have gone astray when Chertsey closed. Andy
  15. andym

    K60 starter problems

    I'd agree with David about the FIP solenoid, it's a pretty standard problem. And as he says, take a look at the FV430 Forum! Andy