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  1. Thanks Chris Very interesting document showing many useful details of bikes.
  2. BSA WD C10 project

    Please tell me more about where you get the stencils cut in the low tack sheet? I have used low tack film and cut my own 'traced' from computer printed text.
  3. Deactivated weapons and insurance

    Good point, thank you for the advice.
  4. A friend asked what is the current situation regarding our collections of legal, deactivated weapons, for which we have all the correct documentation, when it comes to insurance? Do owners think they are covered by our home/ contents insurance with certain high value items listed or do they need a separate insurance policy? Has anyone claimed following a theft or fire damage?
  5. WW1 era Luger wanted

    Can anyone advise me please on the purchase of a WW1 era Luger as used by the German troops, preferably, 1914-16. I have seen a few but because I do not know anything about these guns I need your help. I assume I look for matching numbers, dated, reasonable condition for its age? Are these reliable indicators?
  6. Contemporary Military vehicles.

    Thank you both for your informative replies. It all increases my admiration of our forces and my dislike of senior politicians.
  7. Can someone, preferably who is serving or who has served in the Army, explain to me why after the old land rovers in Afghanistan were criticised for having little or no armour protection, many of the new army vehicles have an open frames? I know the new vehicles have mine proof hulls from beneath but I have always wondered why troops are given vehicles with open sides like the 'Coyte TSV', vulnerable, I assume to small arms fire?
  8. Bayonet for Gew 98 Danzig 1915

    Thank you both, that is very helpful. Preston Arms Fair this weekend so I will start there.
  9. Apologies straight away because I asked this question last year but I have lost the answers, plus I now have the funds to buy a bayonet. So please will someone recommend a suitable bayonet for my Gew.98. Danzig !915 rifle. I don't know much about these guns and bayonets but I wanted an example of a German rifle for my collection. Also it would be helpful if you could suggest a dealer who may have one for me. Bayonet and scabbard to suit please.
  10. Excelsior Consort 1957

    I am glad I posted this item. It has brought back memories of early family rides on the 'mighty' Excelsior Consort. I also like the idea that we can dress up more modern bikes as pseudo-military machines like my WD/C replica sidecar outfit and it is another excuse to post a picture of it !
  11. Excelsior Consort 1957

    Brilliant photograph. Now where is my trilby and sharp suit.......? Ron CMV Magazine November page 76. Thank you both.
  12. Excelsior Consort 1957

    In the Classic Military Vehicle magazine, for the past few issues, an Excelsior Consort 1957 motorbike has been advertised for sale. It is painted in army colours with a hooded headlight. I have nothing against people painting their bikes any colour they want and making them look like 'military' vehicles, I have done the same myself, so I was just wondering if there was a genuine version used by the military in the 1950s? I know small engined lightweight bikes were issued to the paras during WW2, but also after the war? I am genuinely interested without making any criticism, indeed I am building a similar bike at the moment albeit with a Villiers 8E engine. Any comments, any one?
  13. My latest project

    Hi Ron Going back to the tyres, in the website photograph they look to have a flattish profile, do they when fitted? I am asking because they look the part and I would like to fit them to my WW2 style sidecar outfit. Thank you.
  14. Henry Krank Company have posted on their website the following statement : 'From March 1st 2016 the UK Law specifying how guns are deactivated will change. Currently deactivated guns have moving parts, after March 1st 2016 all guns that are deactivated will have no moving parts at all and will be welded solid. This is your last chance to buy a deactivated gun with moving parts, after March 1st 2016 you will be able to keep your deactivated gun but you will no longer be able to buy them.' Is this correct?
  15. The Pearson Churchill

    Thank you for the information. I do realise that these sort of jobs cannot be easy or quick. I build (?) old motorbikes which take enough time never mind the complexity of a tank and the difficulty of finding parts. Thank you again for taking time to reply to my question.