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  1. Stefano thats the thing that kept throwing me because everything that I could find identified the frame as a Jame's frame which should have had a Viller's engine but the motor is indeed a NSU Fox motor and just didn't seem to belong with the frame. The motor is a good little motor ( is complete, turns over free and even has compression but just don't belong in this picture. LOL). So I guess my search for a Viller's 9D is about to begin. All of the numbers are perfect and made with the same stamp so they do not look to altered in any way. I guess this would be a post-war bike and used for civilian purposes but why would it have the ML stamp (I will be restoring it either way because of my love for old bikes) but is there any value to this bike and how could I find out more history on it. Thanks for all of the help already given and I have to say that I found a site that I really feel I am going to love (Great site, great people and lots of help).
  2. Thanks guy's for the infomation, now how hard is it to find parts for these little things ?
  3. I am about to start the restore part of this project and need a little help zeroing in on the exact date of this little bike. The frame number is ML22805 and I have just about every part of the bike except the footpegs, kickstand and tool container. So about year is it and what do you about this model bike Thanks
  4. Just wanted to introduce myself to all here, I am Ghostrider (John) from the great state of Alabama in the good ole USA. I am beginning a restore on a James ML and will most likely be calling on some of you for help locating a few things and getting a little more infomation on this little bike.
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