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  1. juddy

    Jaws Of Life

    Please keep your eyes peeled for a set of these from a TACR1 coming up for sale, black box with all parts, stolen last month London area. We have sourced another one as the vehicle was exported, but these kits rarely come up for sale and we believe it was a inside job.
  2. Larkspur Wing Box Required Cheers J
  3. juddy

    The Three Roo's

    Our small line up of Perenties 6x6 4x4 RFSV 4x4 RFSV
  4. juddy

    Thinking about a LR Perentie

    A word of warning, do not buy unseen, we sell a large range of Perentie spares, and even Export to the UK. As far as I am aware the ones for sale in the UK, were not Inspected before Export, thats not to say there all bad, but I never buy a vehicle in the UK without a on site Inspection. Theres good ones and bad ones out there.
  5. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    Any luck with the Perenti pics? Cheers Justin
  6. juddy

    87 ET 77 Militant

    Thanks for the info on the tool. Was there different variants of the Militant? And how many were in service?
  7. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    The hard top in that picture, is Not a perentie hard top, but a TD5 UK build 110 Defender, with Military mods. Very rare not many built. less so than the Perentie hard tops.
  8. juddy

    87 ET 77 Militant

    What a great thread, and a lovely truck. Is that air powered thing a sanding/Grinding tool?
  9. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    Mines from 51FNQ. Very well looked after too.
  10. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    Great pictures, thank you for sharing, any more of the perentie in the last picture?
  11. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    Yes he Imported a few, and some wrecks that need parts to get back on the road.
  12. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    I know they have some over there now, I can't comment on the condition of them, I know they were purchased unseen, but he may have dropped on lucky and got some good examples.
  13. juddy

    Perentie RFSV

    A few updates on the RFSV. I also see a number of standard Perenties are now being offered for sale in the UK. Bought unseen, be careful. Fitted the proper boat racks, genuine Hi-Lift Jack.
  14. You dont see many of these around. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Land-Rover-Rover-1960/SSE-AD-2383330/?Cr=0&sdmvc=1