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  1. don't hang about if you are after one just buy it as the next person to find it will snap it up wiring up a jeep is easy with the kits they tell you were fit them and I can help if you get in a mess why don't you come to the work shop and take a look at one striped down you will get a better idea that way give me a ring will be about Sunday morning this is how I get them from this to this
  2. jeeps have gone up in price you might be better finding a cj2 jeep there is one on milweb for 10k the us air force had them in the 50s painted gloss blue google 1950s usaf jeeps all the best jerry
  3. Hi I know of a m201 that's up for sale its not my jeep but a service it every year drop me a line jerrysjeeps@hotmail.co.uk or give me a ring 07989505232 the jeep is in Warrington not far from you all the best jerry
  4. Google scr 506 radio or scr 508 radio I have both with the radio box they go in and the frame to fit in the back of a jeep all the best jerry
  5. Hi all i do not think there is a chance of finding one but i am looking for a type 95 kurogane this is the ww2 japanese jeep i have a jeep,kubel.gaz 67 and would like to finish off with this one have uploades a photo of one and the box art from a kit i have built all the best jerry
  6. Hi its around 1945 but thay were built up to the 1950s only the war time had the bar grill later ones had pressed grill and yes its built around a model a ford as gaz built them before the war only the engine has unf or unc bolts will sort out some more photos for you this week end please take a look at my web site http://www.jerrysjeeps.com all the best jerry
  7. some more photos for you its not far off now
  8. Hi there Rick W think verry hard before getting a gaz 67 and go to see it (not like me 4 photos ) you need the propper wheels and engine you must remember that it will be in very poor state and you canot get parts for them so you need to be prity handy i do have a number of parts and have a contact in poland i8f you need any help give me text or go to my web site http://www.jerrysjeeps.com all the best jerry
  9. hi there have not yet found another one have got some work on it to get it back so all the legs work will be taking a lot of photos to beltring if you fancy a look at them all the best jerry
  10. Hi there It took me over 5 years to find one and as long to get ti to this stage it came from lithuania and was a mess when i got it have put up some old photos for you
  11. Hi all Took a proper size of the bore and yes it is a 30mm same as the photo MichelK put up i think i will restor it back to how it would look any one know if there is a manual for it some photos of the 6lb gun i did for the TA unit that the 30mm came from All the best
  12. Hi All just got the gaz 67 back out today to start on it againe thought you might like some photos all the best jerry
  13. will take a proper size over the next day or so do you know if there is a manual for it as it needs restoring have been told that it came from the falklands war and was going to be a hard target the ta unit that had it was going to scrap it and asked if i would like it as i had restored there 6lb airborn anti tank gun it needed saveing from the scrapman will let you know the size with a photo All the best jerry
  14. just some more the wheel huds are the seme as a jeep as are the brakes all the best jerry
  15. Hi there just to let you know never belive things other people tell you so the new gun is not 20mm its a 37mm can anyone help
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