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  1. the F stands for fire ring as on the end of the box this is a hot plug for the more high compression engine green spark plug co web site AC Spark Plug 45S this is the one i fit the autolite that you get from jeeparts are the same AC spark plugs became motercraft that was fords plugs then they became autolite they all so do the black cloth 8mm plug lead and all the fittings you just need to get the plug caps from joes motor pool i all ways make my own leads as the ones you get from dealers i find are not long enough
  2. best place to get spark plugs ,leads and much more is THE GREEN SPARKPLUG CO that's were i get all my bits some times silicon leads need the higher voltage that you get from electronic ignition i have taken off some electronic ignition units as you cannot fix them at the side of the road all my jeeps have the good old points ,condenser, it was good enough for the us army in ww2 and got them all across Europe and north Africa don't try to fix something that is not bust
  3. Hi all first on the plugs i have run both AC45 and all so CHAMPION J8C and never had any problem with them only ones i find don't work was DENSO plugs number W14-U this i found out with help from a ww2 spitfire plug tester and this was that if the cylinder pressure is not high the plug don't fire they are made for modern high compression engines now the fuel. The fuel or gas in the uk is high octane almost the old 5* and if you look on your data plates you will see that jeeps octane is 68% min paraffin is 72% so what i do is i add some diesel in with the fuel this drops the octane and also gives the cylinder bores some lubrication the best i find is the industrial derv as it has fewer additives making it cleaner also most additives lead replacements add to the octane making it higher. the high octane makes your timing need altering you need to retard your timing the number of jeep i get in the work shop that need retiming is all most all of them. anther thing i find is the alcohol that is added to uk fuel can rot the rubber in the fuel pumps rot the leather on the carb pump and make the fuel tank sender float sink as it becomes heavy with ethanol all the best jerry
  4. no the date of your jeep it would have the type 2 earth bonding only a few earth straps and a load of earth washers for example the body bolt by your foot would be like the order in the picture you can get this set from jeepest in France the best set around
  5. your hood number will be 20704655 built April 1945 under contract w-33-019-1885 chassis range from mb431301 to mb438041
  6. with this time of lock down I decided to start model making again and got myself some new and old kits to build all the best stay safe keep building jerry
  7. chris please don't worry what other people think its your jeep and as long as you are happy with it and the way you work on it than that's ok look what i did to a slat grill some one asked me why i did this to a slat grill i told them i only collect ford gpw;s
  8. jeeparts had some not a cheep part you will also need the cover that is fitted inside the tool box to protect the socket
  9. take off the grease fitting from the end of the pin, undo the square headed bolt from the casting some times it has lock wire through it from in side the jeep remove the plate over the gearbox you can tap the shift pin towards the passenger side of the jeep you will only be able to move it 1/2 way across take the first leaver out the blade springs then slide the 2nd leaver across re fit the pin so not to damage it refitting is a reverse of above
  10. have spent today doing a diff if you fancy having a go. having striped and cleaned out diff case I then need the set the pinion tp the correct setting the pinion will have a number on the end it could be +1 up to +7 or -1 to -7 this is + or - thou from standard. This pinion is a +2 so this pinion would need setting to 4266 this is obtained by adding shims to the inner pinion bearing then measure down with a dial gauge I start with the shims that were in there to begin with add or remove till you get 4266 took me 3 goes to get it. I then need to set the pre load on the pinion bearing with shims between the inner and outer fit the outer bearing and you are after what my dad would call a comfortable drag I got it on the 1st go. then fitted the new inner 1/2 shaft seals with a tool I made myself next we need to set the back lash on the crown wheel fit the diff in place and set a dial gauge to read the back last between pinion and crown wheel. This axle the pinion was set to far out and left a strange weir pattern on the crown wheel, move the crown wheel closer or away from the pinion by moving shims from one side to the other you are looking for a back lash of 5 to 7 thou it took me 4 goes to get the back lash , make shore you fit the bearing caps with matching numbers and match the stamping on the casting, never hammer a bearing on I have made tools to only work the inner part of the bearing and don't use a copper hammer as bits can come off the get left inside its not a fast job took me most of the day to do I only have 3 more axles to do hope this helps some one out there all the best jerry
  11. sorted the jeep frame out I think is had a crash in the past I first set the frame level then cut the frame and set that level fit the new bumper guests and spring hangers then bolt up the bumper this will set the correct width cheque the frame for level cut some steel to fit the gap weld up its going to be an sas jeep I am only doing the frame and the axles I will start a new post on resetting the crown wheel and pinion
  12. the gpa is the original tub I have done a lot of work on it as you can see
  13. place the impute shaft with bearing on the jaws of a vice so the impute will pass between the jaws having removed the snap ring and with a copper mallet drive the impute down it will come off easy when you fit the new bearing only press on the centre part off the new bearing so not to side load the ball race cam put up some photos tomorrow if you need all the best jerry
  14. us navy jeeps were still painted green under the wings ,frame , engine bay even under the seat cushions they only painted on the outer surface some times the frame and running gear was painted black and this was when the navy rebuilt it themselves also it would have the tie down rings on f bumper and back cross member and two cow horn two hook just behind the f bumper on the frame find a photo of my usmc jeep for placement of tie downs and cow horns all the best jerry
  15. Had a mad weekend in the sun shine with the blaster took 2 full days to clean the GPA body and some other parts a willys frame plus axles,body tub,wings,seats and more also worked on the next jeep early grill and air filter
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