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  1. working on the engine this week coming together just need some final small parts I am looking for the early dip stick and filler tube any one got one up for sale or can swop for the later type
  2. usmc mz2 radio jeep very hard to get the wheel spacers it was a mc conversion however they did not have mud guards but you have to for the roads also I fitted a original wooden screen cover also mc only all the best stay safe jerry
  3. cheque the oil seals on output to props also cheque oil seals on shift leavers could be just the gaskets have gone hard and leak if it was me I would pull the g/box out and go through it its the only way to stop the leaks
  4. gear box and t.case fitted together prop shafts on next will strip down the engine and will need to get 5 tyres
  5. can sort it out for you if you need me to
  6. working on the g/box and t/case sat the gear box in the frame just to get it out of the way, nice early g/box fill plug on the inside but what a pain to fill next bolt together props on then its the engine rebuild keep working on your jeeps and post your photos
  7. striped down the g/box and t/case today don't need much a few bearings and thrust washers and a good clean and paint then reassemble also I was given some old springs ford and willys and spent a day restoring them finished them off with new bushes ready for next project
  8. you need to fit the m31c otherwise the gun will rip the floor out of your jeep also weld the brackets to the frame for the two back legs I can post photos of the brackets that are on an original willys frame that I am going to restore for myself
  9. Had a day off today and took one of the jeep out for VE DAY it was good to be behind a gpw steering wheel keep safe all the best jerry
  10. yes that's one for me, finished the jeep frame today its had its last coat of paint got the gearbox out to strip down tomorrow and order any parts needed stay safe and keep restoring them jeeps
  11. finished off the front axle today
  12. get a clarke 110e wig welder shop part code 101110111 have told you don't get a gasless one you will never be able the run a weld and if you do it will look like a pile of bird shit stick to gas most welding supply's shops can supply you with a exchange gas bottle
  13. spent the morning on the jeep rebuild pintle hook, back hub, and front axle brakes
  14. some one has welded up the hood block holes and the tinning on the leading edge of the hood is for the grill to hood bond strap nice to see the original lube chart holder keep going
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