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  1. Packhow75

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    From the booking form... A £35 facility fee is payable for each military vehicle entry. Each vehicle entry entitles you to two adult passes Extra passes above the 2 adults are available @ £30 per adult, Children are free with an adult (0-15 inclusive). Support vehicles – There will be a fee of £30* for anyone bringing a support vehicle and these will be parked in the designated on-site parking area. So, I read that as £35 per MV entered - which includes 2 x adult passes, with Children under 16 free... and £30 per support vehicle, with £30 per additional adult not on the MV entry.
  2. Packhow75

    Tank mounted guns ????

  3. Packhow75

    Tank mounted guns ????

    Put a wanted advert on Milweb.net and see who contacts you.
  4. Packhow75

    Tank mounted guns ????

    Hmm... I wonder if that would fit on the coax mount on the Firefly!
  5. Packhow75

    USA/t numbers

    There are some documents which link the T number with the vehicle serial number... but you'll be damn lucky to find one with the serial number you have... stuff like vehicle inspection reports and vehicle log books. The Canadian archives are quite good for vehicle documents - maybe you will be lucky there - if it has known Canadian history of course. Tim
  6. Packhow75

    Tank mounted guns ????

    Whatever you stick on top... make sure it is suitably covered when out on the road - or better still not mounted. Don't want to scare the hell out of some member of the public... the last thing any of us need is a new set of regulations concerning what we can or cannot do with our kit.
  7. Packhow75

    Claiming a bit of land.

    Surely you just need to spread a load of towels out to claim your patch ;-)
  8. Packhow75

    Fordson WOT 6

    Wow... lovely to see in such untouched condition... hope it goes to a good home and not someone hell-bent on a complete rebuild which will lose the originality.
  9. Packhow75

    British Radio Equipment - Spares

    This one too... WS18 Mk1 I think given the battery plug cover on the side under the aerial mount.
  10. Packhow75

    British Radio Equipment - Spares

    Just did a quick search on google for "Radio operator Walcheren" - which produced this pic - not the one I was thinking of - but similar... hope this helps... note top of WS18 radio.
  11. Packhow75

    British Radio Equipment - Spares

    IIRC, the right angled mouth-pieces are more correct for WW2 period... certainly were found on the microphone for the WS11 and WS18 in period photos.
  12. Packhow75

    Colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes in WW2

    I have had these in original paint and Brown over the years - might have a pic still - will have a rummage.
  13. Packhow75

    FOR SALE Bedford QLR

    mmmm..... nice!
  14. Packhow75

    75mm Armour Piercing Round (inert)

    Definitely 75mm Pack Howitzer case.