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  1. 75mm Armour Piercing Round (inert)

    Definitely 75mm Pack Howitzer case.
  2. i have been spending on a humber box

    I have enough projects at the moment... consider me if you ever change your mind. Cheers Tim
  3. what to put in the hanger???

    If it were me... I'd have moved the wall to the other end of their garage.
  4. i have been spending on a humber box

    Nice find. Might be tempted if you plan to part with it. It looks cosy and moderately practical. Tim
  5. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    Ok. No probs. Am sure it will do the job just fine.
  6. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    Do you have a better photo of the Microphone in this set up please. Would be useful to know before I go rummaging for the one I have which may be what you need. Tim
  7. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    Pretty sure I have the hand microphone for that tannoy setup. Tim
  8. All I have arranged to have this manual professionally reprinted: Armament Training Pamphlet - Provisional - The Armoured Car M6 (T17E1) Staghound with 37mm Gun, 1957, 288 Pages - Paper size is Foolscap (a bit bigger than A4). I will do a single limited print run - these are offered at cost from the printer @ 27 GBP each. Postage and Packing extra. If you'd like a copy, then the deadline is Wednesday 24th Jan 2018. Send me a PM if you are interested and have not responded to me anywhere else! Cheers Tim
  9. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Not sure getting permission to dig will be so easy... I can see the locals not being too happy with you wanting to excavate a large hole in the side of their flood defences... especially given what happened last time there was a hole! Good luck though! Tim
  10. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    More pics and info about the Fen flooding... http://www.eyepeterborough.co.uk/heritage/the-big-flood-of-1947/ Tim
  11. Cent EMERS

    Sent you a message. Cheers.
  12. Anyone want to buy a tank or tank spares?

    Liked the look of the OY... what did that sell for?
  13. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    NO excuses... you have the manual for it ;-)
  14. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Do you have all the wheels you need now?
  15. sherman M4A4 (in France )

    Firefly Turret