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  1. The 75mm Pack Howitzer sub-caliber is a 37mm Gun barrel mounted on top of the 75mm Pack Howitzer barrel... I will find the pics... I assumed the link I posted would be the same arrangement.
  2. You may get somewhere if you look for details on "Sub-Calibre" mounts. This is what the mechanism is called for my 75mm Pack Howitzer and it is likely it will be the same for the 6pdr. Edit, along these lines... https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30025431
  3. 3 - This is an indicator arm similar to that found on the side of a Bedford QL. 13 - Spare Wheel holder... anyone have the pattern for this please - or able to make me one for my WSC... I have a spare wheel... but the WS9 radio set across the rear end of my WSC prevents me carrying the spare there... and of course it is not ideal having it on the inside of the vehicle? Cheers Tim
  4. Thanks for the info - I happen to have these already - but better to assume I don't know than I do. Cheers Tim
  5. Echo that... perhaps some useful parts for someone's restoration if we know where this is? Tim
  6. The Airborne Handcart/Trolley sold for @ £3,500 before buyers commission of 12% to 15.6% depending if the buyer used bidspotter or not.. makes it a steal at approx. £4k
  7. Odd coincidence... this one on milweb was my trailer between roughly 1995 and 2000. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4016/96349 It was restored that way by the previous owner, including US lighting rig and markings. The trailer Data plate is original... I used it with my Jeep and it was a great trailer. Ok, there are some inaccuracies in the way it has been restored, but should still be sound and serviceable and would definitely tow ok behind an MW. NB - I don't know the chap who has it now. Tim
  8. You probably need a 10cwt GS trailer. That said - I don't have one - sorry.
  9. The WSC in use with Phantom GHQ Liaison Regiment is known to have been fitted with the WS22, WS9 (Canadian) and WS52. I have a WS9 Canadian fitted in mine to represent a patrol vehicle of "A" Squadron in NWE between June and September 44. Phantom retained the Skate Rail on their vehicles and those attached to American units mounted the 50 cal. Tim
  10. Funny that... a friend of mine bought this for me thinking it was a Firefly case... and it's not. I would be interested in the firefly case.
  11. Nice... think I have an unwanted shell case for one of these.
  12. Looks ok to me - I have the same. Though that said, there are some drums of the same size and look which are 1950s dated. Tim
  13. Looks like ww2 cable drum to me.
  14. 28. Towers... I have seen Towers come up as a translation for "Turrets" before... so I suspect this means you cannot have a tank turret.
  15. If that is the case... how does this company sell armoured vehicles? https://www.panzer-handel.de/ Presumably nothing they sell is covered by the scope of the law? Tim
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