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  1. All I have arranged to have this manual professionally reprinted: Armament Training Pamphlet - Provisional - The Armoured Car M6 (T17E1) Staghound with 37mm Gun, 1957, 288 Pages - Paper size is Foolscap (a bit bigger than A4). I will do a single limited print run - these are offered at cost from the printer @ 27 GBP each. Postage and Packing extra. If you'd like a copy, then the deadline is Wednesday 24th Jan 2018. Send me a PM if you are interested and have not responded to me anywhere else! Cheers Tim
  2. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Not sure getting permission to dig will be so easy... I can see the locals not being too happy with you wanting to excavate a large hole in the side of their flood defences... especially given what happened last time there was a hole! Good luck though! Tim
  3. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    More pics and info about the Fen flooding... http://www.eyepeterborough.co.uk/heritage/the-big-flood-of-1947/ Tim
  4. A&E 2018!

    Any more info on this - like... where is campsite - when does it open, when does it close. Need to book any holiday for this now - otherwise I wont get it. Cheers Tim
  5. Cent EMERS

    Sent you a message. Cheers.
  6. Anyone want to buy a tank or tank spares?

    Liked the look of the OY... what did that sell for?
  7. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    NO excuses... you have the manual for it ;-)
  8. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Do you have all the wheels you need now?
  9. sherman M4A4 (in France )

    Firefly Turret
  10. Am looking for this Engine "Emergency Stop" button assembly for my Firefly restoration. I understand this is a British Army modification - not a standard Sherman part - so may well be straight off some industrial plant equipment used at the time, rather than specifically a tank part. Any unit in any condition would be excellent - or loan of one to consider having it copied. Please send me a PM if you have anything which may be suitable. Cheers Tim
  11. A&E 2018!

    Interested with White Scout Car (Firefly wont be finished in time) Where do I register? Cheers Tim
  12. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Correct - specification was just... "oooh... a 17pdr would be lovely..."
  13. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Probably when she suggested I buy a 17pdr because her grand-father served on them during the war. Though I think she didn't expect me to get one with tracks.
  14. Dorking covenanter recovery

    You were lucky, they are normally much worse than that!
  15. WANTED - WW2 Tannoy Transformer Socket - as pic. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers Tim