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  1. sherman M4A4 (in France )

    Firefly Turret
  2. Am looking for this Engine "Emergency Stop" button assembly for my Firefly restoration. I understand this is a British Army modification - not a standard Sherman part - so may well be straight off some industrial plant equipment used at the time, rather than specifically a tank part. Any unit in any condition would be excellent - or loan of one to consider having it copied. Please send me a PM if you have anything which may be suitable. Cheers Tim
  3. A&E 2018!

    Interested with White Scout Car (Firefly wont be finished in time) Where do I register? Cheers Tim
  4. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Correct - specification was just... "oooh... a 17pdr would be lovely..."
  5. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Probably when she suggested I buy a 17pdr because her grand-father served on them during the war. Though I think she didn't expect me to get one with tracks.
  6. Dorking covenanter recovery

    You were lucky, they are normally much worse than that!
  7. WANTED - WW2 Tannoy Transformer Socket - as pic. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers Tim
  8. Has the military vehicle price bubble burst ?

    Take a look at this website... https://panzerfabrik.net/ I suspect in time they will get around to making Panthers.
  9. war & peace additional charges

    Having worked on running events before... Try these links... http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/portable_toilets/18 http://www.andyloos.co.uk/calc/calc.php Both appear to indicate the event has been calculated to serve around 10,000 to 15,000 people total in attendance... exhibitors and paying public... given that there will be a different calculation for exhibitors than paying public. How many exhibitors and paying public are there at site on a daily basis?
  10. Looks ok - immediate observations compared to my 1940 dated one - none are massive issues though IMO (though have never seen these repro tents other than in photos). Canvas too dark - Mine canvas is light brown colour, but then tarred on the outside to make it darker (later war though canvas was made in the darker colour) Only one "door" - Mine has a door at both ends (convenient to be able to change the end you want to leave the tent from) Poles - Mine has two piece upright poles as well as a two piece ridge pole (easily rectified if you need to) Closure - Mine has an overlap with metal hooks rather than the lace and eye arrangement (however when wet and the canvas shrinks, it can be hard to open mine, so the lace and eye arrangement might be better). Over all, have often wished mine was 7x7... the officer's camp bed is 6x6 and therefore very snug fit with the ends of the tent... but, great tent and very happy with the many years I've used it. Hope this helps. Tim
  11. why don't we do our own show?

    Not so hard to arrange. Have run private WW2 battles before. Yes you need suitable place, PLI, H&S Risk Assessment, notify Police, sort out wrist bands, rules, timetable, toilets (if you want a Shower - get a B&B). Ensure book in advance - no on the day entries etc... ideally walking distance to a good pub with great food and an accommodating landlord. Possibly even a small website. The above can be managed by a very small (last time I did one, there were two of us to set it all up and run it) - unless you are planning a cast of thousands. It all changes though once you move away from Private members only event to inviting members of the public. Tim
  12. why don't we do our own show?

    Sounds good to me!
  13. why don't we do our own show?

    Years ago the Devon and Cornwall area used to run an event called the "Culmstock Field Meet"... this was a members only event. I think the land was owned by a local farmer, I think we had use of a barn... and beyond that it was just camping in a field. Road-Runs out with some green-lanes, and a bit of mud. To arrange such an event - you just need to know someone with some land. Tim
  14. New Museum in Jordan opening 2018

    Hopefully they do not use the same paint scheme for the walls and floor.
  15. New Museum in Jordan opening 2018

    Surely something has a different paint job?