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  1. RAF vehicle camouflage

    I'll bet that wasn't universal; I can recall vehicles coming through sales post-GW1 that had obviously had lights, mirrors, glass, the works sprayed over, and clearly had barely seen a wash for prep, certainly no scotch or any other keying!
  2. Spotted today....

    Actually yesterday - mobile crane 37 KM 37 travelling west on the M27 near Hamble, and Lancaster travelling north at low altitude just east of Cadnam, presumably on the way back from Jersey.
  3. Austin series 3 half shaft

    The axle type was used in series 2 and 3 trucks (and series 1?) and all the Austin based BMC and smaller Leyland trucks e.g. WE, WF, FE, FF etc. I didn't want to say too much as there will have been variations so it doesn't follow that every one of those trucks will have an identical half shaft. It seems to me if the number was cast in the flange it might not be the proper part number for the shaft though.
  4. Austin series 3 half shaft

    I don't think it would come to that. I may be wrong, but the same type of axle was used in at least some of the Series 3 trucks, which later became the BMC and Leyland range, so I'd have thought it quite likely that several of those used the same shafts. Where on the shaft is 11K 7895 marked?
  5. Stalwart transfer box removal

    Bu**er. Sorry to hear that, Justin. Richard Banister?
  6. WW1 Renault artillery tractor

    It's estimated at 15k Euros
  7. Howard, I'm willing to bet knowing GM they're the same as a lot of other GM / Chevrolet stuff; tried the Stovebolt forums and parts suppliers?
  8. Spotted today....

    Very tidy G plate Lightweight in Shillingstone this afternoon.
  9. Commercial Motor thinks it's an Ecomat 6HP900
  10. "Logos" on anks etc

    Mailed fist (3 and 8) is Royal Armoured Corps, isn't it?
  11. Photobucket.......

    Without wishing to temp providence, my Photobucket images seem to be displaying OK...
  12. Image thumbnails

    I have noticed this issue recently on other VBulletin forums so it's probable it's something to do with the forum software or the way it's set up.
  13. stalwart

    Justin, you can buy square drive tools as sets for removing sump plugs - they're available in varieties of makes and sizes and not expensive. Otherwise a bit of scrap or square bar ground to size.
  14. A Detroit might sound amazing but I can't help feeling would be completely the wrong engine in a Martian. It seems to me the issue with the B81 is not the power per se - after all, most contemporary large truck diesels were around that power output - but the comparative lack of torque. I'd have thought the Detroit would suffer a similar issue in that although more torque is there, my experience is that it's in a fairly narrow band and you have to rev the thing to keep it pulling. With a vehicle like a Martian I'd have thought you'd want something with a wide, high torque curve which will pull well from very low revs. That might give you a gearing problem given that sort of engine tends to be fairly low maximum governed speed but there are other ways around that - a gearbox with a very long overdriven top gear(s), for example. If the Cummins is a C series IIRC they're around 190 - 280 bhp, 600 - 800+ lb ft torque and about a 2500 - 2700 rpm governed speed depending on spec - that doesn't seem too shabby to me and certainly better than 220 bhp and 335 lb ft for a B81 though the peak rpm is low.
  15. I'm with Wally, I thought it was Millboard rather than Masonite. You can buy a modern version of Millboard from some of the vintage car suppliers.