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  1. Equipaggio Inglese is English crew Not sure about pillola, but I wonder if it's colloquial for land mine as they can be pill shaped ...
  2. Sean N


    Clive, seen this? https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4652/98326
  3. Sean N

    OS Maps

    Apart from the ones with the cancelled overprint, I'd have thought there'd be interest in those if only for reenactment / display / decorative use. I might be interested in some UK 1:50000 or 1" to 1 mile if you've got a list.
  4. Sean N


    I think it will be out with the welding gear; the cab is what always goes, so it's highly unlikely you'll find a good cab unless it's already on a good vehicle. Cab is common to all the Austin Series 2 / Loadstar trucks (there are detail differences) and the Austin Series 3 and BMC WE / WF cabs are pretty much the same (front end and some other details are different), but these all have the same rust problems so that probably doesn't help either.
  5. Thread on PPRUNE about this: https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/633244-bruntingthorpe.html
  6. Is it one of these types you're after?
  7. Just read a post from 2015, you mentioned you had Lockheed transverse cylinders. Do you still happen to have any of these?  I am in Australia, and restoring an Austin K2

  8. I'm not really following the argument about silicone hoses. I can see it might be more of an issue in extreme climates or where rubber is particularly exposed to environmental degradation, but in a lot of years of driving I can only recall having an issue with a hose once - and arguably when I was young and naive - or on vehicles that had sat rusting for 30 years. I'm also not sure I'd want to ignore a cooling system for half a million km, even though given Australian distances they probably clock that up rapidly - don't these guys do routine checks? Having said that, I'll probably get a blown hose now...
  9. I'd guess the rear engine was steering?
  10. Might be a daft question, but are there no pipe and tube benders locally? We have a couple here who are normally quite happy to do small jobs at sensible prices. Appreciate the desire to DIY, but it'd be done and dusted and let you get on with other jobs...
  11. I'll agree with Duncan's post about the Avons, they wipe the floor with Trak Grips and bargrips. I think it must be as much the compound as the tread. Avon have gone through a few changes and the tyre business is now owned by Cooper, so chances of them having such obsolete moulds must be pretty minimal.
  12. I'll bet that wasn't universal; I can recall vehicles coming through sales post-GW1 that had obviously had lights, mirrors, glass, the works sprayed over, and clearly had barely seen a wash for prep, certainly no scotch or any other keying!
  13. Actually yesterday - mobile crane 37 KM 37 travelling west on the M27 near Hamble, and Lancaster travelling north at low altitude just east of Cadnam, presumably on the way back from Jersey.
  14. The axle type was used in series 2 and 3 trucks (and series 1?) and all the Austin based BMC and smaller Leyland trucks e.g. WE, WF, FE, FF etc. I didn't want to say too much as there will have been variations so it doesn't follow that every one of those trucks will have an identical half shaft. It seems to me if the number was cast in the flange it might not be the proper part number for the shaft though.
  15. I don't think it would come to that. I may be wrong, but the same type of axle was used in at least some of the Series 3 trucks, which later became the BMC and Leyland range, so I'd have thought it quite likely that several of those used the same shafts. Where on the shaft is 11K 7895 marked?
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