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  1. Thanks a tonm for that information. I will contact them !! Regards Franz
  2. Thanks a lot for that very detailed information. I do have the petrol cap as well, the fuel tank is rust free. Unfortunatley there's Fichtel and Sachs front wheel fitted. How is Terry Jones and how can I contact him ?? What parts does he produce ?? please advise Regards Franz
  3. I just checked the frame number 4403 , engine number is 4403 as well, when was the bike built ?? Regards Franz
  4. Hello my name is Franz Knauseder, I live in Korneuburg a little city just outside of Vienna. I recently bought this motorbike which I believe is a military version of the Royal Enfield 125 on a carbootsale in Vienna with all neccesarry documents for registration. Please view the attached pictures of the bike. I At first it looked like DKW to me because of the rubber band front suspension. But looking at the documents I realised it was a Royal Enfield, a bike which I never have heard about before. It was a very reasonable price so I bought it. How this little bike ended up in Vienna after the war I do not know. I can only guess. After the war Vienna was split up in sectors. The british Army had troops there as well. So the bike might have been used druring and after the war, by the british army, and then sold as surplus to a civilian owner (This happend quite often) who converted and repainted the bike. I started researching on the internet about it. As I understand it there are civilian versions and a military version. I think that mine actally is a military version because of the folding footrest and kickstart + the higher seat mount. Also there is some green paint visible on the seat frame. Am I correct ?? I’ve been looking over the bike, and as it happened very often in 50ties and 60ties the bike has been modified. Headlight holders have been welded on and Puch light has been fitted, A extra rear luggage rack has been welded onto the original one. The complete front wheel with axle and brake drum are from 98cc Fichtel and Sachs bike (A model very common in those days). The rearlight is not original either. The exhaust header pipe seems to be from the civilian version. The carburettor is from a Jawa (Ilkov) and completly beyond repair. The toolbox is missing I already phoned parts dealers for Royal enfield bikes in Austria. They don’t know anything about this bike and therefore have no spare parts at all. I then tried to sourcing spare parts on the internet (ebay / google). The engine is completly stuck so it will need a full overhaul So I would be very grateful if members could point me in the right direction for spareparts like: bearings, seals, gasket set, carb repair kit, clutch parts and piston, parts fort he ignition. Is the parts book that’s availabe at on the royal enfield flying flea site the correct one for my bike ?? Also I was able to find little hints here and there, of persons how do repro parts for this bike. I would greatly appreciate contact information of these people if possible. I have heard that somebody is doing the can that is welded to the exhaust header pipe, anther person is making the canvas handlebar grips. Are repro hedlights and rearlights being produced ??, maybe the toolbox as well, rubber bands fort he front suspension ?? Again any information would be highly appreciated Are there any used spare parts dealers in the UK that would be worth contaction for used spares for this bike, for example the complete front wheel ?? and carburettor. The DKW RT3 / RT 125 civilian uses the same type of rubber band front suspension as the Royal Enfield. Those rubberband are beyond repair. Would parts from a DKW fit , as repros are readily availabe form them in Austria. Thank you for your time and answers
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