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    ww2 Hetzer for sale

    The first Swiss Hetzers were indeed WW2-produced vehicles that were upgraded to G13 spec post-war, but I have no idea if that's the case here. If the hull is WW2-made restoring back is possible but will require an original engine and gun, and probably internal fittings such as radio's, ammo racks etc.
  2. earlymb

    ww2 Hetzer for sale

    It is listed as a post-war G-13 on the Surviving Panzers website.
  3. earlymb

    morris C8

    Great progress!
  4. earlymb

    my jeep at last

    British contract jeeps were delivered by the factory in standard US OD, so if you want to represent a WW2 British jeep just go with 'MAT 1' (available from many parts suppliers) and British markings.
  5. earlymb

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    You could try electrolysis to remove rust, but it also takes off any paint.
  6. earlymb

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Great job!
  7. earlymb

    Panzer 2 turret

    Axis Track Services just had new track links cast for the Panther they are restoring so it is possible to do?
  8. earlymb

    W&P new prices

    I guess you can just book A vehicle before that date if you already know you're going anyway, and just change the booking later if needed.
  9. earlymb

    Dutch Mills webbing panniers 1953

    They are Belgian I believe. 🙂
  10. earlymb

    morris C8

    Maybe this head was a spare, fitted not at the factory but sometime later?
  11. earlymb


    Great pics! Any with a Fordson WOT 1 (double rear axle) tanker/fuel bowser?
  12. earlymb

    whatever happened to.....

    I believe it was quietly returned to him after the over-zealous DA finally figured out he couldn't score here.
  13. earlymb

    Crossley IGL 3

    What a great project! 👍
  14. earlymb

    Morris C8 Recovered

    That's too bad. Maybe just make a more resonable offer and wait if he comes to his senses?
  15. earlymb

    Morris C8 Recovered

    There is an original seat frame for one of these currently being offered for sale on Wehrmacht Awards Forum, maybe something you need: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=979729 Not mine, just passing it on.
  16. earlymb

    my jeep at last

    Congratulations! Most suppliers carry parts from the same manufacturers, but prices can vary quite a lot sometimes so it might pay to shop around a bit if you need something.
  17. earlymb

    Combat dealers is back :(

    Great to hear it started again, I like this show!
  18. earlymb

    Kay canvass tent quality,

    Kay Canvass = Soldier of Fortune... can't comment on the quality though.
  19. earlymb

    morris C8

    Great progress!
  20. earlymb

    Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    Yes, I wouldn't consider them rare or very valuable, but great examples of liberation toys indeed. Mine however are not cast iron but aluminium (non-magnetic) so I suppose they were made from whatever material was available.
  21. earlymb

    Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    3 cm, but that's just how I made it.
  22. earlymb

    Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    These are mine, all aluminum too. I made the windshield- and topbows myself from a clotheshanger. My father has one in very good condition and also the motorcycle and a few figures from the same manufacturer, all cast in aluminum.
  23. earlymb

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    The rule against pegging out an area is thanks to that guy pegging out half a soccer field for himself and his Landrover, and the other half for his mate that comes tomorrow with a jeep... People will complain if other people do that, people will complain if they're not allowed to do it. Sometimes you just can't win as organizer. Overall I'm glad this rule is there, although I understand you are negatively surprised to see some people still manage to start early. I'm happy they still allow people to sell some bits & bobs from their pitch, it makes walking around that much more fun and in the past I found some great gear for friendly prices there. I also understand they will step in when you have a complete market pitch and don't pay the rate real stallholders pay. As for the dust being kicked up, that's not the organizer's fault and there isn't much he can do about it... or does anyone really expect a marshall is posted every 50 meters or so with a laser gun? I guess a few signs reminding drivers of the dust they kick up will be far more effective.